Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thanks For The Run Filled Negro - No Hard Feelings - Really

My good friend Filled Negro has begun to delete my posts on his propaganda blog as of Monday July 4th, Independence Day.

I bear no hard feelings at all against my good friend Filled Negro.  I mean this in all seriousness.

I was truthfully surprised that he allowed me to post on his board and check his message and many of his posters as long as he did.   He resisted such demands for banning people and deleting posts.  I respect him for attempting to retain this policy.  Though my friend is a serious ideologue he is not hatefilled as some of his blogging buddies.  More on this later.

Here is the deal.  Filled Negro's blog serves as a "self-chumming" distribution center for "Progressives who are Black".  If you pay attention to his nightly releases - some time between 8:30pm and 11pm - my friend Filled Negro sorts through all of the news of the day and most typically chooses the story which can provoke the greatest amount of predictable response from his base.  "Self-chumming" to stir up the fish is the best, most accurate description.  When Michael Steele gets more posts than does Jim Clyburn, Michael Nutter, David Patterson, Bobby Rush, Barbara Lee, Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi combined - you know that something ain't right.  Either the Black Conservative is SUPERIOR to the position of power that he holds OR there is some sort of agency in place.  The content syndicate is on a mission that is beyond what appears on the surface.

I have no doubt at all that if indeed there is common understanding that a "Black Republican" can be a SELLOUT to the interests of the Black community that it is also the case that a "Black Democrat" towing the POPULAR line within the Black community can also be a sellout to our Permanent Interests.  POPULARITY sometimes means group complicity.  POPULARITY within itself does not prove EFFECTIVENESS or ACCURACY any more than the time when the masses believed the Earth was flat. The complicity of the "Democrat who is Black" is one where he has purchased into the notion that "What is good for the Democrat is good for Black people".  No amount of real world evidence as seen where this machine has power over our community is not going to convince the ideological bigot otherwise. "Bigot" is used because it too is the best description of that which they are entrenched with.

Now there I come as a frequent poster who is on to his scheme and who confounds his propaganda attempt.  I have two computers in front of me all day long as I work (yes I am doing my job none the less) so I am able to hold the line against what his base of posters would like to do:  rant against Conservatives, Republicans, White Supremacy, Black Conservatives, Capitalism and Corporations.

This is not the first time that I have been invited to leave a "Progressive That Is Black" blog.  Unlike some who I will list in a few minutes I have no hard feelings against my friend Filled Negro.  As people see my antics (and yes I over do it at times with the posting) those who would normally fire off their shots and not have to bother defending their attacks begin to reduce their posting on the Progressive blog in question.   It stands to reason that protecting his base of posters should indeed be far more important to my friend Filled Negro than retaining his posting policies and allowing me to continue my counter-actions.

Thus far I have been banned from:
  • AfricanAmerica Blog - account canceled
  • Brother Peace Keeper For Progressive Interests - shunted my posts off to their own area.  (This has been handy since I have occasionally returned to that section to review the issues from 5 or more years ago)
  • Average Brother - The Liberal Kappa - sent an e-mail warning to stop posting or all will be immediately deleted
  • Soulbrother V 2.0 - upon seeing the Liberal Kappa had banned me admitted that he deletes my posts
  • BET Uncut's "All White Jury Assembly" blog - put up what he called a "content filter" but in truth it was an "IP Address Filter" with MINE as the first entry (he has no idea how many IP addresses I have access to)
  • KCNulan's Subliminal Thoughts - again an ego centric guy who doesn't like to be questioned
 None of them can claim that I waged personal attacks, cursing, below the belt hits upon their audience.  The number one infraction is the amount of postings that I make and the will to have a siege mentality battle - with me against several individuals who are themselves SET IN THEIR WAYS.  As bigoted as many of those that they fight against.

If I was willing to compromise my own views then I am sure that I could fit in with less of a caustic present at times.  Instead when I articulate what is unquestioningly is a TRANSPARENT set of "Community Best Interests" and challenge others to steal it and integrate this model into their own appraisal of what the primary interests of our people that we should be discussing on these blogs - the battle for ideological supremacy supplants interests in operating while all are subordinated to this framework. 

I have to admit that I will miss peeking to see what the "Self-Chum Of The Day" will be.  The more I look and then see the replies that fail to inspect Filled Negro's agenda the more I will be inclined to jump back into the fray.

I feel unbound to a task in which I had to fight the fight against intellectual dishonesty.  Not that everyone is as such.  Far from it.  I am far more accepting to the fact that people have the right to hold on to their own ideology than one might expect.   I only ask that they defend their positions and - just as they ask their adversaries to do - don't allow their bigotry and the knowledge that their fellow travelers are not going to challenge them to cause people to advance fraudulent and malicious arguments.

The primary fraudulent question that has been repetitively asked of me is "What would 'Black Republicans' do if they had power over the Black community?

I am not a Black Republican.
Worse, it is fraudulent to consider a community that is addicted to the "blue pill" and then have the main drug pusher demand of me that I PROVE that my pill has the expected pharmacological impact upon the Black community.
A person that is really interested in the condition of the Black community would first demand that the Black community go cold turkey off of the concoction that they tacitly admit is not working per their question asked of me.  If they were serious they would first seek more knowledge of their own "body" the nutrition that it needs to function .  They'd seek "alternative medicine and treatment" solutions, showing willingness make the lifestyle changes that are necessary to accommodate a "healed state" of their body.

This type of consciousness is not found in the "Machine Connected Black Progressive" community.  I have to acknowledge that all "leftist" are not connected to the Democratic Party and they will call them out when they need calling - just as Amy Goodman does on "Democracy Now".  She is a committed leftist and won't compromise her values for anyone.

It is my opinion that my friend Filled Negro, AfroSpear and a few others that operate as operatives for their narrow ideological interests have enough of a following to bring forth the "Black Community Consciousness 3.0" that is going to be needed in our future.  Unfortunately Republicans serve as more interesting counterpoints to their interests than does FAILED INSTITUTIONS WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.  This is what they should be bringing awareness to.  As it presently stands their "victory" where they are the last man standing in a place is the worst possible of outcomes.  (See Detroit)

All of those political gains that have been made in the "American Political Domain" will need to be translated into actual benefit for the man on the street.  Without the development of the COMPETENCY without our community to carry out these promises my friends, the propagandists will be forced to continue their mission of maintaining "BLACK UNITY" while falling short of placing us nearer to our "Community Permanent Interests".  If your job is to put a Black face into power so that he/she can mismanage the government in equal measure as the White man before him - what exactly was your value add?

Time to move on.
From here on out I will call you "Field Negro" again.
One day I hope that you will retire all of the slave references.  A people that define themselves on the foundation of slavery will never be able to reconnect with their conscious past before that time.


Anonymous said...

"My good friend Filled Negro has begun to delete my posts on his propaganda blog as of Monday July 4th, Independence Day."

I am saddened by your cessation to post on the Filled Negro blog. The only reason I read it (aside from learning others' viewpoints, and they were quite interesting at times) was to read your logical, knowledgeable and intelligent posts. I learned alot from them, and I find your blogs informative and thought-provoking. I respected Field Negro for letting you post on his blog so much and so frequently, for truly you were a voice to contend with on that blog and in my opinion, showed the shallow, emotionalized self-righteous thinking of the majority on that blog. You presented another perspective. A light that was not hid under the table. Field Negro could not debate you on an equal level, and never really did. You are right; his purpose on that blog is to throw the "chum" out and sharks (emotionalized masses) come to feast. But now I have lost the little respect that I had for him since he is deleting your posts. Much more honest would have been to ask you publicly to stop posting, that he did not appreciate your presence, that you were disturbing his world order. Although he is your "good friend," I don't know how "good" he is, encouraging people's dysfunction and agitating them with half-truths. The damage that some "good" men can wreak ... supposedly the Christians say that hell is filled with "good" men. I wonder how aware he is of what a manipulator he is, or are the fawning fans all he really cares about.


Constructive Feedback said...


My friend Filled Negro is not "THE" problem. He is a symptom.

Being freed up from the daily (self-adopted) task of fighting against the bias among SOME of the posters I am able to back up, take a global view of Filled Negro's posts (all week long on EXTERNAL THREATS) as well as other Black left of center sites - Prometheous, TheRoot, Grio)

The unmistakable pattern, Olive, is that they all prefer to talk about EXTERNAL CONSERVATIVES than they dare talk about the EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT of our internal resources.

The real problem is that the Black community lacks the management infrastructure and foresight to push them aside as operatives for something other than our interests.

My argument all along is: As their force grows in power we should be see many of the core problems within our community mitigated. Instead I see the same incompetence with a favorable person in the seat of power.

My job is to document the indictment and to hope that intelligent minds will make up their own.

Anonymous said...

What I gather from what you just wrote is ... Blacks lack the ability to see what is truly blocking the goal of their permanent interests being met. In my opinion, foresight is lacking because the interests are immediate gratification, soothing promises (that never materialize), and a constant scapegoat to blame it all on, keeping one free from any responsibility or guilt. (what human being would not like this in their lives?) Not many people would want to examine themselves or the situation any deeper I guess, even as the horrible death toll keeps rising. Holding those accountable who were voted in to protect permanent interests is a responsibility in and of itself, to keep the pressure on these ones in power.

My problem with the man who writes the Field Negro blog is ... he is very educated, he is an attorney. Obviously has some intelligence and is considered a responsible person in the community. What makes him so blind to what you are saying? Why do you think ... people (not only Black, but any people) have these ... blind areas in their minds that cannot perceive truth when they hear it? SOME people on that blog were very vicious to you. You were throwing them back onto themselves with insight and logic, and they did not like it. Hot coals upon their heads, as the Christians say. You were basically telling them ... it is YOU who have the power. But for some reason, they couldn't hear that. I guess a person can be very intelligent but not Conscious. I suppose levels of consciousness vary in people, and hopefully consciousness can be expanded. This is what I believe you are trying to do.

Perhaps the man behind the Field Negro blog is a "symptom," as you say. But I also believe he is definitely a BIG part of the problem. Perhaps he will still read your blog from time to time. In the meantime, he will be leading his readers down roads to our eventual demise.


Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Blacks lack the ability to see what is truly blocking the goal of their permanent interests being met.[/quote]

One major correction to your words:

There AIN'T nothing "BLACK" about this.

This is BIGOTRY.
Blacks don't uniquely suffer from this force, as neither do Whites.

With the power of "get in where I fit in" at play - as they walk in complicity they figure that their UNITY will cover for the grand flaws in their actions.

No amount of "constructive feedback" as to the real world results that they see is going to force them to start asking questions as to why they are still short of their goals.