Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cord Jefferson Of Does An "Ed Schutz" Impression By Keeping His Adversary On Trial

I challenge ONE "The" Progressive Operative to cast a critical eye upon the AL SHARPTON and His Progressive Friend" Rally.

In watching "The Ed Show" on MSNBC - the "Black Fox News" - I have learned that the man who was seen as worthy of taking the stage in the name of King uses the tactic of 'KEEPING HIS ADVERSARY ON TRIAL". The "Ed Show" is an "Anti-Republican Show" from start to finish.

The coverage of today's events by the LampBlack Yellow Journalists follows a similar tact.

Where, Mr Jefferson is your inspection of the STATE OF THE DREAM. NOT from the perspective of if WHITE FOLKS are suppressing Blacks. I challenge you to walk down "Martin Luther King Jr Blvd's: all of the nation and see if you can find spirit of King anywhere along the way within Black people.

Here is my take, Mr Jefferson. Glenn Beck went to the foot of the most acclaimed WAR TIME PRESIDENT in American history and held a tribute to the US Military men and women and their families who sacrificed. The Commander in Chief during the time of the American Civil War completed one vital step that afforded Martin Luther King to become Reverend - Doctor - Martin Luther King Jr.

Glenn Beck had no obligation to "pay tribute to Dr King" beyond the acknowledgement that he stood in this same location 47 years ago.

HOWEVER - the Al Shaprton March which purported to be advancing the memory of King in to our community - has the burden of PROVING that - with their leadership over all of the key institution that the balance of Black people receive our "civic services" (education, public safety, economic development) that THEY are advancing and not molesting King's dream.

In my book - having George Soros sponsored' "Media Matters", "" and "Color Of Change" on the stage with him was not a perversion of King's vision.

By the way, Mr Jefferson did you notice any ANTI-AFGHANISTAN WAR actions (and signs) in the "Al Sharpton and Friends March)?

King was Anti-War and he told the president during his day this very thing.

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