Saturday, July 31, 2010

Why Is It That The Hate Filled Attack Left Is So Focused On Fox News?

Fox News

With only 1.38% of Black Americans watching Fox News it is safe to say that whatever boycott that the "Progressives who are Democrats who are Black" have erected is functionally in place.  Yet as I take a peek at several AfroSpear blog sites I see that FoxNews is of major concern to them as is:

  • Sarah Palin
  • Glenn Beck
  • Michael Steele
  • Tea Parties
Clearly this has little to do with their Blackness and a lot to do with their status as Progressive/Leftists and Democrats.

How is it that on the one hand we learn that Fox News is  not real news but "Faux News" and yet they are such a concern to these operatives?  Indeed if Fox is so discredited in their ranks they would simply ignore them.

Yet when it came to the leftist "NetRoots" gathering in Las Vegas a short time ago those who portend to be all about "Black Empowerment" have a set of agenda items that fit right into the leftist, progressive, Democratic establishment set of priorities.  The question must be asked - Since they already control every single Black Institution from which we receive our civic services from why do they get to continue to set the agenda?  When will the Black rank and file begin to inspect them as Fox News is inspected?

Notice that no show on MSNBC gets inspected for its fraudulence and bias the same way that Fox receives.  It is not that these progressives hate bias.  They merely hate bias that swings against their interests. 

For me I hate failing schools, violent streets and failed local governments more than I hate Fox News.  They preside over none of these, to the detriment of Blacks.

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