Wednesday, July 28, 2010

NY Times Bob Herbert Talks About Economic Morass w/o Ever Mentioning The Word "Obama"

Bob Herbert - Long Term Economic Plan

When it comes to Black Progressive attack opinion writers like:

  • Bob Herbert
  • Cynthia Tucker
  • Eugine Robinson
  • Derrick Z Jackson
it is easy to understand their M.O.

I don't accuse them for not talking about our main issues that plague Americans and the Black community.  Indeed they do.

What we need to note is that they twist their knives against their adversaries when problems are easily associated with them.  However, when their permanent friends are in place for open attack they switch into giving advice rather than attacking.   After all - if they join the drum beat of criticism and thus assist in the weakening of their "permanent friend" then their ultimate agenda is squandered in the process.

The economy and other important institutions would have to fall far beyond a point of defensibility for the Black Media Operatives to go against Obama and other progressives.

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