Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Black People Who Are Anti-Progressive Prove More Of A Threat Than Blacks With Institutional Power - Part 1

I am on an extensive review of the operatives that disburse information into our community and the tactics that they use to retain their crowd.

I notice that through this outstanding bias there is one clear pattern:

  • Protect the Establishment Blacks regardless of the actual results that are shown on the streets during their watch
  • Attack Non-Progressive Blacks - accusing them of damage that, despite being far beyond their ability to make mischief, none the less is in line with what most "Progressives who are Black" want to hear.
The goal of the Black Press operative is "Unity Of Ideological Thought Amongst Black People".
This "unity" trumps the goal of the measurable advancement of our permanent interests

Unlike many of my adversaries I provide examples of my charges and then tell them why they are wrong and, where possible - provide corrective consciousness.

How is it that a stage full of "Negroes" who have not one once of legislative or executive power is able to trigger more attention and scorn than the entire Congressional Black Caucus has registered?

Here is my rebuttal to Mr Jerrod

So let me get this straight about your indictments against "Tea Party Members who are Black"

*the broken No Child Left Behind education system
* failed leadership after September 11
* a $9.2 trillion deficit
* the veto of expanding children’s access to health care
* an unnecessary war in Iraq
* a lack of response relative to Hurricane Katrina
* a lack of proper oversight of greedy financial institutions that nearly brought the world to its knees.

Mr Jerrod - the one thing that I notice about "Progressives who are Democrats who are Black" - like you is that you prefer to "Look past the the failures of the Local Democrats" as you indict national Republicans

* NCLB focused primarily on the same Title 1 Schools that the Progressive Establishment took over decades ago as they promised us "Things would be better if Black folks vote their way".

* September 11? What about the leadership of the machines in Detroit, Chicago and Millwaukee? Despite failing Black people long before 9/11 they STILL get reelected. At least the GOP got tossed out of office.

* It is clear that after Obama - the claims about Republican deficit spending will be forever removed from the table. Now some of you lefties want Obama to spend MORE deficit money.

* When it comes to SCHIP I am more interested in what the local progressive have done to make the "poor people" who are caught between MEDICAID and private insurance to allow them to afford the care? And if the schools have produced more physicians to go back home and service the needs in these communities? WHY DID YOU TAKE OVER THE SCHOOLS if not?

* The deaths of Americans in Afghanistan under Obama has just surpassed the number killed under Bush. I am sure you were going to tell us this.

* Hurricane Katrina is being called a "man made failure" yet few of them are talking about the failed and corrupt local government in N.O. The machine keeps getting reelected despite their corrupt police department. Despite the known flood threat "Democrats who are Black" sought to have the people to come back home to retain power in the city.

* Funny how these same "irresponsible banks" are now being attacked for not loaning enough money, demanding that they not worry about RISK - we need more money in the economy.

Do you see Mr Jerrod - your arguments ONLY have a chance of standing if you cherry pick, focusing upon your ideological adversaries but not the force that are damaging Black people the most today per their POWER over our institutions.

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