Thursday, August 26, 2010

Glenn Beck Is Getting More Attention In The Progressive Press Than Is Martin Luther King Jr

The - Another Article Focusing On Glenn Beck

And here is another Beck article on The Root

For a group of people that only make up 1.38% of Fox News' audience the "Progressive Who Is Black" is sure interested in Glenn Beck

My Response To The Author Of The First Aritcle
Mr Swerdlick:

I take it that if you do go to Washington DC this weekend you will go as an ANTI-WAR PROTESTER - standing against the present military involvement in Afghanistan - just as Dr King would have stood against?

I take it that you will also focus on the notion of "content of character" and not the "color of skin" as you protest against the primary assailants of Black people in 2010? STREET PIRATES.
You see, Mr Swerdlick in Metro Atlanta where I live there are plenty of streets named after civil rights greats:

* Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
* Ralph David Abernathy Blvd
* Joseph E Lowery Blvd
* Joseph E Boone Blvd
* Hamilton Holmes Blvd
* Donald Hollowell Blvd (Bankhead Hwy)

You see Mr Swerdlick - every single one of these streets are "killing fields" for Black people today. The corner of "Lowery and Boone" was called "The Most Deadliest Block in Atlanta". A Black woman was found decapitated on Boone Blvd about 5 months ago.

Despite all of this evidence of the real threat to the safety of Black people and the tranquility of our community, Mr Swerdlick - people like you appear to find more passion in promoting Glenn Beck and Fox News as the #1 threat to the interests of the Black Community.

It seems to me that indeed Beck is a threat to PROGRESSIVES and the progressive strategies that they wish to implement.

What I am not sold upon is how "progressivism" itself is the cure all to the Black community's issues. We only need to look at the places that progressivism goes unchallenged (Detroit, Chicago, Oakland, Newark, Trenton and others) to see that our interests are not served simply by focusing on this theory and against those who oppose it.

How did Glenn Beck become so much of a threat to you that I can pull up about 30 articles talking about BECK but so few articles documenting how Dr King's Dream is alive and ticking on the streets of Black America where the array of leaders that control the place - those one's who ALL VOTED FOR OBAMA as you say - are in power?

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