Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Advertise Progressively" - Cleaning The LampBlack Coating Off Of "Progressive Who Are Black" Bloggers

Take a step back and just watch.
Without any external countervailing force:

  • Watch WHAT they focus on.
  • Watch WHO they focus upon
  • Watch WHO they attack
  • Watch WHO needs to be attacked but what they are silent upon
  • Most of all - Watch WHO they partner with
P2 Blogs - Home Of Progressive Minded blogs.

I have said it before - There Is NO "Black Progressive Agenda".   There is ONLY a "Progressive/Left" agenda with the INTENTION of having the beneficiaries be Blacks.

They have no intention of confirming the efficacy of their words.   
Their only concern is their intention. 

Anyone who tries to correct them, who has a different set of views or, worst of all - who asks them to justify their claims - will be attacked by them.

There is no point in time in which after they have linked up with the White Snarling Fox Progressives that they garner company with have all of the power necessary to produce the change that they have proclaimed that they will agree to have their motives and their effectiveness opened to scrutiny - just as they ask corporations to submit to transparency.

In the Black vernacular - there IS no such thing as a "Black Person who is sold out to the LEFT".  Instead they are fighting for our freedom - in the right way. 

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