Wednesday, July 14, 2010

MSNBC's Ed Schultz Is A "Mall Cop" Ideological Bigot

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Sometimes I actually feel sorry for MSNBC per how hard they try.

Check out the first video in which Ed Schultz blames Republican tax cuts for triggering police lay offs. I stated before that with the large amount of cities laying off masses of police, city employees and teachers it is patently ridiculous to claim that Republicans are to blame uniquely for what is happening in Colorado Springs, CO.

In the introduction to his show he reminds his audience of his observation of the GOP tax cuts. Then when he talks to an official from 100% Democratic-lead Oakland California he does not bring up his previous attack. This is because it was bogus in the first place.

In the second video he goes after Republican senatorial candidate Ran Paul for saying that the world's poor have it far worse than the poor in America Schultz can't put together a coherent attack. The reason why is because it is a feign attack.

It seems to me that when it comes to indicting the United States for income inequality no one on the left will every be said to put forth positions that go far beyond the real world facts for the sake of theatrics.

However, when it comes to someone having the audacity to contrast the American poor to the "World's poor" and notating how everyone in America's border benefits from the infrastructure and standard of living that we have - this is grounds for attack and repudiation.

Ed Schultz is a highly intellectually dishonest individual. One can watch the first 90 seconds of his show to see his character and who he is after.

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