Thursday, July 15, 2010

NAACP's Viewpoint - Elaborated On MSNBC And Countered On Fox News - Therefore MSNBC Is The Friend Of Blacks And Fox Is Our Enemy

The NAACP's Hilary Shelton was featured in two different forums where he spouted his same talking points.  The outcomes could not be more different based on the agenda of those who entered his presence.

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MSNBC's The Ed Show

It comes as no surprise that with Ed Schultz - any group that is attacking conservatives is a good group to him.   In as much as Mr Schultz constantly makes partisan rants that are filled with inaccuracies he was accommodating to the NAACP and its charges. 

This interview was "among friends".  None of the NAACP claims of racism against the Tea Party went challenged.  More importantly they used the diversion to the racism charge to avoid talking about the substantive issues that the Tea Parties have concern over.

Far be it for MSNBC, who itself does not focus upon the terror that Street Pirates rain upon the Black community and contrast it to their "right wing militia" hunt, to press the NAACP to refocus their efforts on the REAL PROBLEMS within the Black community that proportionally harm more Blacks than the Tea Parties ever hoped to do.

Fox News Megan Kelly
When Ms Kelly began to expand the focus of the argument by bringing in the Missouri case where the "Uncle Tom" rant was heard under the banner of the NAACP I thought that she was changing the subject.

As the entirety of the debate came to shape I was thankful at what Kelly did. She was arguing that BOTH groups have their particular agenda and that the NAACP is not without sin regarding rogue characters that spew hateful words.

For the life of me I do not understand why Tea Party representatives can't properly handle the RACISM CHARGES. In addition to their need to keep the ignorant signs out of their rallies - the fact remains that the most effective strategy to put these charges into proportion is to consider the attacks that are made upon the Black community and get the NAACP and others to enumerate where the Tea Parties have been the source of these attacks.

The biggest indictment against the NAACP comes from who attacks Blacks and how they are SILENT upon the attacks.

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