Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Eco*Soul Sees "The Good Ole Days" Of White Supremacy In Today's Anti-Progressive/Obama Climate

Blog: Eco-Soul Intellectual: Parallels Of Post-Reconstruction and Post-Obama Reconstruction Era

When I see someone self-medicate as an "Intellectual" everything typically goes down hill from this observation.  "Public Intellectuals" and "Humanities Professors" seem to always chafe my skin.

Side note - it would be grand if we could have looked to the cities where the Progressive Democrats have monopoly control to see evidence that the policies that they seek to hoist on us nationally have a track record of producing bountifulness amongst barren deserts instead of being able to channel water resources from a raging river by adding sufficient control devices so that a more equal allocation is had.  

"Obama" is presently leading a "Reconstruction" in the same way that a bull in a China shop is hoping to rearrange the place settings so that each china set will no longer retain its bland uniform patterns as the end of the rampage.   A person like Eco*Soul mistakes MOVEMENT for PROGRESS.  The only thing that can be said is that he/she FAVORS Obama's policies.   2 or 6 years from now the primary selling point will be about "that which we came from" under Bush.  It amazes me how "Democrats who are Black" never reference how productive the cities that they now control were prior to the take over of favorable Progressive Machines with a rainbow of colors.

My Response
(Reggie really does get around the Internet)


Does it strike you as ironic that in this day that you say mirrors "Reconstruction" that gone are the days in which the National Guard is called out to protect Black folks against White racists and instead the talk is about sending these troops to the Southside of Chicago to protect Blacks from marauding Street Pirates?

Where "Black Codes" that had been implemented by racist White Democrats to suppress Black people's 2nd Amendment rights to protect ourselves are now being executed by Snarling Fox White Liberal Democrats in Chicago City hall and the 4 leftists on the US Supreme Court so that Black property owners can't protect themselves during an invasion in their own homes.

Here is what I have previously done: "Distilled The Essence Of A White Racist".

* They want to use physical violence or murder to intimidate us into doing as they please

* They want to deny our children a quality education so that we won't be prepared to strategically battle them

* They want to destroy the local Black economy so that we don't have the economic wherewithal to fund our own development ventures

* They seek to sever relationships among our people.

Question - WHICH ONE OF THESE elements of White Supremacy against Black people is UNIQUE to White folks but not seen in abundance within our own community?

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