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The Lampblack Yellow Journalists - More Interested In Defending Obama Than The Black Community

In a reference from the Filled-Negro Blog:

Essence wants us to vote in November for the Democrats to insure that the hatred backed by Glenn Beck..............doesn't damage the interests of Black people.

The Essence article: 
On Saturday, Glenn Beck said, "This is a day that we can start the heart of America again ... it has nothing to do with politics. It has everything to do with God ... turning our face back to the values and the principles that made us great."

Political blogger Field Negro responded: "Back to the values that made us great? You mean like the ones that said it's cool to enslave people because they weren't really people? Those values? Sorry, I think I will pass. Whenever I hear certain folks talk about going 'back' to the good ole days, it makes me a little nervous. I will just keep it pushing forward if you don't mind..."

I'm with the Field.

On Saturday, several thousand Tea Party supporters turned out to hear Glenn Beck and keynote speaker Sarah Palin spout their dangerous rhetoric in the shadow of Lincoln and Martin. Not coincidentally, they stood on the Washington Mall on the 47th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech. Their stated goal was to "take back civil rights" and inspire a return to "the principles of the founding fathers," which hits my ears as code for the return to a time when rich White men ran everything and Black people were fractionalized by law as "two-fifths a man."

Ironically, this return to the principles of the founding fathers doesn't square with the opposition to the Islamic Center near New York City's Ground Zero, because didn't the founding fathers hold up freedom of religion as a sacred principle? Beck and his followers are spouting some scary stuff, people. I have the persistent and uneasy sense that this is what Germany in the mid 1930s sounded like, felt like. It's all about fanning the flames of hatred, of us versus them, of enshrining White legitimacy and the vilification of "the other" -- Blacks, gays, Muslims, Hispanics, immigrants.

Case in point: Last week in New York, a White male passenger asked a cab driver if he was a Muslim. When the cabbie replied that he was, the passenger lunged at him, screaming, "This is check point! I'm taking you down!" while stabbing him repeatedly in the throat, neck and face. Fortunately the cabbie, a naturalized American since 1973, survived. But this is what Glenn Beck is inciting. This is what Sarah Palin with her "Reload!" mantra, is calling forth.

This morning, New York Times columnist Charles Blow described the Tea Party agenda as "the rhetorical assassination of a good man." He was talking about President Obama, but he might as well have been talking about every single person who sees what Beck and company are doing and fails to register an objection. We have to make our voices heard at the polls this fall, within our social networks, in our churches and our neighborhoods.

We have a Black president, and we may or may not agree with what he does, but the fact is, the purveyors of hate are whipping up a frenzy of frightening proportions and using him as their poster child. It's on the rest of us to meet the voices of hate and take back Martin's Dream. Oh yes, we can.

My response;

Constructive Feedback7:28 pm
Ms Robotham:

While you were looking out at Glenn Beck - you and 99% of the other Black media operatives - did you bother to take a look at the Al Sharpton speech
I have one name that should intrigue you as a female magazine: Anna Julia Cooper (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anna_J._Cooper).

Ms Cooper was the long time principal of the "Preparatory High School for Colored Youth". This school grew to be the top rated school for academics for Black children.

Oh I am sorry. You probably don't recognize the name. The school is now named "Dunbar HS" in Washington DC. The very school that Al Sharpton, stood on stage and said that they are interested in obtained quality education for Black people.

Ms Robotham - I am ashamed to report to you that Dunbar is a failing urban high school despite the control over the city government and school system. Do you see the damage that is done to our interests as the Black press is focused on OUTSIDE adversaries?

Jack & Jill Politics: Is There A Progressive Black That Is An Uncle-Tom?

The last to realize his own bigotry is a the bigot himself.

In response to my pointing out that "non-racially motivated assaults" upon Black folks lap those that are racially motivated in 2010 by several times, a poster on Jack & Jill who is clearly infected by "Non-White White Supremacy" responded as he realizes that in giving up on the nation that an attack by a White person is superior he would have to being to look at conflict between the continuing growth in power by the progressives and despite the continuing grievances, he and others focus upon racism as the main threat to Black people.

My dear friend Plantsmantx:

"Shut Up" did not appear in my post.

I challenge you to plot the actual impact of RACISM in conjunction with the list of other negative forces that are applied to our people in 2010.
Then make a list of the positive forces that are applied upon this same vessel.

Today more assaults are executed upon our people by assailants that are NOT motivated by what can be labeled as RACISM than that which you can conclude as being so.

As I inspect the mental workings of people like you I can only conclude that an assault by a WHITE MAN is more SUPERIOR than anything that a fellow Black could ever hope to execute upon us. It seems that you are infected by the larvae known as "Non-White White Supremacy".

The real function of this feigned consciousness is that it allows you to grow in political power on behalf of your ideology without ever having to be held accountable for the continuing conditions as you progress in POWER. Ironically your POWER is increased as the continuing grievances and the "Black Ideological Unity Enforcement" actions that are enacted work to obtain the correction for our people though this perpetual external struggle while failing to manage and developing the INTERNAL human resources who's education you now control.

Do you see that if I depend upon YOUR AGREEMENT with me as evidence of my correctness - YOU get to control me.
Instead I choose to look at how YOUR line of thinking being made the prevailing thoughts over our people, being put into power and STILL we struggle for the basics.

Could you give a transparent definition of what a "Neo-Tom" is? Or is it like the methodology used by the "All White Jury" to find the Negro guilty - unable to be transcribed onto paper but is highly effective as evidenced by it's 100% conviction rate thus proving your accuracy in labeling?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Al Sharpton - Progress Should Not Be Mistaken For Arrival

My response to TheGrio.com article.

(I notice how there is no attempt at scrutiny of the "MLK Tribute At Dunbar High, Sponsored By George Soros And Hosted By Al Sharpton" in any of the Black Press operative sites.)

If someone asked Al Sharpton to pull out a map and then pin point this "promised land" that he is looking for us to "arrive at" do you think that he could do it?

He says that he won't be satisfied until America reaches a state of "racial equality". I wonder if the gap that stands between that point and where we stand as a people at present will be spanned using any sort of ORGANIC COMPETENCIES that are developed within us or will it be a result of his activism that impresses upon government forces to regulate people into his version of equality?

After sampling his agenda and consciousness I figure that the best evidence of which of these two forces will be used to span the gap can be found presently in a few places.

* The SCHOOLS that people who are favorable to Al Sharpton now run in the Black community. With the rhetoric of them saying that "Education is the great equalizer" their political victories over the administration of our schools after years of saying "Once we get people in place who love Black people and care about our children - our schools will improve", having already achieved this point they now have a new carrot dangling in front of our collective faces regarding what it is going to take to educate the little Black boys and girls in the communities they now control

* The Production Centers - we can all agree that the great migration northward by our people was a result of there being jobs and opportunities in these large cities. Today there are favorable people in political control over these places but the entities that "consumed our labor" and paid us a salary are far too few to engage our level of demand. It seems rather odd that Sharpton and others have as their rhetorical enemies those who they need the most to make our people productive. Yet and still - the forces that they worked so doggedly to build up (the government powers) remain as their enemies have departed and yet despite the fortunes of our communities in Detroit, Chicago and Milwaukee having eroded - the POLITICAL CLASS that is still standing has suffered no punishment from us despite having presided over this collapse.

* The Jail Cells. With Michelle Alexander giving us the narrative about how Ronald Reagan's drug policies are responsible for the large number of Black people now imprisoned - the team of favorable people running the Police and Judicial Systems in Cook County IL; Wayne County MI, Philadelphia PA and Fulton County GA has not produced different results regarding the hue of the clients who are in jail. As Sharpton and others have fought the outside battle they fail to see how they function as "Absentee Fathers" WITHIN OUR COMMUNITY, the benign neglect which has allowed our promising young people who should be leading our community turning into the forces that terrorize our community.

The Black community LOSES when we allow As Sharpton and others to use the "Promised Land" metaphor as their CARROT dangled in front of us but fail to apply great specificity as to how they are going to get there and, most importantly who's engine we are going to attach our box car to as a locomotive.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The "Racist Tea Party" - The Root.com

Note - I am using this blog to "shadow post" because my history of engaging progressive-bigots shows me that they don't like to be aggressively challenged and will start deleting my posts.

I refuse to allow them to control the delete button to my thoughts.

Timmy Cat Chores :

If we distill the historical essence of RACISM as experienced by Black people:

* Violence and Murder was used to intimidate Black people into "Staying in our places"

* Quality Education was suppressed so that we could not train up our people to solve our problems

* Our Business and Economic interests were attacked and burned so that we could not generate money in support of our freedom

TCC - can you fully document for us which of these points of "RACISM" that the Tea Party is using against Black people today?

Do you ever wonder how a group that is purported to be a loose assembly of "White people" but no formal structure can grow into being placed upon the top of the list of priority focus for "Progressives who are Black" as you all claim to be advancing Black people's interests?

Do you see why it is important for the Black Community's consciousness to be taken away from the Progressive and placed into the hands of TRANSPARENT LEADERSHIP? The Progressive is always going to use our people's interests to advance their POLITICAL interests. The Black community who remains grieving will never turn around and hold those who are in control over all of our institutions accountable because we have been conditioned to believe that the Progressive's interests are Black Community interests - looking past the gross examples of where this is proven to be an outright lie.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Guidance For "TheRoot.com" As They Announce Plans To Cover The Sharpton March In Tomorrow's Edition

* better education
* more jobs.

Dear The Root.com:

1) Who now controls the local educational systems that our children attend in the greatest abundance?

2) Jobs require "skills" that the "Consumers of Labor" are willing to purchase in exchange for a salary. Can you really PROTEST your way into a job?

3) Will you evaluate if there was any talk against the War that is being conducted as it relates to Dr King's vision of peace?

4) Was there any talk about the epidemic of violence on our streets? Were the names of Jordon Howe, Tavon Nelson, William Jones III, Brishell Jones and Devaughn Boyd read aloud?

I am not sure how long you will tolerate me on your board as I ask you the questions that I would ask IF I had a popular web site as you do with notable journalists who have the "Black Community's Interests" as their primary mission in all that they do. I assure you that my intentions and the "content of my character" are pure and just.

Cord Jefferson Of TheRoot.com Does An "Ed Schutz" Impression By Keeping His Adversary On Trial

I challenge ONE "The Root.com" Progressive Operative to cast a critical eye upon the AL SHARPTON and His Progressive Friend" Rally.

In watching "The Ed Show" on MSNBC - the "Black Fox News" - I have learned that the man who was seen as worthy of taking the stage in the name of King uses the tactic of 'KEEPING HIS ADVERSARY ON TRIAL". The "Ed Show" is an "Anti-Republican Show" from start to finish.

The coverage of today's events by the LampBlack Yellow Journalists follows a similar tact.

Where, Mr Jefferson is your inspection of the STATE OF THE DREAM. NOT from the perspective of if WHITE FOLKS are suppressing Blacks. I challenge you to walk down "Martin Luther King Jr Blvd's: all of the nation and see if you can find spirit of King anywhere along the way within Black people.

Here is my take, Mr Jefferson. Glenn Beck went to the foot of the most acclaimed WAR TIME PRESIDENT in American history and held a tribute to the US Military men and women and their families who sacrificed. The Commander in Chief during the time of the American Civil War completed one vital step that afforded Martin Luther King to become Reverend - Doctor - Martin Luther King Jr.

Glenn Beck had no obligation to "pay tribute to Dr King" beyond the acknowledgement that he stood in this same location 47 years ago.

HOWEVER - the Al Shaprton March which purported to be advancing the memory of King in to our community - has the burden of PROVING that - with their leadership over all of the key institution that the balance of Black people receive our "civic services" (education, public safety, economic development) that THEY are advancing and not molesting King's dream.

In my book - having George Soros sponsored' "Media Matters", "MoveOn.org" and "Color Of Change" on the stage with him was not a perversion of King's vision.

By the way, Mr Jefferson did you notice any ANTI-AFGHANISTAN WAR actions (and signs) in the "Al Sharpton and Friends March)?

King was Anti-War and he told the president during his day this very thing.

Media Matters Sees "Politics On Stage" With Beck's Rally - Don't See Al Sharpton's Stage Lineup

MALL COP - A bigoted security guard who is charged with protecting something of value but who's vision is biased by their own blurred view.

All the while that the mall cop is doggedly focused on the people who he believes are natural "shoplifters", the store merchandise that he is charged to protect is being lifted by those who benefit in the wake of his bigotry.

As he makes his rounds through the store he confronts a shoplifter who is in line with his bias as they walk out of the store, both hands full of merchandise they did not pay for.  Instead of interrogating this individual for the sales receipt - the mall cop sees that the person is in need of assistance and will open the door for them.


As they look at the "political fraud" going on on Glenn Beck's stage........MEDIA MATTERS are listed speakers on AL SHARPTON'S STAGE.

  • Al Shaprton - The Democratic Party operative that enjoys unregulated access to the core consciousness of our community
  • Ed Schultz from MSNBC - "Mall Cop" for the Progressives and Democrats
  • Representatives From Media Matters - Nothing more that I need to say
  • Unions
  • Ben Jealous of the NAACP - "Tea Party is racist" and Charter Schools must have teachers unions
  • Martin Luther King III - "The US Justice Department has been shuttered under Bush"....."but I don't see the sustained attacks by Street Pirates who render the same deadly results upon Black people when my father was alive as being Civil Rights violaters"
  • Tom Joyner - I don't even charge national Democratic candidates for the free campaign commercials that I given them on my show as I drive Blacks to vote for them
  • Marc Morial - Former mayor of New Orleans who escaped blame for the conditions and consciousness of the people of the city between Hurricane Betty and Hurricane Katrina

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Grio - Was It Because I Said "Damn" Or Is Has My Account Been Flagged For Moderation?

Christopher (Chambers I presume) :

Since "cussing you out" for your foolishness is far from productive - I need to figure out a more tactical way around your bigotry.

[quote]The total outrage is that anyone with the kind of potential power in the black community that a King Family member has would be caught dead in the same headline as a supporter of anything that Beck, and Fox, have to do with. [/quote]

As a resident of Metro Atlanta I have watched a slow motion train wreck known as the "SCLC Faction #1" against "SCLC Faction #2" COURT CASE. In both cases they operate on the mantle of DR MARTIN LUTHER KING JR!!!!!

I neither recall "The Grio" or YOU showing interest in reporting on this fiasco that was reported every damned day on the evening news for about 2 months straight.

Were YOU the welder that was hired to weld the back door of the SCLC offices on Auburn Avenue shut and place the chain on the parking lot gates?

IT IS YOU who have HATRED AND BIGOTRY in your heart!!!!
The disease called "Non-White White Supremacy" makes your vision jaundiced so that you can promote a WHITE MAN named Glenn Beck as a greater threat to our community than the HUNDREDS OF STREET PIRATES who have slashed our people's throats all summer long. We didn't hear ANYTHING from you about the DESECRATION OF DR MARTIN LUTHER KING'S LEGACY.

BE SILENT NOW with that foolishness. You have already shown yourself for who you are.

* A Black woman murdered in her bathtub on MLK Jr Blvd in Atlanta 3 months ago
* A Black woman found beheaded on Rev Joseph E Boone Blvd in April
* A Black man shot dead 3 weeks ago on Donald Lee Hollowell
* The intersection of Joseph E Lowry and Joseph E Boone being the most popular place for KLAN REENACTMENTS - per its label as the "most violent block in Atlanta".

You want to talk about the DISRESPECT OF OUR CIVIL RIGHTS LEADERS - YOU need to speak up sooner, stepping forth when our people are MURDERED OR MOLESTED, the Street Pirate not giving a DAMN about the memorial street sign that serves as the coordinates for the murder scene.

The "Neo-All White Jury" of today has a new hue. This empaneled bunch of bigots are so ensnared by their own views that infected their minds like the tsetsi fly larvae that some outside force that is committed to TRANSPARENCY must swoop in to snatch away their power and force them to walk the path of absolute JUSTICE if their people are to ever reach the state of an EQUAL HUMAN BEING.

Media Matters - This Is The Character Of The Source Of So Much Of Your "Black Consciousness"

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

Question for the "Progressives who are Black":

How does it feel to have such a correlation between the primary sources of your syndication (MSNBC, HuffPo, Common Dreams and MediaMatters) being committed progressive and Democratic Party biased entities?

What you are selling as "Black consciousness" is nothing more than a particular team in the Malcolm X Political Football Game. The key difference is that unlike Malcolm X - many of you have no dignity that prevents you from compromising yourself as such.

I am not asking you to appraise GLENN BECK's value or credibility. I am only asking you to look at how he exposes the FRAUD of Media Matters as they use the very same interview on two different occasions to put forth two dramatically different claims.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Glenn Beck Is Getting More Attention In The Progressive Press Than Is Martin Luther King Jr

The Root.com - Another Article Focusing On Glenn Beck

And here is another Beck article on The Root

For a group of people that only make up 1.38% of Fox News' audience the "Progressive Who Is Black" is sure interested in Glenn Beck

My Response To The Author Of The First Aritcle
Mr Swerdlick:

I take it that if you do go to Washington DC this weekend you will go as an ANTI-WAR PROTESTER - standing against the present military involvement in Afghanistan - just as Dr King would have stood against?

I take it that you will also focus on the notion of "content of character" and not the "color of skin" as you protest against the primary assailants of Black people in 2010? STREET PIRATES.
You see, Mr Swerdlick in Metro Atlanta where I live there are plenty of streets named after civil rights greats:

* Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
* Ralph David Abernathy Blvd
* Joseph E Lowery Blvd
* Joseph E Boone Blvd
* Hamilton Holmes Blvd
* Donald Hollowell Blvd (Bankhead Hwy)

You see Mr Swerdlick - every single one of these streets are "killing fields" for Black people today. The corner of "Lowery and Boone" was called "The Most Deadliest Block in Atlanta". A Black woman was found decapitated on Boone Blvd about 5 months ago.

Despite all of this evidence of the real threat to the safety of Black people and the tranquility of our community, Mr Swerdlick - people like you appear to find more passion in promoting Glenn Beck and Fox News as the #1 threat to the interests of the Black Community.

It seems to me that indeed Beck is a threat to PROGRESSIVES and the progressive strategies that they wish to implement.

What I am not sold upon is how "progressivism" itself is the cure all to the Black community's issues. We only need to look at the places that progressivism goes unchallenged (Detroit, Chicago, Oakland, Newark, Trenton and others) to see that our interests are not served simply by focusing on this theory and against those who oppose it.

How did Glenn Beck become so much of a threat to you that I can pull up about 30 articles talking about BECK but so few articles documenting how Dr King's Dream is alive and ticking on the streets of Black America where the array of leaders that control the place - those one's who ALL VOTED FOR OBAMA as you say - are in power?

Hurricane Katrina - The Inspection Of Bush and Obama In The Black Press

The Grio - "Bush Don't Like Black People" 5 Years Hence

The Root.com - Obama's Sterling Performance In New Orleans

(Summary - As long as Obama is undoing Bush's rules for New Orleans - The Root grades him favorably)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Poster & Poser Shake Your Brains - Suffering From Shaken Brain Syndrome

My long time debate adversary from Prince Georges County Maryland releases an extended diversionary attack upon a force within the Black community that is both irrelevant in his own estimation and his public enemy #1.  He focuses more upon the Black Conservative than he does the large segment of "Progressives who are Black" that hold actual power over our key institutions.

Below I give the responses made by Shake Your Brains on the subject of the Black Conservative. The key points from his rant are:

  1. Black Conservatives have contempt for the Black community and thus they are rejected
  2. What has the Black Conservative done besides attack Black leaders on behalf of White Conservatives?
  3. The Black Conservative has no constituency within the Black community
  4. The Black Conservatives are doing no work to help poor people in the Black Community
  5. Black people are not poor as the Black Conservative mischaracterizes us - look at the large Black middle class
  6. The reason why there is a Black ghetto is because the GOVERNMENT has failed to invest in these places as they invest in White folks (ie: give them tax cuts)
I will not refute all of the points of Shake Your Brains.  I will instead make an analysis of the big picture and his true motivations.

In this case Shake Your Brains is running a protection racket.  He sees himself as defending the prevailing population of the Black community against two central threats:
  • The External White Conservative
  • The Internal Black Conservative
The Black Conservative is more reprehensible to Shake Your Brains because he has intimate knowledge of the Black community and his words can be more stinging.  Since he is also Black and can't have the traditional "White racist" label applied to him then individuals like Shake Your Brains are forced to "wild'out" on him, dumping upon him with a characterization that far exceeds the Black Conservative's power or proportionality.

In truth this attack is not upon the Black Conservative.  The purpose of the attack is to raise up so harshly upon the Black Conservative that no other Black that remains ideologically unified with the larger population yet is starting to believe the criticism because they can see them with their own eyes won't dare speak out.

You see individuals like Shake Your Brains prefer IDEOLOGICAL UNITY among Black people more than they love the truth and/or intent to submit to transparency as they are made to explain their actions to other Black people in the context of managing our affairs.

Ironically the traditional Republican tells of the glories of America by looking past the poverty and telling of how his wealthy friends are doing quite well in the system that they control.  When it comes to Progressive-Fundamentalists like Shake Your Brains - he points to the segment of Black people who are doing well as he too looks past the poor Blacks - the ones that were huddled in East Point Georgia a few weeks ago, for example.  In both cases they have the goal of protecting the establishment that they defend above all else.

To add insult to injury when it comes to these poor Blacks, Shake Your Booty doesn't mention that the people that he assisted into power at the local area have solid control over the places where these people live.  Instead of DEVELOPING COMPETENCIES amongst these people after taking control over the educational system, production system and their culture - they instead have incubated votes for the favor of the Progressives and the Democrats.

They have turned the promise of increased federal funding that will one day "repair" these people into the carrot that causes these same people to keep voting for progressives in support of the thought that with enough progressives in power that "final bill" having been signed will trigger this point of EQUALITY.

The ironic point is captured in the big picture:  In their hopes to develop these people they don't engage in "competency development" activities but instead get the people to vote resources their way.  We can safely predict that since nothing was asked of these people along the way that would have built up their muscles - they will never reach their desired point and that this was the agenda all along.

Here are snippets of Shake Your Brain's rant from the Booker Rising blog message threads.

What black conservative middle class?

Black conservatives are a small clique of hustlers and opportunists who represent virtually none of the black community.

I mean think about it P.

I live in Prince Georges County Maryland which has the largest concentration of black middle class and black professional class people in the WORLD.

It seems to me that we would be ripe for the conservative message if it had any validity.

Why won't black conservatives at the very least try to sell the black community on their ideology?

Because they physically CAN'T. The contempt is too intense. It's easier for them to wag fingers at black people and tell them how dumb they are for not thinking like the very whites who opposed Civil Rights and every form of black advancement of the last century.

And don't be fooled. Conservatives have no problem with big government, only who gets the money.

Lastly, the next time some black conservative tells me to get off the "liberal" plantation, I'll tell them to remember the vile words and beliefs of the recently deceased James J. Kilpatrick who was one of the fathers of the modern conservative movement.

What has conservatism achieved that has been so wonderful for America let alone black people?

Weren't the conservatives opposed to Civil Rights legislation? To Integration? To Affirmative Action?

Why is the Republican 90% white? Why are there no black Republican elected officials to speak of?

Why does every Republican Presidential candidate have to be dragged kicking and screaming to talk to black folks?

They shouldn't HAVE TO sell us??

This is where you're wrong. Politicians in ghetto areas always promise a new day, new opportunities, better education etc....

Those things will only come with jobs and a tax base.

"At some point, as they indict black community "failure," they are going to have to analyze their role in that "failure."

And this is why they will continue to lose because their premise is wrong.

They repeat the sentiment of white racists who claim that black America has backslided in the last 50 years because of their attachment to liberal paternalism.

Most black people know that's a pile of dung and there has been a sea change in Black America for the positive in the last 50 years.

The poverty and illiteracy rates have reversed. Never have their been more black owned businesses, black professionals and black college graduates in the nations history.

The 1/4 of the black community that is stagnated in the underclass is depicted as the face of black America by the rightwing to justify their "f^ck them" attititude.

Black Republicans should know beter but they perpetuated this garbage for their own personal gain.

Cause Lord knows they have no constituency.

That's because it's a socio-economic problem not a racial one.

The existence of the black middle class is a testament to that.

Or the fact that hispanic barrios are identical to black ghettos.

Whereas progressives realize that there needs to be a national commitment to INVEST in the inner cities, conservatives sind the same old tired songs about self-reliance and nose to the grindstone.

Conveniently ignoring the fact that US Government investment is directly responsible for the white urban ethnic and the Southern whites emergence into the middle class and suburbia.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Eugine Robinson's Cherry Picked Praise Of Obama

Eugine Robinson: President Obama's winning streak

When it comes to a press operative the intent to praise or malign the subject at hand drives the content selection that is mentioned in his appraisal.

  • Obama The War-Time President - Robinson points out that President Obama successfully wound down the US (fighting) presence in Iraq.   If his goal was to malign, quite certainly, he would focus upon the fact that 50,000 "advisors" remain in Iraq.   More to the point while Iraq was the "illegitimate war", Mr Robinson mentioned nothing about the "winning streak" in Afghanistan where increased drone attacks have raised the ire of Obama's left wing base.  Just not enough for them to resume Anti-War protests
  • As General Motors was propped up with $50 billion in public money - the organized labor forces who's salaries make up the lions share of the bungee cords that had the company weighed down over the years escaped the damnation that the investment bankers had received as they too brought their respective corporate entities to their knees.  Had Mr Robinson been intent on making an open comparison he would have noted that the South, where he resides from, has opened up a list of brand new auto manufacturing plants, creating thousands of jobs.   While these plants were often attacked for "tax breaks" upon the corporations agreed to by the states to entice them - it is quite certain that none of these tax breaks totaled the $50 billion that was sent from the federal treasury to prop up General Motors.
  • Mr Robinson provides glowing praise to Obama about the Gulf Oil Spill and getting $20 billion out of BP.   Unlike Spike Lee - a fellow Obama worshiper - Mr Robinson seems to have bought the administration's claim that "most of the oil is now gone".   I can think of no possible scenario in which an 'adversary president' in power over an oil spill and Mr Robinson focuses on such praise than upon the FUD of how this existing oil will show up in the food supply and eventually the humans that consume it.   As with a food inspector that is too "corporate bound" - trust the judgement of Mr Robinson on this matter at your own risk.
  • Obama organized a mortgage relief fund for distressed home owners in the context of a flurry of attacks on the BANKS that had "tricked" them into loans that they could not afford.  No doubt that Mr Robinson served as a worthy press spokesperson for Obama, attacking the banks.  After the banks were thoroughly tenderized we learned that despite the billions poured into the program most of the participants of the program had still fallen behind their newly modified mortgage loans. 
  • WHAT ABOUT THE BLACK COMMUNITY?  Notice that Mr Robinson - who's columns over the years have never missed a detail about how conservative policies have injured the Black community never takes time out in this article to detail where Black Unemployment and other vital statistics stand 20 months into the Obama "victory lap".
  • What about Education Within The Black Community?  After an streaming fight against NCLB by the Black left Obama appointed the former leader of the failing Chicago Public School System to do the same thing to the nation.  The key point here is not about Obama and the national education policy though.  In as much as education is a local enterprise don't expect Eugine Robinson to observe that this victory over the schools have already been won by people favor to him.  Now the Black community is awaiting the actual benefit.

The bottom line of it all is that Eugine Robinson in his article and his frequent appearances on MSNBC sees his job as providing cover for PROGRESSIVISM and thus the Obama Administration and Democratic Congress.   His hope being that with him doing his part in the media this ideology and related policies will take root in the nation and, most certainly, within his home state of South Carolina.

Some place between the purposeful negation of Barack Obama by the right-wing and the abundant praise but selective sampling of evidence that takes place by the progressive-fundamentalists there exists some transparent media figures who can make measure of how the entirety of the political process is impacting the Black community and advocate from a position of these interests.

Mr Robinson and his contemporaries are not that source of such information.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Leonard Pitts On Dr Laura - Master Sculptor Who Plasters Over The Self-Indictment

Leonard Pitts: Dr. Laura's ignorance on display

Read a "Progressive Who Is Black" opinion writer over time and you can hone in upon their tactics.

In the case of Leonard Pitts on Dr Laura - the lynch pin of his argument is "Oh those 'silly Negro' comics......they'll say anything".

Leonard Pitts meet Michael Richardson.
You see though Michael Richardson was a "stand up comedian" at the time that he noted that in the past his Black male heckler would "have a fork up his ass" - his comedic stance did not provide him with the type of cover that Mr Pitts is talking about.

Welcome to the world of "Lampblack Yellow Journalism".  
The goal is to render maximum indictment against the popular enemies of Black people while redirecting any potential self-incrimination that might slip up and prove that Black people have some portion of complicity in our present condition.

The "Other Half Truth" That Pitts Leaves On The Floor

Mr Pitts tells us that it is CONSERVATIVES have problems in discussing race.  For the record, sir, I have seen the other side of the moon and it is made out of cheese.

If the sin of conservatives like Dr Laura and Pat Buchanan is that they are unsympathetically blunt about race then their ideological adversaries are guilt stained with racial "pink elephants in the room".

From open discussions about the harm that "Black on Black" crimes have upon:

  • Black community property values
  • (Justified) Stereotypes of 'The Wrong Side Of Town'
  • The irony of how the face of th threat to Blacks having changed between 1940 and 2010
In addition discussions about the impact of illegal immigration and the clear negative impact on Black competition for unskilled labor.

The "Progressive who is Black" loves to retain his "racial moral high ground", with the claim that they "never discriminated against any other race of people.  This while retaining the right to make broad based indictments against the society for failing us on our "permanent interests".

As long as they have this weapon in their back pocket - the "Progressive who is Black" never has to look face to face with the results of his theories.  Even when these theories are the "last man standing" in their community, with them retaining all of the institutional seats - they will still make external indictments.

When will we see Mr Pitts doing a review of the 'non-comedian' rappers who's "Nigger" laced rap songs are played in various integrated and all White dance clubs?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Black People Who Are Anti-Progressive Prove More Of A Threat Than Blacks With Institutional Power - Part 1

I am on an extensive review of the operatives that disburse information into our community and the tactics that they use to retain their crowd.

I notice that through this outstanding bias there is one clear pattern:

  • Protect the Establishment Blacks regardless of the actual results that are shown on the streets during their watch
  • Attack Non-Progressive Blacks - accusing them of damage that, despite being far beyond their ability to make mischief, none the less is in line with what most "Progressives who are Black" want to hear.
The goal of the Black Press operative is "Unity Of Ideological Thought Amongst Black People".
This "unity" trumps the goal of the measurable advancement of our permanent interests

Unlike many of my adversaries I provide examples of my charges and then tell them why they are wrong and, where possible - provide corrective consciousness.

How is it that a stage full of "Negroes" who have not one once of legislative or executive power is able to trigger more attention and scorn than the entire Congressional Black Caucus has registered?

Here is my rebuttal to Mr Jerrod

So let me get this straight about your indictments against "Tea Party Members who are Black"

*the broken No Child Left Behind education system
* failed leadership after September 11
* a $9.2 trillion deficit
* the veto of expanding children’s access to health care
* an unnecessary war in Iraq
* a lack of response relative to Hurricane Katrina
* a lack of proper oversight of greedy financial institutions that nearly brought the world to its knees.

Mr Jerrod - the one thing that I notice about "Progressives who are Democrats who are Black" - like you is that you prefer to "Look past the the failures of the Local Democrats" as you indict national Republicans

* NCLB focused primarily on the same Title 1 Schools that the Progressive Establishment took over decades ago as they promised us "Things would be better if Black folks vote their way".

* September 11? What about the leadership of the machines in Detroit, Chicago and Millwaukee? Despite failing Black people long before 9/11 they STILL get reelected. At least the GOP got tossed out of office.

* It is clear that after Obama - the claims about Republican deficit spending will be forever removed from the table. Now some of you lefties want Obama to spend MORE deficit money.

* When it comes to SCHIP I am more interested in what the local progressive have done to make the "poor people" who are caught between MEDICAID and private insurance to allow them to afford the care? And if the schools have produced more physicians to go back home and service the needs in these communities? WHY DID YOU TAKE OVER THE SCHOOLS if not?

* The deaths of Americans in Afghanistan under Obama has just surpassed the number killed under Bush. I am sure you were going to tell us this.

* Hurricane Katrina is being called a "man made failure" yet few of them are talking about the failed and corrupt local government in N.O. The machine keeps getting reelected despite their corrupt police department. Despite the known flood threat "Democrats who are Black" sought to have the people to come back home to retain power in the city.

* Funny how these same "irresponsible banks" are now being attacked for not loaning enough money, demanding that they not worry about RISK - we need more money in the economy.

Do you see Mr Jerrod - your arguments ONLY have a chance of standing if you cherry pick, focusing upon your ideological adversaries but not the force that are damaging Black people the most today per their POWER over our institutions.

The Obama Lap-Dog Black Press Expresses Hope For Black Unemployment

Obama signs Jobs Bill as CBC Chair Calls for Specific Help for Blacks

Hazel Trice-Edney works to retain her high ranking on my list of "Lampblack Yellow Journalists".

In my mind I have an index on the torrent of economic challenges that are faced by Black America and the propensity of this brand of journalist that have vowed to defend President Barack Obama even IF they are forced to deemphasize the "permanent interests" of Black America and others in the diaspora. 

In discussing the Black unemployment rate in America at present Ms Edney's goal is two fold:
  1. Remind those Black folks who have bare pantries that the job loss started under George W Bush
  2. Ring the bell of good news in all that Obama has done.  - The Black male unemployment rate has "precipitously"  dropped from 19% down to 16% thanks to the awesome leadership of President Obama and the federal Democrats who are fighting both "racism and the Republicans" on behalf of Black people.

Obama’s stroke of the pen will not wipe out all of the damage done during the economic crisis that started in earnest during the Bush Administration. But, there are high hopes in Black communities where the jobless rate reached back to 15.6 percent last month, up from 15.4 in June, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Unemployment among Black males – though dropped significantly from its high of 19 percent in March of this year - is still at 16.7 percent, nearly twice the average White rate of 8.6 and White male rate of 8.8 percent.

Notice how with Ms Edney and with other "Progressives who are Journalists who are Black" we never hear much analysis regarding the local areas where their favored progressives have control but have failed to generate jobs for the people there in. Especially not in an organic manner.

Instead they view politicians like Obama as the opportunity creators.  Since it is their view that RACISM is the prevailing reason for the differences in unemployment rates then most certainly a politician like Obama that is committed to stamping out racism will do so and thus the Black unemployment situation will improve.

It is when all of the pro forma promises that had been made prior to the years of elections are aggregated together that we begin to understand the parameters of the situation.
  • Those who the Black Progressive Press have advocated into office now control the SCHOOLS from which educated service providers are to come from
  • Those who the Black Progressive Press have advocated into office now have control over the LOCAL ECONOMIC POLICIES (now they have control over the federal and many state policies as well)
  • They most certainly have a press operation that keeps the Black community focused on "the prize", not getting caught up on the discouraging middle ground along the way.
Despite all of this - the biased Black progressive press is never going to stop and make an enumeration of all that they have going for them, IN THEORY, and use this to begin to ask questions as to why things remain as they are.

In listening to an audio report on the racial differences in redards to unemployment the two points that were brought up were:
  1. RACISM no doubt plays a part in who gets a job and thus we have the unemployment rates as such
  2. Black people with a college degree have an 8% unemployment rate which is STILL double the 4% unemployment rate of WHITE FOLKS with an unemployment rate.
I was stunned that upon hearing #2 they chose to "racism chase" in their consideration of why Blacks with degrees don't have a 4% rate as well.   The fact that a Black with a college degree has a better unemployment rate than ALL OF AMERICA which presently stands at 9.7%.    

It is clear that certain media operatives have no interest in providing proper guidance to Black America.  They would rather cast their lot in extinguishing all possible aspects of racism - except for their own.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Priority For Black America According To The Philly Tribune: Time For Obama To Call Out The Right Wing

It’s time for Obama to call out the Right

I have noted many times the flaws and the damage that would come as Black America "lived vicariously" through the presence of Barack Obama in the White House.  Those who take his election into office as their "mission accomplished" will be seen compromising themselves throughout his term in office.  In fact it is irrelevant what the state of our key misery index elements might be at the time of reelection.  Getting him reelected is the continuation of the mission that they have adopted.

Thus it comes as no surprise that an article in the Philadelphia Tribune looks past all of the pressing issues in Black American and in the troubled city of Philadelphia to announce that President Barack Obama needs to come out swinging against Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

I get the feeling that if Obama was seen to be effective at using his power in government to suppress the free speech of these right-wing sources that this would win him more loyalties among the "Progressives who are Black" than if he were to bring the Black rate of unemployment down to pre-recession levels.

Friday, August 13, 2010

What The 98.62% Of Blacks Who Don't Watch Fox News Missed - Rays In Anicosta

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

It is a good thing that the owner of "Rays" has chosen to invest in this "underserved" community. He altered his menu to fit the realities of the area. He created jobs in the process.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Paul Krugman - Keeping The Conservative Adversary On Trial

Paul Krugman - Defining Prosperity Down

I had planned to do a more comprehensive review of the tactic of "keeping the adversary on trial" which is the hallmark method by which Progressives are able to stay focused on the "Mission from God", not allowing their present incumbency during a time of massive economic crisis to cause their loyal membership to question the results.

Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman sticks with this scheme.  Despite the fact that the Democratic party enjoys a 59 seat strong majority in the Senate - Mr Krugman manages to blame the minority Republicans for blocking all attempts at raiding the federal treasury to spend deficit funds in support of the economy.

If any of you believe that there will ever become a time in our future where the leftwing progressive aggregates enough power at which point he will give the green light to the rank and file to BLAME HIM for their present condition - you are sadly mistaken.

These are confidence men.   As long as they can keep the minions focused - they never have to worry about seeing Democrats tossed out for the economic failures that they used to drive the Republican enemy out of office.

Monday, August 2, 2010

What If Media Matters Observed That Hip Hop Music Talks About The Same Violence That Claims Many Black Lives?

Beck denies being "responsible" for planned massacre at office of group he demonized

Let's define the framework.

  1. A media figure brings focus upon a certain individual or entity
  2. The majority of the media figure's loyal followers listen to the words and interpret them per their own understanding. They agree with some of the views and disagree with others
  3. A  small segment of this audience hear the words and either plot a violent action or actually carry it out
  4. As the violent action is inspected the person in the media who was the purveyor of these words take the blame
  5. The conscious public seeks to make the media operative to be more responsible for his words
I get it folks.   I don't have a problem, per se, with this framework.  I have a problem when this framework is selectively used.

While Media Matters, Rachel Maddow and others on the "Snarling Fox White Liberal" left are game to apply this framework to right-wing media sources - Glenn Beck, et al - this are loathed to make such a linkage to the biggest piece of low hanging fruit that is available to us:


If you want to hear death threats against any Black man who "steps to" the media operative....
If you want to hear women being disrespected as merely sex objects for the pleasure of men....
If you want to hear someone vocalizing about profiting from their drug sales into the Black community.....
If you want to hear someone gaining "street cred" from having spent time in JAIL........

Look no further than the lyrics and actions of the "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate".

Here is what I don't understand about Media Matters and other leftwing propaganda sources.  They would swear to the Black community that they are looking out for our interests.  If the neo-Klan/neo-CCC factions that are present in:
  • The Republican Party
  • The Tea Parties
  • Fox News
ever get back into power - protected groups such as "racial minorities" will be the first to be assaulted and oppressed.  

Ironically in their claimed pursuit of PROTECTION for our community they overlook the most prevailing killers of our people and the body of media messages that put forth messages which attest to their threat.

We are not going to see Media Matters or Rachel Maddow playing lyrics from the latest Young Jeezy song in which he offers a bounty for anyone who steals the chain from his arch-rival Gucci Mane.  Implicit to the call for this theft of property is some sort of violence against Gucci Mane in order to obtain this item of value.

The key point of irony is that if Media Matters or MSNBC or Southern Poverty Law Center did focus on the threat which the numbers that are available point, turning away from their obvious support for Progressive/Democratic Party institutions - the main blowback from their change of course would come from the array of Progressives who are Black.  They would take this heightened focus upon Street Pirates as them playing on the stereotype of criminality of Black people.  

With this diversionary consciousness intact - some Black people would rather be focused upon issues that can UNIFY them in an external and perpetual struggles against the right wing rather than being made to key in upon the negative force which is documented to be the main source of terror and torture upon our people today.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

TheRoot.com - Like The NAACP - It No Longer Pretends

My message to Sherrylin Ifill in response to her call for us to unify behind Black leaders, instead of criticizing them.

Ms Ifill:

I am quite sure that you are content with everything that you wrote in your article. Sadly you are so fused to the "Black Establishment Leadership" that you are yet another Black Press operative that is too fatally contaminated to provide any sort of check if the facts proof that despite this popular set of policies that feel comfortable among "Progressives who are Black" don't move this COUNTRY forward any more than it has moved the LOCAL COMMUNITIES forward where it is the "last ideological theory standing".

I laughed when you held up Rachael Maddow and MSNBC as your reference standards. You see I too monitor Racheal Maddow. I notice that while she is aggressive in her pursuit of "Right Wing Militia groups" who hate Blacks and other minorities, Ms Maddow doesn't dare cover the "Street Pirates" that are ringing up more dead Black people per month than any deaths of Blacks that can be attributed to the right-wing militias over the past several years. Do you think that Rachael Maddow will say a single word about Robert Freeman - the 13 year old Black male in Chicago that was fired upon more than 13 times recently?

You see Ms Ifill you will claim that I am "changing the subject". The truth is that you and other Black Press Operatives are the one's with the television remote control. I am supposed to fear Andrew Brietbart and the Tea Parties for what they might do......if they assist the Republicans to return to power (what a coincidence). All the while you, Maddow and others keep us dutifully focused on the "Malcolm X Political Football game" - where Blacks are now allowed in as starters.

Why is it so important to you that I as a Black man not focus on "cannibalizing Black leaders"? It appears that you prefer unity over the strong scrutiny which asks "are our BLACK COMMUNITY'S PERMANENT INTERESTS" being delivered as this machine grows in power, already in control over our communities and our schools. Or are you content with the INTENTION of our interests being served, with it just so happens that the Democratic Party and progressive causes growing stronger as we invest our interests in these external third party forces, figuring that their victories are ours?

Who exactly benefits from your time of silence and unity Ms Ifill?

The LampBlack Yellow Journalist Black Press - Going With The Agenda

There is no other element of the Black Establishment that disappoints me more than does the "Black Press".   An entity that was formed to give voice to the Black community's interests when the mainstream press would either ignore us or slander us when Black people did appear in their pages - today's operative Black press has clearly lost their way.

Instead of defending the permanent interests of the Black Community - they are wholesale extensions of the leftist/progressive Black Establishment - working to defend them against their main political adversaries - the Conservatives and Republicans.

My analysis and critique is not focus on their leftist, Pro-Democratic Party bias though.  Instead I inspect their rantings in the context of a Black community that is already totally dominated by this machine, that expresses grievances despite faithfully consuming this prescribed solution and yet these operatives with a pen and a keyboard seem fully deployed to "try harder" with the struggle rather than ask questions of the course.

My reference point for quality journalism which successfully impacts the Black community is the local news station's "investigative reporters".   I have documentary evidence to show that these forces have made several government agencies, corporations and landlords to "get the lead out" far better than any other entity that comes from the angle of "civil rights" or "Black journalism".  Period.

The key point is that these journalists/reporters (and some of them are Black) are not beholden to the political machine that overlays any particular community.  They have the cause of "consumer advocacy", forcing all of the entities listed above to do as they had promised to do.

Sadly, shamefully the "Lampblack Yellow Journalism" are merely ideologues and political operatives that have been embedded within a particular media operation to carry forth what their other compatriots in the Black Progressive Establishment do in their particular tentacle.

Don't expect to see the Black operative journalist go after his compatriot in support of the interests of the Black community.  Instead, for example, we will hear them scrutinize while a SECOND Black Democratic US Representative has been brought up on ethics violations right after another high profile scandal, never asking if the allegations are true and sticking to their own principles.  Regardless of what they do they will never, ever, never, make an extrusion - asking if such a pattern represents a certain character flaw.  They only do this against their adversaries where there is a political stereotype to be maintained for the benefit of the political machine that the Black Progressive Establishment is in cahoots with.

"The Trotter Group" and "The Root.com"

Gregory Kane, member of "The Trotter Group" warned us all about their bias in an article several months ago.  I noted this long before that merely by looking at the line up.

  • Derrick Z Jackson
  • George Curry (Still waiting for a character reassessment on John Edwards from him)
  • Tonya Weathersby
  • Rochelle Reilly
  • DeWanye Wickham 
We already know the conclusion to the opinion piece.  Just pick the subject and its a foregone conclusion on what they believe.

The Root.com posted a hit piece on RNC chair Michael Steele and his planned visit to the "National Association of Black Journalists".  They noted that Andrew Brietbart - of the "Shirely Sherrod" fame would be the main topic of scrutiny for Steele.   They planned to "put him on trial" and force him to explain himself and Brietbart.

This sounds pretty straight forward with regard to the recent events BUT few people would bother to make note of how Steele's Democratic party peer - Mr Kaine would be received.  Long story short the reception would not be hostile in the least.  Mr Kaine would not be reminded of how his party controls the key institutions in every single Black community and yet our grievances remain high despite all of the promises.  To do this would require a massive self-indictment by the Black Press as they were vital in the Democrats and Progressives having achieved this end.

I am just not sure that they had a plan on what to do after the "Mission Accomplished" banners were hung.

I have never seen a group with such a short attention span.  Any White conservative has the power to distract their attention off of the focus on the effective delivery of promised benefit to the Black community for doing our part in support of the machine in question.

OR maybe diversion off of these issues when there is a compatriot in power is the key point of interference that this unified crew is expected to deliver.