Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rand Paul's Words About The World's Poor Rattles The Left

Rand Paul Receives Backlash Against His Comments On Poverty

Notice no one said that he was lying about his words. Instead his old video is what they attack.

One can proclaim the pain of the victim status of America's poor and yet no one will claim that their model doesn't represent the truth of the situation within. Yet when someone dares make a comparative reference between "America's poor" and others who live in wide stretches in Asia and Africa there is bound to be faux outrage.

My words to Prometheus 6 (In case he chooses to delete them).


The fact that you posted the views of Rand Paul indicates that you have a particular opinion on these words. Yet you did not express your opinion.

As we consider the lot of the overwhelming majority of the 6.6B human beings in this world - can you detail the inaccuracy of his words and/or the offense?

It seems to me that there is never a SIN in pointing out the disadvantage and inferiority (yup I am with Shelby Steele on the use of this word as the best descriptor for a certain mental consciousness. Farrakhan says the same as did Marcus Garvey) of a given group of people. No one will ever accuse one who traffics in such notitions as gaving gone overboard beyond a point.

Yet, it appears, that for one to make an observation that "our poor is better off than your poor" - with the abundant facts to substanitate the claim - this is worthy of a hand smack.

It seems to me that this should open the door to a compariative analysis of economic systems that are able to aggregate wealth and enhanced standards of living. I realize that you would be inclined to enumerate the oppression and theft of land resources that had occurred to deliver such benefit. The oil conglomoerates in the Middle East that are siphoning our money in exchange for what we desire would beg to differ.

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