Saturday, July 31, 2010

Why Is It That The Hate Filled Attack Left Is So Focused On Fox News?

Fox News

With only 1.38% of Black Americans watching Fox News it is safe to say that whatever boycott that the "Progressives who are Democrats who are Black" have erected is functionally in place.  Yet as I take a peek at several AfroSpear blog sites I see that FoxNews is of major concern to them as is:

  • Sarah Palin
  • Glenn Beck
  • Michael Steele
  • Tea Parties
Clearly this has little to do with their Blackness and a lot to do with their status as Progressive/Leftists and Democrats.

How is it that on the one hand we learn that Fox News is  not real news but "Faux News" and yet they are such a concern to these operatives?  Indeed if Fox is so discredited in their ranks they would simply ignore them.

Yet when it came to the leftist "NetRoots" gathering in Las Vegas a short time ago those who portend to be all about "Black Empowerment" have a set of agenda items that fit right into the leftist, progressive, Democratic establishment set of priorities.  The question must be asked - Since they already control every single Black Institution from which we receive our civic services from why do they get to continue to set the agenda?  When will the Black rank and file begin to inspect them as Fox News is inspected?

Notice that no show on MSNBC gets inspected for its fraudulence and bias the same way that Fox receives.  It is not that these progressives hate bias.  They merely hate bias that swings against their interests. 

For me I hate failing schools, violent streets and failed local governments more than I hate Fox News.  They preside over none of these, to the detriment of Blacks.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Now The New York Times Reports On Racially Charged Reports - To Attack Fox News That Is

When Race Is the Issue, Misleading Coverage Sets Off an Uproar

If I cared more I would go back and review the NY Times' co-conspiration in the larger instances of race issues in which the left are seeking to expose racist intent using marginal proof.

ACORN, Van Jones and other issues were legitimate.  The NY Times chose to not purse them, largely because the right-wing was leading the charge.

Now they produce a summary document, exposing Fox News as an agent provocateur when their army of reporters and opinion writers play this same sport.

NY Times Bob Herbert Talks About Economic Morass w/o Ever Mentioning The Word "Obama"

Bob Herbert - Long Term Economic Plan

When it comes to Black Progressive attack opinion writers like:

  • Bob Herbert
  • Cynthia Tucker
  • Eugine Robinson
  • Derrick Z Jackson
it is easy to understand their M.O.

I don't accuse them for not talking about our main issues that plague Americans and the Black community.  Indeed they do.

What we need to note is that they twist their knives against their adversaries when problems are easily associated with them.  However, when their permanent friends are in place for open attack they switch into giving advice rather than attacking.   After all - if they join the drum beat of criticism and thus assist in the weakening of their "permanent friend" then their ultimate agenda is squandered in the process.

The economy and other important institutions would have to fall far beyond a point of defensibility for the Black Media Operatives to go against Obama and other progressives.

HuffPo: Fox News Has A Black Viewership Of Just 1.38%

(Note: I have a ban on syndicating HuffPo propaganda stories unless the story itself is apart of the story that I am posting about)

From The (Progressive) African American Reports:
This should be put in the no !@#$ file. Why would you watch a network where you are constantly insulted, told to stop calling yourself African American, or if we are lucky just completely ignored?

The results are perhaps no surprise, but in doing research for a story on the conservative press & race issues, the New York Time’s Brian Stelter pulled the African American viewing Nielsen numbers for cable news viewing in primetime and found that Fox News was in last place.

Stelter tweeted the results: Fox, as we all know, has biggest audience in prime time. But among African Americans, it’s smallest– 29,000 vs. 134,000 for CNN, 145,000 for MSNBC.

It appears that George L Cook III is confusing "Black people" appearing on Fox News and thus being "disrespected" with "Progressive Leftists who are Black......".     I recall a Black female who is a New York City city councilman appearing on the "O'Reilly Factor".  The subject was Charles Barron, her peer on the council.  She attempted to make several arguments that did not hold water and Bill O'Reilly summarily tore her arguments apart.  Thank you Mr O'Reilly!!

What Mr Cook appears to be seeking is the assumption of respect and deference to a person who shows little as a guest.  I recently reported on the conflict about school diversity in in Durham NC.  The President of the NAACP North Carolina refused to engage in a debate with a member of the school board - BECAUSE - as president he believes that his stature afforded him to speak to the Chairman of the School Board - not a lowly member.  In this case Rev Barber manufactured a demand for respect.  Ironically this was being done in the context of marketing the inferiority of Black people by arguing that we need to sit in class with a White kid for Blacks to receive quality education.  

The demand for respect cannot trump the need for sound stances and sound arguments in support of them.

I assure you that HuffPo and AA Reports will never go to MSNBC and make an inspection of its content:
  1. Why is it that Rachael Maddow and Keith Olbermann have more zest in going after White Right-Wing Militias and their threat to minorities and protected groups yet they don't put the Street Pirate Drug Gangs in the same category?  More Blacks and Hispanics have been murdered and terrorized by these groups in the past 20 years than by those who they are trained upon.
  2. Investigate Ed Schultz and my observations that he is a bigot - merely a "left wing bigot", which is favorable for them?
  3. The video of a Black man that showed up to a political rally with an assault weapon yet when MSNBC was running the story about WHITE PEOPLE showing up with guns they used the picture of the Black guy's gun but clipped the video right before it panned up to the Black guy's face.
MSNBC is as or more guilty as Fox in its bias.  
The silence of them being called out is likely due to their lower ratings than FOX and the fact that they are not a threat to the LEFT but instead an echo chamber.

The Fox vs MSNBC focus should go down as a case study of liberal bias in America.  At times I feel sorry for MSNBC per their content and blatant attempts at distortion. 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Breaking News: AJC's Cynthia Tucker Details The Murder Of A Black Man

Unfortunately Ms Tucker talked about the 'lynching' murder of a person more than 50 years ago.  A relative of Shirley Sherrod.

Cynthia Tucker: Breitbart’s defenders need a dictionary. Sherrod’s relative was lynched

With metro-Atlanta providing an almost daily source of material about the murder of a Black man - I don't recall Ms Tucker ever being so intimately interested in such a violation of our community in which she took time to articulate details of a modern day murder of a Black man, in the process articulating his equal worth.

Instead Ms Tucker is motivated by the value of the person who murdered Bobby Hall, the relative of Mrs Sherrod. She loves battling conservative windmills such as the "American Spectator". To be clear - I am not arguing that these two murders of close relatives back during the time when "A Black man had no rights that a White man need respect" were anything less than tragic. Mrs Sherrod indeed has a right to feel that the powers that be in Georgia at the time would not know justice and the US Constitution if it hit them in the face.

My argument all along is merely that when it comes to a DEAD BLACK MAN it is Black people who make calculations of this person's value based chiefly upon who did the hit and what political value they can extract from it. Again - this is beyond the immediate family that has connectivity to the person and is focused upon the external operatives that seek to make a point.

I have no idea why the American Spectator would go to such lengths to prove that racist law enforcement officials actually beat a black man to death and were not forced to pay for his crime, in the service of attempting to make his distant relative, Sherrod, look bad.
It is certainly true that the widely perceived definition of “lynching” is to hang a person with a rope. Nevertheless, if this argument is really over semantics, here’s the definition of lynching, from The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language: “To execute without due process of law, especially to hang.”

We have many "lynchings" and gross "civil rights violations" that occur in the Black community today.
They simply aren't labeled as such.

Some people figure that if they don't call them by this name that this painful truth will go away.

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The Limited Number Of Blacks In Television News

When it comes to the question of the presence of "Black Conservatives" on cable news programs one making the observation that they are overrepresented as a proportion of their actual existence within the Black community and suffer no attack for saying so. You see - if you were to believe that there is an all out drive to have 'diversity' in the media as expressed by brown skin on television - you'd be sadly mistaken.

Instead of race there is a demand for "Blacks and Progressives" to be shown. If one does not have both of these attributes there goes the drive for diversity.

If I were an unbound partisan I would use this post to make the case that we don't need any more:
  • Roland Martin
  • Tamron Hall
  • Eugine Robinson
  • Errol Lewis
  • Cynthia Tucker 
spouting the very same leftist arguments on television when their White liberal soul mates can effectively express the entire domain of their common ideological interests.

Roland Martin recently lost his bid to host the 8pm slot for CNN after Campbell Brown decided to depart.  Martin had been the substitute while Brown was out on maternity leave.   The network ended up going with defrocked New York governor Elliott Spitzer who was taken down after being caught up in a prostitution scheme.

From where I stand the question of "Where are the Blacks on the network news?".   It is a far more complex issue than this.

As much as some of us point to the "unity" of the Black voting block - or in the case of Professor Manning Marable - the "Intelligence of the Black voter" - as long as we as a group vote 90% Democratic this group stereotype which has been dutifully honed by those who have contracted our people out to the Democratic party also shows through to the vast majority of Black political commentators. 

The political analysis and news shows BET and TV One have proven to be hard-left/ Democratic Party establishment outlets.  So too with the Black Political venues on the web:   TheRoot, Grio, BlackAmericaWeb, and several others.  Many are HuffPo in blackface.

It seems that many network directors make note of the limited spectrum from which these voices reside and they rightfully figure that they have their share of leftist voices already.  Some of whom are more able to pull in the audience.  

Add to it the previous observation from people like Bernie Goldberg (conservative) that the same White liberals that are always gunning about racism in the ranks of conservatives are also unwilling to yield their own seats in the name of diversity.  After all diversity, like taxes should be borne by someone else.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010 Exposes Mailstream Leftist Journalists Plotting To Throw Out Race Card And Get Fox News Shut Down

What do the attacks on Fox News consist of?

  • Claims that they are not fair but run with an ideological agenda
  • Claims that they use the race card for their own advantage
  • Claims that they are against Barack Obama which clouds their objectivity.
QUESTION: What happens when a group of Leftist, Pro-Obama Journalists from MAINSTREAM News Organizations are bused for doing the very same things that they attack Fox News for?

No one could make this up folks.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Voting Season Brings Out The Strage Characters And Claims

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As Obama's Poll Numbers Go Down - Americans Get More Stupid

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Just as Prof Manning Marable stated several years ago "Black Americans are the smartest voters. They see who have their best interests at heart and support them at the polls" - it is also true that STUPIDITY is evidenced by a group that votes in a way that is opposite of what the judge believes how they should vote.

It is stunning to see how certain individuals that are themselves blind can't understand how others can't see what they see.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Advertise Progressively" - Cleaning The LampBlack Coating Off Of "Progressive Who Are Black" Bloggers

Take a step back and just watch.
Without any external countervailing force:

  • Watch WHAT they focus on.
  • Watch WHO they focus upon
  • Watch WHO they attack
  • Watch WHO needs to be attacked but what they are silent upon
  • Most of all - Watch WHO they partner with
P2 Blogs - Home Of Progressive Minded blogs.

I have said it before - There Is NO "Black Progressive Agenda".   There is ONLY a "Progressive/Left" agenda with the INTENTION of having the beneficiaries be Blacks.

They have no intention of confirming the efficacy of their words.   
Their only concern is their intention. 

Anyone who tries to correct them, who has a different set of views or, worst of all - who asks them to justify their claims - will be attacked by them.

There is no point in time in which after they have linked up with the White Snarling Fox Progressives that they garner company with have all of the power necessary to produce the change that they have proclaimed that they will agree to have their motives and their effectiveness opened to scrutiny - just as they ask corporations to submit to transparency.

In the Black vernacular - there IS no such thing as a "Black Person who is sold out to the LEFT".  Instead they are fighting for our freedom - in the right way. 

Thursday, July 15, 2010

NAACP's Viewpoint - Elaborated On MSNBC And Countered On Fox News - Therefore MSNBC Is The Friend Of Blacks And Fox Is Our Enemy

The NAACP's Hilary Shelton was featured in two different forums where he spouted his same talking points.  The outcomes could not be more different based on the agenda of those who entered his presence.

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MSNBC's The Ed Show

It comes as no surprise that with Ed Schultz - any group that is attacking conservatives is a good group to him.   In as much as Mr Schultz constantly makes partisan rants that are filled with inaccuracies he was accommodating to the NAACP and its charges. 

This interview was "among friends".  None of the NAACP claims of racism against the Tea Party went challenged.  More importantly they used the diversion to the racism charge to avoid talking about the substantive issues that the Tea Parties have concern over.

Far be it for MSNBC, who itself does not focus upon the terror that Street Pirates rain upon the Black community and contrast it to their "right wing militia" hunt, to press the NAACP to refocus their efforts on the REAL PROBLEMS within the Black community that proportionally harm more Blacks than the Tea Parties ever hoped to do.

Fox News Megan Kelly
When Ms Kelly began to expand the focus of the argument by bringing in the Missouri case where the "Uncle Tom" rant was heard under the banner of the NAACP I thought that she was changing the subject.

As the entirety of the debate came to shape I was thankful at what Kelly did. She was arguing that BOTH groups have their particular agenda and that the NAACP is not without sin regarding rogue characters that spew hateful words.

For the life of me I do not understand why Tea Party representatives can't properly handle the RACISM CHARGES. In addition to their need to keep the ignorant signs out of their rallies - the fact remains that the most effective strategy to put these charges into proportion is to consider the attacks that are made upon the Black community and get the NAACP and others to enumerate where the Tea Parties have been the source of these attacks.

The biggest indictment against the NAACP comes from who attacks Blacks and how they are SILENT upon the attacks.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Withdraw My Previous Statements About Rush Limbaugh On The "Cracker" Comment

In this link on yesterday I criticized radio host Rush Limbaugh for his tackiness at starting racial animous over the death of baseball owner George Steinbrener.

As I monitored part of his show I now understand the sarcastic point that he was making.

In my original comments I noted that there was no racial controversy that Mr Steinbrenner had been involved in to justify Limbaughs comments.

Today I learned that his comments were not about Steinbrenner.   He was using the "cracker" statements made by the New Black Panther Party to make a point.

Those who content themselves with clips from Media Matters will never get the proper context of the words that this organization finds offensive.

Limbaugh made the case that:

  • Blacks can call themselves "Niggers" in the media, commercial music and in public discourse but White folks are not allowed to call each other "Crackers".
  • He asked why is it that it is permissible to allow Blacks to use this hateful word but not Whites.
  • He asked that the PC police work to enforce such a standard on Blacks that they regularly do upon Whites
  • He then called Steinbrenner a "cracker" in order to twist the screws on the "Liberals who are Black" - just as he usually does
As a sampler of multiple media personalities and an occasional listener of his I believe that Rush Limbaugh goes too far at times.  I realize that he is working to agitate the "Liberal Democrats who are Black" and that they will respond with the call of RACISM.

Limbaugh has no plans to relent neither do his critics. 

MSNBC's Ed Schultz Is A "Mall Cop" Ideological Bigot

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Sometimes I actually feel sorry for MSNBC per how hard they try.

Check out the first video in which Ed Schultz blames Republican tax cuts for triggering police lay offs. I stated before that with the large amount of cities laying off masses of police, city employees and teachers it is patently ridiculous to claim that Republicans are to blame uniquely for what is happening in Colorado Springs, CO.

In the introduction to his show he reminds his audience of his observation of the GOP tax cuts. Then when he talks to an official from 100% Democratic-lead Oakland California he does not bring up his previous attack. This is because it was bogus in the first place.

In the second video he goes after Republican senatorial candidate Ran Paul for saying that the world's poor have it far worse than the poor in America Schultz can't put together a coherent attack. The reason why is because it is a feign attack.

It seems to me that when it comes to indicting the United States for income inequality no one on the left will every be said to put forth positions that go far beyond the real world facts for the sake of theatrics.

However, when it comes to someone having the audacity to contrast the American poor to the "World's poor" and notating how everyone in America's border benefits from the infrastructure and standard of living that we have - this is grounds for attack and repudiation.

Ed Schultz is a highly intellectually dishonest individual. One can watch the first 90 seconds of his show to see his character and who he is after.

Rush Limbaugh's Sarcastic Comments About Steinbrenner & Blacks Uncalled For

I occasionally monitor the Rush Limbaugh show and I get his sarcasm. He likes twisting the screw driver upon LIBERALS in that he knows that he is going to get a response. In as much as the most outspoken Black media personalities are liberal he goes after them knowing that he is going to be called a racist. I get it.

At times when he injects race into an issues in an unsolicited manner his shtick becomes tiring. I know of no person that brought up race and Steinbrenner over the past few years or upon his death to trigger these sarcastic comments. Therefore the are merely gratuitous comments made to start something.

NEW YORK — Rush Limbaugh had his own view of George Steinbrenner.

"That cracker made a lot of African-American millionaires," the radio commentator said Tuesday on his show after the New York Yankees owner died at age 80. "He fired a bunch of white guys as managers left and right."

Rev. Al Sharpton called Limbaugh's statements "repugnant and offensive whether they were intended to be facetious or tongue and cheek."

"For the last 20-years I have known George Steinbrenner and we have quarreled over diversity and community programs but I always found him fair, direct, and genuinely prone to do what he felt was right," Sharpton said in a statement. "He generated a lot of money for a lot of players as well as for baseball as a whole. ... Mr. Limbaugh and his broadcasters owe his family an apology."


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rand Paul's Words About The World's Poor Rattles The Left

Rand Paul Receives Backlash Against His Comments On Poverty

Notice no one said that he was lying about his words. Instead his old video is what they attack.

One can proclaim the pain of the victim status of America's poor and yet no one will claim that their model doesn't represent the truth of the situation within. Yet when someone dares make a comparative reference between "America's poor" and others who live in wide stretches in Asia and Africa there is bound to be faux outrage.

My words to Prometheus 6 (In case he chooses to delete them).


The fact that you posted the views of Rand Paul indicates that you have a particular opinion on these words. Yet you did not express your opinion.

As we consider the lot of the overwhelming majority of the 6.6B human beings in this world - can you detail the inaccuracy of his words and/or the offense?

It seems to me that there is never a SIN in pointing out the disadvantage and inferiority (yup I am with Shelby Steele on the use of this word as the best descriptor for a certain mental consciousness. Farrakhan says the same as did Marcus Garvey) of a given group of people. No one will ever accuse one who traffics in such notitions as gaving gone overboard beyond a point.

Yet, it appears, that for one to make an observation that "our poor is better off than your poor" - with the abundant facts to substanitate the claim - this is worthy of a hand smack.

It seems to me that this should open the door to a compariative analysis of economic systems that are able to aggregate wealth and enhanced standards of living. I realize that you would be inclined to enumerate the oppression and theft of land resources that had occurred to deliver such benefit. The oil conglomoerates in the Middle East that are siphoning our money in exchange for what we desire would beg to differ.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

When The Former "Justice Seeker" Begins To Sound Like The Oppressor With His Antics

As I work for my understanding of what makes the forces that impact the Black community 'tick' I am working to develop a model by understanding the patterns.

I notice that when Black people get trapped into the machinations of a "macro-issue" they can be as cold and callous as those who once did the same thing against our interests.

The Prometheus 6 blog attempts to take the governor of Arizona to task for "lying" about finding decapitated bodies in the Arizona desert. In doing so Prometheus yields the argument over IF there has been mass murders in the desert and instead he focuses on IF they actually had their head cut off.

I think that we can all agree that at times we all become so fixated in on the one-up-manship in favor of our own "side". At some point hairs can be split to a point were the person arguing as such is seen as cold and callus.

My response to Prometheus 6
(Note: This blog was originally crafted as a means of retaining control over the words that I have typed on other blogs that have a pattern of deleting my posts.)

Prometheus - I have been silently reading your blog for a few weeks. I notice a pattern about your antics that should prove disturbing to you IF you were to take a step back and consider what your real agenda SHOULD be.

Instead of addressing the MURDER that the Arizona governor has documented in the desert you attempt to hammer her about her BEHEADING claims.

With all due respect (and I am not trying to be unfair to you) - Don't you recall that those who once stood against the rights of Black people made use of these same flippant antics by which the realistic concerns for the protection of Black people were blew off?

It would be akin to saying "Those Negroes said that men in white sheets came and grabbed a Black man out of his house. Our members all wear black robes. They are wrong about the color of our sheets".

Right beside the "Jan Brewer is making it all up" story that you focus upon is the claim "Those who are attacking Arizona while saying nothing about the murders along the border don't give a damn about the human beings because they are 'Stink'in Mexicans".

Can you tell me that the second story is any less legitmate than yours?

Mexican drug cartel killings near Nogales increase

Nogales, the main city in the region, which shares a border with the Arizona city of the same name, has had 131 murders so far this year, nearly surpassing 135 for all of 2009, according to a tally by the newspaper Diario de Sonora. That includes two heads found Thursday stuffed side-by-side between the bars of a cemetery fence.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

You Know That A "Black Progressive" Entity Is A Fraud When, Part 1

You know that a self-labeled Black Progressive entity is a fraud when........................

Segment 1:

Michael Steele, RNC Chairman who hold no public office gets more press from the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist Racism Chasing Press Operatives than the entire bunch of 43 Congressional Black Caucus members who DO hold elective seats.

Either this front group sees this one Black man, Steele, as superior to 43 other Blacks with actual power over our communities OR the entity that he represents is a greater threat to them.  By focusing on this external threat to their IDEOLOGY they are never forced to stand accountable for the failed promises that those who they actually voted for are responsible for.

I know which option I will vote for.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why Does MSNBC Escape The Scrutiny That Fox News Receives

I record both Ed Schultz on MSNBC and Amy Goodman on "Democracy Now" on a daily basis.  My respect for Goodman increases constantly and my regard for Schultz decreases every day as he runs his latest set of antics.   Though I don't agree with Goodman's leftwing agenda I realize that she is an more committed to the integrity of her views than she is in being a propagandist for the Democratic Party.  I call leftwingers like Goodman "Unattached Progressives" because they will call out the Democratic Party when needed, without concern with damaging them.

In watching Ed Schultz I have learned that the advice said during the start of the Iraq War is sage advice:  Sample news from all over the world before you accept one perspective - hook line and sinker.

The entire lineup of the Ed Schultz Show is an attack on the Republican Party, start to finish.  He has an array of leftwing operatives on a daily basis that fortify his claims. 
I have no particular concern about protecting the Republican Party, they have far more money to do this than I do.  The issue is that some people consume this propaganda and take it as the full statement of facts.

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

Schultz and his guest US Rep Elijah Cummings argues that the Conservatives that are against more deficit spending in the USA are mean spirited and in some cases "racist". They try to defend their leftist policy pronouncements by painting the opposition as such.

As we go across the Atlantic we see that a string of European nations who suffer massive debt loads are also standing against Obama's suggestion that they not sink further into debt. The best way to thwart Ed Schultz and propagandists like him - right and left - is to expand the domain of their argument and see if it sticks. Too often it does not.

You can't allow people to contort the issue to their favor. They are always going to focus upon the facts on the ground that support their agenda while leaving so many other truths on the ground that run counter.

In this case of the next video Schultz needs to visit Atlanta, Philly, Detroit and many other progressive cities which have closed public pools, laid off police and shut down parks due to their financial insolvency.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thanks For The Run Filled Negro - No Hard Feelings - Really

My good friend Filled Negro has begun to delete my posts on his propaganda blog as of Monday July 4th, Independence Day.

I bear no hard feelings at all against my good friend Filled Negro.  I mean this in all seriousness.

I was truthfully surprised that he allowed me to post on his board and check his message and many of his posters as long as he did.   He resisted such demands for banning people and deleting posts.  I respect him for attempting to retain this policy.  Though my friend is a serious ideologue he is not hatefilled as some of his blogging buddies.  More on this later.

Here is the deal.  Filled Negro's blog serves as a "self-chumming" distribution center for "Progressives who are Black".  If you pay attention to his nightly releases - some time between 8:30pm and 11pm - my friend Filled Negro sorts through all of the news of the day and most typically chooses the story which can provoke the greatest amount of predictable response from his base.  "Self-chumming" to stir up the fish is the best, most accurate description.  When Michael Steele gets more posts than does Jim Clyburn, Michael Nutter, David Patterson, Bobby Rush, Barbara Lee, Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi combined - you know that something ain't right.  Either the Black Conservative is SUPERIOR to the position of power that he holds OR there is some sort of agency in place.  The content syndicate is on a mission that is beyond what appears on the surface.

I have no doubt at all that if indeed there is common understanding that a "Black Republican" can be a SELLOUT to the interests of the Black community that it is also the case that a "Black Democrat" towing the POPULAR line within the Black community can also be a sellout to our Permanent Interests.  POPULARITY sometimes means group complicity.  POPULARITY within itself does not prove EFFECTIVENESS or ACCURACY any more than the time when the masses believed the Earth was flat. The complicity of the "Democrat who is Black" is one where he has purchased into the notion that "What is good for the Democrat is good for Black people".  No amount of real world evidence as seen where this machine has power over our community is not going to convince the ideological bigot otherwise. "Bigot" is used because it too is the best description of that which they are entrenched with.

Now there I come as a frequent poster who is on to his scheme and who confounds his propaganda attempt.  I have two computers in front of me all day long as I work (yes I am doing my job none the less) so I am able to hold the line against what his base of posters would like to do:  rant against Conservatives, Republicans, White Supremacy, Black Conservatives, Capitalism and Corporations.

This is not the first time that I have been invited to leave a "Progressive That Is Black" blog.  Unlike some who I will list in a few minutes I have no hard feelings against my friend Filled Negro.  As people see my antics (and yes I over do it at times with the posting) those who would normally fire off their shots and not have to bother defending their attacks begin to reduce their posting on the Progressive blog in question.   It stands to reason that protecting his base of posters should indeed be far more important to my friend Filled Negro than retaining his posting policies and allowing me to continue my counter-actions.

Thus far I have been banned from:
  • AfricanAmerica Blog - account canceled
  • Brother Peace Keeper For Progressive Interests - shunted my posts off to their own area.  (This has been handy since I have occasionally returned to that section to review the issues from 5 or more years ago)
  • Average Brother - The Liberal Kappa - sent an e-mail warning to stop posting or all will be immediately deleted
  • Soulbrother V 2.0 - upon seeing the Liberal Kappa had banned me admitted that he deletes my posts
  • BET Uncut's "All White Jury Assembly" blog - put up what he called a "content filter" but in truth it was an "IP Address Filter" with MINE as the first entry (he has no idea how many IP addresses I have access to)
  • KCNulan's Subliminal Thoughts - again an ego centric guy who doesn't like to be questioned
 None of them can claim that I waged personal attacks, cursing, below the belt hits upon their audience.  The number one infraction is the amount of postings that I make and the will to have a siege mentality battle - with me against several individuals who are themselves SET IN THEIR WAYS.  As bigoted as many of those that they fight against.

If I was willing to compromise my own views then I am sure that I could fit in with less of a caustic present at times.  Instead when I articulate what is unquestioningly is a TRANSPARENT set of "Community Best Interests" and challenge others to steal it and integrate this model into their own appraisal of what the primary interests of our people that we should be discussing on these blogs - the battle for ideological supremacy supplants interests in operating while all are subordinated to this framework. 

I have to admit that I will miss peeking to see what the "Self-Chum Of The Day" will be.  The more I look and then see the replies that fail to inspect Filled Negro's agenda the more I will be inclined to jump back into the fray.

I feel unbound to a task in which I had to fight the fight against intellectual dishonesty.  Not that everyone is as such.  Far from it.  I am far more accepting to the fact that people have the right to hold on to their own ideology than one might expect.   I only ask that they defend their positions and - just as they ask their adversaries to do - don't allow their bigotry and the knowledge that their fellow travelers are not going to challenge them to cause people to advance fraudulent and malicious arguments.

The primary fraudulent question that has been repetitively asked of me is "What would 'Black Republicans' do if they had power over the Black community?

I am not a Black Republican.
Worse, it is fraudulent to consider a community that is addicted to the "blue pill" and then have the main drug pusher demand of me that I PROVE that my pill has the expected pharmacological impact upon the Black community.
A person that is really interested in the condition of the Black community would first demand that the Black community go cold turkey off of the concoction that they tacitly admit is not working per their question asked of me.  If they were serious they would first seek more knowledge of their own "body" the nutrition that it needs to function .  They'd seek "alternative medicine and treatment" solutions, showing willingness make the lifestyle changes that are necessary to accommodate a "healed state" of their body.

This type of consciousness is not found in the "Machine Connected Black Progressive" community.  I have to acknowledge that all "leftist" are not connected to the Democratic Party and they will call them out when they need calling - just as Amy Goodman does on "Democracy Now".  She is a committed leftist and won't compromise her values for anyone.

It is my opinion that my friend Filled Negro, AfroSpear and a few others that operate as operatives for their narrow ideological interests have enough of a following to bring forth the "Black Community Consciousness 3.0" that is going to be needed in our future.  Unfortunately Republicans serve as more interesting counterpoints to their interests than does FAILED INSTITUTIONS WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.  This is what they should be bringing awareness to.  As it presently stands their "victory" where they are the last man standing in a place is the worst possible of outcomes.  (See Detroit)

All of those political gains that have been made in the "American Political Domain" will need to be translated into actual benefit for the man on the street.  Without the development of the COMPETENCY without our community to carry out these promises my friends, the propagandists will be forced to continue their mission of maintaining "BLACK UNITY" while falling short of placing us nearer to our "Community Permanent Interests".  If your job is to put a Black face into power so that he/she can mismanage the government in equal measure as the White man before him - what exactly was your value add?

Time to move on.
From here on out I will call you "Field Negro" again.
One day I hope that you will retire all of the slave references.  A people that define themselves on the foundation of slavery will never be able to reconnect with their conscious past before that time.

Newsweek That Hates "Dick Cheney" Says Obama Needs His Own "Dick Cheney"

The Obama administration has excelled at policy and pragmatism, and failed utterly at politics

I nominate the entire night time line up of MSNBC to be "Obama's Dick Cheney".
The come the closest to the left wing version of Dick Cheney that I can think of.

Obama, Biden and many others are still running against Bush and Cheney in their every move. Bringing a "Dick Cheney" on board would likely have the reverse results.

The reason for that surprise is simple. Obama and his staff have proven policy chops but are terrible at politics—they cannot, or will not, sell their ideas, especially in a sharp-elbowed partisan climate. It is a bizarre political universe in which the passage of health-care reform is actually being used to campaign against Democratic politicians.

The need for a shameless political consigliere in the Obama White House is counterintuitive because the Obama campaign was particularly effective in 2008 by avoiding the perception of being a hard-nosed political operation. But like his presidency, that victory was characterized by meticulous planning and a reliance on its leader's charisma. Instead of trying to set the agenda on the trail, Obama was consistently forced to mop up situations with searing speeches. He is still reactive, not proactive.

Which is a shame because, since he took office, his achievements are a marketer's dream. In less than two years, in addition to health-care reform, Obama has passed, or will pass, financial reform, a repeal of "don't ask, don't tell," a monumental stimulus package—including $60 billion for renewable and clean energy—a hate-crimes-prevention act, and student-loan reform. He won the Nobel Peace Prize and signed a progressive nuclear-arms treaty with Russia.

And yet almost all those achievements have been spun into embarrassments for the administration. Death panels. Wall Street crony. Anti–Wall Street. Socialist takeover. Weakening the military. Which other White House has so consistently disguised victory as defeat? Which other recipient of the Nobel Prize has ever been forced to bury the news?

Eco*Soul Sees "The Good Ole Days" Of White Supremacy In Today's Anti-Progressive/Obama Climate

Blog: Eco-Soul Intellectual: Parallels Of Post-Reconstruction and Post-Obama Reconstruction Era

When I see someone self-medicate as an "Intellectual" everything typically goes down hill from this observation.  "Public Intellectuals" and "Humanities Professors" seem to always chafe my skin.

Side note - it would be grand if we could have looked to the cities where the Progressive Democrats have monopoly control to see evidence that the policies that they seek to hoist on us nationally have a track record of producing bountifulness amongst barren deserts instead of being able to channel water resources from a raging river by adding sufficient control devices so that a more equal allocation is had.  

"Obama" is presently leading a "Reconstruction" in the same way that a bull in a China shop is hoping to rearrange the place settings so that each china set will no longer retain its bland uniform patterns as the end of the rampage.   A person like Eco*Soul mistakes MOVEMENT for PROGRESS.  The only thing that can be said is that he/she FAVORS Obama's policies.   2 or 6 years from now the primary selling point will be about "that which we came from" under Bush.  It amazes me how "Democrats who are Black" never reference how productive the cities that they now control were prior to the take over of favorable Progressive Machines with a rainbow of colors.

My Response
(Reggie really does get around the Internet)


Does it strike you as ironic that in this day that you say mirrors "Reconstruction" that gone are the days in which the National Guard is called out to protect Black folks against White racists and instead the talk is about sending these troops to the Southside of Chicago to protect Blacks from marauding Street Pirates?

Where "Black Codes" that had been implemented by racist White Democrats to suppress Black people's 2nd Amendment rights to protect ourselves are now being executed by Snarling Fox White Liberal Democrats in Chicago City hall and the 4 leftists on the US Supreme Court so that Black property owners can't protect themselves during an invasion in their own homes.

Here is what I have previously done: "Distilled The Essence Of A White Racist".

* They want to use physical violence or murder to intimidate us into doing as they please

* They want to deny our children a quality education so that we won't be prepared to strategically battle them

* They want to destroy the local Black economy so that we don't have the economic wherewithal to fund our own development ventures

* They seek to sever relationships among our people.

Question - WHICH ONE OF THESE elements of White Supremacy against Black people is UNIQUE to White folks but not seen in abundance within our own community?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

All White Protests Are Fine As Long A They Are White Leftists

Take a way a media operative seeking to manufacture a story about racism and you won't hear anyone drawing attention to the supposition that because a protest lacks diversity there must be some racist motivation involved.

I stated in the past that for the left-wing operative to be effective in an issue that doesn't favor their arguments they must manufacture a secondary indictment by which they can put their right-wing arguments on the defensive. They are forced to disprove a negative: "No we are not racists".

Why hasn't anyone reported on the "white out" in the protests in Toronto at the G20?

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Mike Luckovich - A Leftist But Funny

I call'em like I see 'em.

Though I might be right of center and note the agenda that AJC editorial cartoonist Mike Luckovich is running I still give this man props for being one of the funniest E.C.s out there.

This is a good cartoon.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Courtland Milloy On The Tea Parties: 'Knock Every Racist and Homophobic Tooth Out of Their Cro-Magnon Heads'

'Knock Every Racist and Homophobic Tooth Out of Their Cro-Magnon Heads'

Just imagine if the Black Press operatives were aroused into violence over the last murder of a Black person?  Then their passion about these modern day "civil rights violations......that aren't labeled as such" would be reflected in their writings.