Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why Does MSNBC Escape The Scrutiny That Fox News Receives

I record both Ed Schultz on MSNBC and Amy Goodman on "Democracy Now" on a daily basis.  My respect for Goodman increases constantly and my regard for Schultz decreases every day as he runs his latest set of antics.   Though I don't agree with Goodman's leftwing agenda I realize that she is an more committed to the integrity of her views than she is in being a propagandist for the Democratic Party.  I call leftwingers like Goodman "Unattached Progressives" because they will call out the Democratic Party when needed, without concern with damaging them.

In watching Ed Schultz I have learned that the advice said during the start of the Iraq War is sage advice:  Sample news from all over the world before you accept one perspective - hook line and sinker.

The entire lineup of the Ed Schultz Show is an attack on the Republican Party, start to finish.  He has an array of leftwing operatives on a daily basis that fortify his claims. 
I have no particular concern about protecting the Republican Party, they have far more money to do this than I do.  The issue is that some people consume this propaganda and take it as the full statement of facts.

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Schultz and his guest US Rep Elijah Cummings argues that the Conservatives that are against more deficit spending in the USA are mean spirited and in some cases "racist". They try to defend their leftist policy pronouncements by painting the opposition as such.

As we go across the Atlantic we see that a string of European nations who suffer massive debt loads are also standing against Obama's suggestion that they not sink further into debt. The best way to thwart Ed Schultz and propagandists like him - right and left - is to expand the domain of their argument and see if it sticks. Too often it does not.

You can't allow people to contort the issue to their favor. They are always going to focus upon the facts on the ground that support their agenda while leaving so many other truths on the ground that run counter.

In this case of the next video Schultz needs to visit Atlanta, Philly, Detroit and many other progressive cities which have closed public pools, laid off police and shut down parks due to their financial insolvency.

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