Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Limited Number Of Blacks In Television News

When it comes to the question of the presence of "Black Conservatives" on cable news programs one making the observation that they are overrepresented as a proportion of their actual existence within the Black community and suffer no attack for saying so. You see - if you were to believe that there is an all out drive to have 'diversity' in the media as expressed by brown skin on television - you'd be sadly mistaken.

Instead of race there is a demand for "Blacks and Progressives" to be shown. If one does not have both of these attributes there goes the drive for diversity.

If I were an unbound partisan I would use this post to make the case that we don't need any more:
  • Roland Martin
  • Tamron Hall
  • Eugine Robinson
  • Errol Lewis
  • Cynthia Tucker 
spouting the very same leftist arguments on television when their White liberal soul mates can effectively express the entire domain of their common ideological interests.

Roland Martin recently lost his bid to host the 8pm slot for CNN after Campbell Brown decided to depart.  Martin had been the substitute while Brown was out on maternity leave.   The network ended up going with defrocked New York governor Elliott Spitzer who was taken down after being caught up in a prostitution scheme.

From where I stand the question of "Where are the Blacks on the network news?".   It is a far more complex issue than this.

As much as some of us point to the "unity" of the Black voting block - or in the case of Professor Manning Marable - the "Intelligence of the Black voter" - as long as we as a group vote 90% Democratic this group stereotype which has been dutifully honed by those who have contracted our people out to the Democratic party also shows through to the vast majority of Black political commentators. 

The political analysis and news shows BET and TV One have proven to be hard-left/ Democratic Party establishment outlets.  So too with the Black Political venues on the web:   TheRoot, Grio, BlackAmericaWeb, and several others.  Many are HuffPo in blackface.

It seems that many network directors make note of the limited spectrum from which these voices reside and they rightfully figure that they have their share of leftist voices already.  Some of whom are more able to pull in the audience.  

Add to it the previous observation from people like Bernie Goldberg (conservative) that the same White liberals that are always gunning about racism in the ranks of conservatives are also unwilling to yield their own seats in the name of diversity.  After all diversity, like taxes should be borne by someone else.

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