Monday, August 30, 2010

Al Sharpton - Progress Should Not Be Mistaken For Arrival

My response to article.

(I notice how there is no attempt at scrutiny of the "MLK Tribute At Dunbar High, Sponsored By George Soros And Hosted By Al Sharpton" in any of the Black Press operative sites.)

If someone asked Al Sharpton to pull out a map and then pin point this "promised land" that he is looking for us to "arrive at" do you think that he could do it?

He says that he won't be satisfied until America reaches a state of "racial equality". I wonder if the gap that stands between that point and where we stand as a people at present will be spanned using any sort of ORGANIC COMPETENCIES that are developed within us or will it be a result of his activism that impresses upon government forces to regulate people into his version of equality?

After sampling his agenda and consciousness I figure that the best evidence of which of these two forces will be used to span the gap can be found presently in a few places.

* The SCHOOLS that people who are favorable to Al Sharpton now run in the Black community. With the rhetoric of them saying that "Education is the great equalizer" their political victories over the administration of our schools after years of saying "Once we get people in place who love Black people and care about our children - our schools will improve", having already achieved this point they now have a new carrot dangling in front of our collective faces regarding what it is going to take to educate the little Black boys and girls in the communities they now control

* The Production Centers - we can all agree that the great migration northward by our people was a result of there being jobs and opportunities in these large cities. Today there are favorable people in political control over these places but the entities that "consumed our labor" and paid us a salary are far too few to engage our level of demand. It seems rather odd that Sharpton and others have as their rhetorical enemies those who they need the most to make our people productive. Yet and still - the forces that they worked so doggedly to build up (the government powers) remain as their enemies have departed and yet despite the fortunes of our communities in Detroit, Chicago and Milwaukee having eroded - the POLITICAL CLASS that is still standing has suffered no punishment from us despite having presided over this collapse.

* The Jail Cells. With Michelle Alexander giving us the narrative about how Ronald Reagan's drug policies are responsible for the large number of Black people now imprisoned - the team of favorable people running the Police and Judicial Systems in Cook County IL; Wayne County MI, Philadelphia PA and Fulton County GA has not produced different results regarding the hue of the clients who are in jail. As Sharpton and others have fought the outside battle they fail to see how they function as "Absentee Fathers" WITHIN OUR COMMUNITY, the benign neglect which has allowed our promising young people who should be leading our community turning into the forces that terrorize our community.

The Black community LOSES when we allow As Sharpton and others to use the "Promised Land" metaphor as their CARROT dangled in front of us but fail to apply great specificity as to how they are going to get there and, most importantly who's engine we are going to attach our box car to as a locomotive.

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