Friday, August 20, 2010

Eugine Robinson's Cherry Picked Praise Of Obama

Eugine Robinson: President Obama's winning streak

When it comes to a press operative the intent to praise or malign the subject at hand drives the content selection that is mentioned in his appraisal.

  • Obama The War-Time President - Robinson points out that President Obama successfully wound down the US (fighting) presence in Iraq.   If his goal was to malign, quite certainly, he would focus upon the fact that 50,000 "advisors" remain in Iraq.   More to the point while Iraq was the "illegitimate war", Mr Robinson mentioned nothing about the "winning streak" in Afghanistan where increased drone attacks have raised the ire of Obama's left wing base.  Just not enough for them to resume Anti-War protests
  • As General Motors was propped up with $50 billion in public money - the organized labor forces who's salaries make up the lions share of the bungee cords that had the company weighed down over the years escaped the damnation that the investment bankers had received as they too brought their respective corporate entities to their knees.  Had Mr Robinson been intent on making an open comparison he would have noted that the South, where he resides from, has opened up a list of brand new auto manufacturing plants, creating thousands of jobs.   While these plants were often attacked for "tax breaks" upon the corporations agreed to by the states to entice them - it is quite certain that none of these tax breaks totaled the $50 billion that was sent from the federal treasury to prop up General Motors.
  • Mr Robinson provides glowing praise to Obama about the Gulf Oil Spill and getting $20 billion out of BP.   Unlike Spike Lee - a fellow Obama worshiper - Mr Robinson seems to have bought the administration's claim that "most of the oil is now gone".   I can think of no possible scenario in which an 'adversary president' in power over an oil spill and Mr Robinson focuses on such praise than upon the FUD of how this existing oil will show up in the food supply and eventually the humans that consume it.   As with a food inspector that is too "corporate bound" - trust the judgement of Mr Robinson on this matter at your own risk.
  • Obama organized a mortgage relief fund for distressed home owners in the context of a flurry of attacks on the BANKS that had "tricked" them into loans that they could not afford.  No doubt that Mr Robinson served as a worthy press spokesperson for Obama, attacking the banks.  After the banks were thoroughly tenderized we learned that despite the billions poured into the program most of the participants of the program had still fallen behind their newly modified mortgage loans. 
  • WHAT ABOUT THE BLACK COMMUNITY?  Notice that Mr Robinson - who's columns over the years have never missed a detail about how conservative policies have injured the Black community never takes time out in this article to detail where Black Unemployment and other vital statistics stand 20 months into the Obama "victory lap".
  • What about Education Within The Black Community?  After an streaming fight against NCLB by the Black left Obama appointed the former leader of the failing Chicago Public School System to do the same thing to the nation.  The key point here is not about Obama and the national education policy though.  In as much as education is a local enterprise don't expect Eugine Robinson to observe that this victory over the schools have already been won by people favor to him.  Now the Black community is awaiting the actual benefit.

The bottom line of it all is that Eugine Robinson in his article and his frequent appearances on MSNBC sees his job as providing cover for PROGRESSIVISM and thus the Obama Administration and Democratic Congress.   His hope being that with him doing his part in the media this ideology and related policies will take root in the nation and, most certainly, within his home state of South Carolina.

Some place between the purposeful negation of Barack Obama by the right-wing and the abundant praise but selective sampling of evidence that takes place by the progressive-fundamentalists there exists some transparent media figures who can make measure of how the entirety of the political process is impacting the Black community and advocate from a position of these interests.

Mr Robinson and his contemporaries are not that source of such information.

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