Wednesday, July 28, 2010

HuffPo: Fox News Has A Black Viewership Of Just 1.38%

(Note: I have a ban on syndicating HuffPo propaganda stories unless the story itself is apart of the story that I am posting about)

From The (Progressive) African American Reports:
This should be put in the no !@#$ file. Why would you watch a network where you are constantly insulted, told to stop calling yourself African American, or if we are lucky just completely ignored?

The results are perhaps no surprise, but in doing research for a story on the conservative press & race issues, the New York Time’s Brian Stelter pulled the African American viewing Nielsen numbers for cable news viewing in primetime and found that Fox News was in last place.

Stelter tweeted the results: Fox, as we all know, has biggest audience in prime time. But among African Americans, it’s smallest– 29,000 vs. 134,000 for CNN, 145,000 for MSNBC.

It appears that George L Cook III is confusing "Black people" appearing on Fox News and thus being "disrespected" with "Progressive Leftists who are Black......".     I recall a Black female who is a New York City city councilman appearing on the "O'Reilly Factor".  The subject was Charles Barron, her peer on the council.  She attempted to make several arguments that did not hold water and Bill O'Reilly summarily tore her arguments apart.  Thank you Mr O'Reilly!!

What Mr Cook appears to be seeking is the assumption of respect and deference to a person who shows little as a guest.  I recently reported on the conflict about school diversity in in Durham NC.  The President of the NAACP North Carolina refused to engage in a debate with a member of the school board - BECAUSE - as president he believes that his stature afforded him to speak to the Chairman of the School Board - not a lowly member.  In this case Rev Barber manufactured a demand for respect.  Ironically this was being done in the context of marketing the inferiority of Black people by arguing that we need to sit in class with a White kid for Blacks to receive quality education.  

The demand for respect cannot trump the need for sound stances and sound arguments in support of them.

I assure you that HuffPo and AA Reports will never go to MSNBC and make an inspection of its content:
  1. Why is it that Rachael Maddow and Keith Olbermann have more zest in going after White Right-Wing Militias and their threat to minorities and protected groups yet they don't put the Street Pirate Drug Gangs in the same category?  More Blacks and Hispanics have been murdered and terrorized by these groups in the past 20 years than by those who they are trained upon.
  2. Investigate Ed Schultz and my observations that he is a bigot - merely a "left wing bigot", which is favorable for them?
  3. The video of a Black man that showed up to a political rally with an assault weapon yet when MSNBC was running the story about WHITE PEOPLE showing up with guns they used the picture of the Black guy's gun but clipped the video right before it panned up to the Black guy's face.
MSNBC is as or more guilty as Fox in its bias.  
The silence of them being called out is likely due to their lower ratings than FOX and the fact that they are not a threat to the LEFT but instead an echo chamber.

The Fox vs MSNBC focus should go down as a case study of liberal bias in America.  At times I feel sorry for MSNBC per their content and blatant attempts at distortion. 

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