Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Who" Is The Final Call?

I am a frequent reader of "The Final Call", the news organ of the "Nation Of Islam".  Their leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan projects his messages within this oracle. I try to drive down the street where the brother in the bow tie is standing and purchase a copy of the paper so that I can keep up with their viewpoint.

I am not an FBI agent.  I have no intention on slamming or hurting the NoI.  Yet I have no particular commitment in defending them against the scrutiny that I would apply to other Black Establishment operatives, many of whom are more committed to spewing progressive dogma than in fixing our community's problems.  Beyond this not just "intending" to fix these problems but delivering solutions that scale to meet the dimensions of the problems.

My observations contained within this post is a combination of what has been contained within the paper as well as the collection of CD recordings that I have listened to from Minister Louis Farrakhan.

The Company You Keep Provides Information Upon Where You Stand

The "Final Call" reads like the "New York Amsterdam News","Louisiana Weekly" and other papers from the National Newspaper Publishers Association syndicate.   They all have a strong left of center viewpoint. 

I have to conclude since the "Final Call" is comfortable publishing many of the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist voices that are interchanged with "The Huffington Post" that it is fair to use this as an index of where the bias of "The Final Call" resides:  "Hard Left Of Center". Ron Daniels, Earl Ofari Hutchenson and several other progressive-fundamentalist voices appear to be within the editorial guidelines of "The Final Call".

I am not trying to indict "Progressivism", per se.  I am merely attempting to note that despite its pervasiveness in its control over our community these voices apepar to avoid making an linkages.   From where I stand as this force grows in power it should also grow in its culpability for the outcomes that take place within its boundaries.

Of course a dogged press which reminds the establishment powers of its culpability is required for this to ever happen.

Instead the "Black Establishment Press" lives to defend the Black Establishment.   Only to the extent that one believes that the "Black Establishment" in its present form represents the "Black Permanent Interests" does one view the present disposition of the Black Press as being on point. 

My view - if they had the RESULTS in our communities that they have under control over backing them - I too would be on this bandwagon.   When the results are not there in support of them......they KEEP STRUGGLING.

The Final Call And Louis Farrakhan Are Perpetual "Non-White White Supremacists"

I call Louis Farrakhan a "conservator".   He is able to voice the key processes and best practices by which the Black community could develop our human resources up to a level upon which favorable outcomes are produced with our young men and young ladies.  I am now staring at a stack of Farrakhan CDs and DVDs as I type this.  I believe that I am pretty well versed upon what Minster Farrakhan's viewpoint it on the matter.

My primary criticism of Minster Farrakhan is that when it comes documenting the forces that are arrayed against the interests of Black America - he is expert in calling them out - name, rank and serial number.  When it comes to calling out BLACK LEADERS who violate the points that he has specifically itemized - Minster Farrakhan is silent.

As I listened to Minster Farrakhan on TVOne describing how the events in Chicago that lead up to the murder of Darrion Albert I was stunned that he was satisfied with this intraracial conflict between factions of Blacks that he would never agree to in analyzing how a Black was murdered by a White.  Farrakhan explained that one group of teens from a different area were forced to go to school with a different set of teens.  This forced "integration" precipitated the violence that lead to Mr Albert's untimely death.  It would be no large stretch of the imagination to figure that Farrakhan would be projecting indictments and condemnation in regards to race based integration where the White receiving an influx of Blacks had murdered one of them.

In my view Farrakhan and many of those voices that appear in "The Final Call" custom tailor their views based upon the racial scenario at hand.   Unfortunately this does not benefit our long run interests.  It only applies cover for the incident at hand.    The more "race loyal" position is to be CONSISTENT so that justice might be had the next time when the scenario changes but the end result is the same - a dead person.

Instead when the speech that Minster Farrakhan comes close to forcing him to calling out the institutions controlled by Black people he quickly shifts back to indictments against the historical forces that stand against our interests. Too often Farrakhan is more interested in spewing propaganda that he knows that Black people will agree with than in driving home the importance of fully leveraging the "Black faces in high places" for better governance of the areas where they preside.  The right-wing/conservative/Republicans are the epitome of White Supremacists powers that have held us down.

When it comes to Barack Obama sitting in the chair of power for the key force of oppression that Farrakhan frequently attacks - Farrakhan is careful to remove President Obama from the role as "the head of the dragon", soiled in its blood but instead makes the case that Black people should protect him as he works to put a muzzle on the dragon.  Despite the fact that the Commander In Chief still has troops in the Muslim nations of Iraq and Afghanistan and is beating its sword against Iran - Farrakhan is inclined to rationalize that the people arrayed around Obama are responsible for this situation in which Muslim blood is shed - not Barack Obama who holds the titular head of the power.  Almost as if Obama's placement is largely ceremonial.

The array of Black Progressive-Fundamentalist journalists that are invited to impart their views within "The Final Call" do their part to run the same narrative that Farrakhan stands behind.   They seek to enlist all Black Americans into the battle in the "American Political Domain", with the assumption that a victory in this domain will lead to a brighter future on the streets of Black America.  They are not at all clandestine in their antics.

Rarely is there an article which initiates from the position inside of the Black community and focuses upon the powers that control the institutions within, critically inspecting if better
outcomes might be had if the community and its leadership were to alter their course in support of these outcomes. 

I have stated previously that ultimately PROGRESSIVISM ITSELF MUST BE PUT ON TRIAL before we can move head smartly through the next interval of time and the news variables that come with it.   The popular Black Establishment disposition remains as a defensive one, fighting "White Racism".  It fails to note the new array of faces that were promoted by the people.   With the ideology of PROGRESSIVISM put on trial there will be two outcomes:
  • Progressivism will be found to be the correct tool for these times and it will benefit from having the fully documented evidence from this trial
  • Progressivism will be seen as a tool that needs to be altered with respect to the new set of conditions.  In as much as it is the prevailing powers - those who are seriously interested in advancing our community will recalibrate its governance.  The need to separate the clarity of mission from the methodology which intents to obtain it will be seen.
 The challenge for "The Final Call" is the challenge that most other Black Establishment Press operatives face - reaffirming their commitment toward the advancement of our community interests and not just their ideological goals of power.


JB said...

The Final Call and Minister Farrakhan's positions should be put clear in the context of other views. Guest columnists notwithstanding, the following should give any reader more clarity on that perspective:

Excerpt from Part 4 of Minister Farrakhan's "Time and What Must Be Done" lecture series:

America has now become a “fascist” country. Do you remember how Senator Huey Long is quoted as saying, “When fascism comes to America, it will be called anti-fascism.”

Fascism is designed, and defined, as an authoritarian political ideology that combines nationalism with a corporatist, economic system. Fascists advocate the creation of a single party. Do you think that the Democrats and the Republicans are different?

Who controls the U.S. Congress? Do you think it's you? Can you really depend on the Senate and the House of Representatives to represent your interests? They're in bed with insurance companies. They're in bed with special interests. And they're in bed with Israel.

Many of your senators and congresspersons are honorary citizens of Israel, and members of the Knesset control America's wealth. President Bush was controlled! There's not a president that is the real power! The real power are those money people! Barack is not in power! How dare you think that he could give you what no other president before him has been able to give you, even if they desired to do it!

Right next to the Holocaust Museum in Washington is where the Federal Reserve prints the money. The Federal Reserve is the Synagogue of Satan. They, along with the Rockefellers, the DuPonts, the House of Rothschild: These are the people that have corrupted the entire world. And I am here to pronounce your doom!

-Minister Louis Farrakhan, March 14, 2010

Constructive Feedback said...

You ultimately make my point.

You articulate "who controls America" yet when it comes to Barack Obama and the other "favorable people" scattered within - all of whom just happen to be Progressives - Farrakhan and "The Final Call" talk as if they are distinct from the Dark Seth.

When Farrakhan, or Cornel West for that matter, talk about President Obama they may criticize him for continuing war in Afghanistan and Iraq but it is not the terminal repudiation that is put up against Bush or other "insiders".

You seem to fail to see, JB, that it is this INCONSISTENCY in Farrakhan that ultimately probes to be his undoing as a figure who might come in and assist to make the Black Progressive Establishment more credible.

I personally believe that he has some good attributes and a clarity in message on many points. It is his unwillingness to come off of his exclusive focus on his chosen enemies, rather than speak out against all violators that compromises his effectiveness.

JB said...

CF.. actually I did not articulate anything. I merely offered a quote wherenin Minister Farrakhan articulated his and The Final Call's own perspective. The quote clarified their position which was left a bit murky in your analysis.

Here's my suggestion: Instead of dealing with generalizations and lumping together your notion of a monolithic mass of Black "progressive" writers, thinkers, activists, etc., please focus on specific points, actions, incidents and people for critique.

That will certainly help me or anyone else to be able to properly argue in agreement or disagreement with you.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]please focus on specific points, actions, incidents and people for critique.


I am doing the inverse of what you ask me to do. My goal is to show that the BLACK ESTABLISHMENT - regardless of how much they claim to be INDEPENDENT THINKERS.......who's "correctness" just happens to have them thinking the same way - are, in truth drinking from the same cup of tea.

My goal is to put LEFT/PROGRESSIVISM on trial.

I do not believe that it is EVIL. I believe it to be a TOOL. As with every tool it too has its relevance to a given task.

In as much as times are changing with our community - they have "won", implementing their social theories where we live to an extent greater than they had imagined - there is a need to implement a better CHECK AND BALANCE system to insure that our interests are being promoted.

Why else, JB, is there a flow of Black opinion writers between Huffington Post and Final Call? In theory these two entities should be worlds apart. Right?

I just heard White liberal Janeane Garofalo attack Obama because he referenced GOD in regards to the crisis on the Gulf. Do you figure that the same "religious" Blacks who stand on the same side with her when it comes to progressive theory will be troubled one bit with her "atheistic" reference? CERTAINLY a RACIST statement by her would receive more rise from Black people than her attacking Obama for asking for "God's grace".

I wonder if you believe that our people have lost anything about our consciousness as we have become more "enlightened"?

Anonymous said...

------/@ConstructiveFeedback writes: Why else, JB, is there a flow of Black opinion writers between Huffington Post and Final Call? In theory these two entities should be worlds apart. Right?/---------

I don't know about that comment C.. when the Huffington Post starts posting Farrakhan's weekly column, maybe this may have credence but you know that would never happen!