Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Withdraw My Previous Statements About Rush Limbaugh On The "Cracker" Comment

In this link on yesterday I criticized radio host Rush Limbaugh for his tackiness at starting racial animous over the death of baseball owner George Steinbrener.

As I monitored part of his show I now understand the sarcastic point that he was making.

In my original comments I noted that there was no racial controversy that Mr Steinbrenner had been involved in to justify Limbaughs comments.

Today I learned that his comments were not about Steinbrenner.   He was using the "cracker" statements made by the New Black Panther Party to make a point.

Those who content themselves with clips from Media Matters will never get the proper context of the words that this organization finds offensive.

Limbaugh made the case that:

  • Blacks can call themselves "Niggers" in the media, commercial music and in public discourse but White folks are not allowed to call each other "Crackers".
  • He asked why is it that it is permissible to allow Blacks to use this hateful word but not Whites.
  • He asked that the PC police work to enforce such a standard on Blacks that they regularly do upon Whites
  • He then called Steinbrenner a "cracker" in order to twist the screws on the "Liberals who are Black" - just as he usually does
As a sampler of multiple media personalities and an occasional listener of his I believe that Rush Limbaugh goes too far at times.  I realize that he is working to agitate the "Liberal Democrats who are Black" and that they will respond with the call of RACISM.

Limbaugh has no plans to relent neither do his critics. 

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