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"Washington Watch w/ Roland Martin" - A Case Study On The Fusion Of The Black Establishment Media And Democratic Party To Our Detriment As A Community

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"Washington Watch With Roland Martin" on the TVOne channel.
It is the best and most unvarnished voice of the "Black Establishment" projected into the public space.

This one Sunday morning talk show is given free license to talk about anything that they choose to. Their selection of topics and angle of attack provide all of the information that one who is studying the influences upon the Black community need to know.

I have taken it upon myself to understand my people by understanding those forces that bear upon the 'Black Rank & File'. To be clear these forces are not always crafting positions and selling them to the community. There are many organic views that are crafted within the rank & file which these operatives in the media and the political space represent.

My ultimate goal is only to document these positions and apply them to the END RESULTS THAT ARE CAST AS A RESULT.

My working observation is that these Black Establishment forces (of which the media and politicians and activists are a part of) have a mission to advance their ideological and partisan interests as their job #1. In as much as they have convinced themselves that the progressive and Democratic party ARE the best methodology and vehicle respectively to obtain these interests - these oracles function as extensions of the Progressive Movement within the Democratic Party. There is no "Black Agenda" in that regard. The "Black Agenda" is merely a "Leftist/Progressive/Democratic" agenda, lacking any particular uniqueness beyond the fact that a "Black face" is the intended recipient of the benefits. They rarely seek to layout transparent truth about the results that are had. Instead they set up a struggle as their meme.

Talking About Politics and Republicans Instead Of What's Happening "With The Black Community"

Politics are central to all that the tentacles of the Black Establishment do.  This is so much so that they end up talking about political machinations and strategy more than they talk about the object of their actions.   Rarely do you hear the various operatives that are on the set of "Washington Watch" stay sufficiently within the Black community to index the exact benefit of their policies.

Ironically the most in depth study of the Black community came from a 2am recording that was titled "Washington Watch" on my Tivo.  Instead of an edition of the show it was actually a show with Judge Mathis that visited Newark NJ and Oakland CA.  The show was called "Mean Streets - Cities Under Fire".  The further irony is that when the show visited Oakland CA and showed the dilapidated areas that are experiencing rebirth of commerce and residential areas - these areas were the places that were taken over by Asians.

This brings home my argument.   Roland Martin and others are so interested in inserting Black political operatives and a Progressive/Democratic hegemony into power that they ultimately fail to note the actual impact of their machine upon the solution.

Mathis coined the term "corporate abandonment".   He said that they "sucked the money out of the city".   (WTH?).   How does one logically make the case that the industry that built up these cities are responsible for taking from them?   (More on this later.  This is not the main focus of this particular post).

Video #1  
Roland Martin - CNN operative.  TVOne operative.  Democratic Party operative.  Black Establishment operative.  Takes a hit upon Fox News.
Is there any surprise that Black people are popularly expected to hate Fox News but have praise for the line up of MSNBC?
Is it any surprise that Fox News leans to the right while MSNBC leans hard left?
Is it any surprise that Fox News is the "network for racists"?
Fox News is generally critical of President Obama.   MSNBC carries his water.

Roland Martin hitting Fox on his "Call'em Out" segment under the guise of being offended for the disrespect of a Black civil rights leader is merely an inside operative hitting against a multifaceted adversary using his chameleon properties to put on the hate of a "Black defender" at that time.
Bill O'Reilly attacks Keith Olbermann and Anderson Cooper.  What a surprise a CNN operative is attacking Fox News with a sprinkle of Blackness as his charge.

Video #2
The Kellogg Foundation has given $75 million in an effort to address "structural racism".  What are one of the elements of "structural racism"?................Black people being all alone in communities - all by ourselves.

These are the same communities that the Black Establishment Machine struggled to gain control over.
Why wasn't there any evaluation as to how this movement might have been off target?
Now that they have "Won" politically - has the Black community "won"?
Does the Black Rank and File even care that they may have been played, as some from within their ranks formulated collaborations that did not necessarily produce what was promised.

The indictment of "racism" appeared to be more important than any introspection as to the benefit received by our community.

Video #3
This video was the most enraging to me.
The point of my frustration is that I hear Roland Martin "mouthing" the very same words that I do yet having much different INTENTIONS.

When Martin talks about "accountability" he is focusing upon holding politicians "accountable to the popular leftist theories that the Black community believes is the key to its salvation.   Anyone who strays off of this plan by either failing to "go left enough" or cavorts outright with the "enemy" are the people who will be held accountable.

Roland Martin is NOT talking about identifying FAILURE and holding the machine that he did his part to put into power accountable.  There is no transparency in Roland Martin's message.

Think about the term "Black Power" as is applied by Martin and his guest.  The presidential run of Barack Obama was NOT a "Black Power Moment".   Blacks did not make up anything close to the majority of voters for Obama.  Instead it was the 96% vote for the Democrat in addition to the other voters that brought Obama over the top.  In fact certain forces within the Black faction were critical of Obama for stripping away any racial talk from his campaign.

It is more accurate to say that the Black Establishment machinations hoisted all of their dreams upon Barack Obama - the Democratic Party machine operative.  In as much as the Democrats have won, these Black Establishment operatives felt that they have won.  They had the same force behind the presidential run of John Kerry and Al Gore years prior.  It was the symbolic presence of Barack Obama that motivated enough Black voters to the polls to tip the balance.

Ironically the mainstream press charged White folks to de-prioritize their race-based voting in consideration of the Black candidate for president.  The Black Establishment Press did their part with "racism chasing", keeping a keen eye upon racialist tactics used by the conservative adversary.  Any tactics that did not show themselves as clear exploitation of race had a bevy of interpreters with the "gift".  They were able to take in the messages spoken in "tongues" by White folks against Obama and translate them into their real intention - true or fabricated.

To listen to Roland Martin and his guest take the election of Barack Obama and apply "Black Power" to its meaning shows that their original goal was to disarm their enemy while keeping a "piece" hidden in their pant leg.

End of indictment.  The last paragraph is of no surprise to me.  This is not even what I am sweating them for.

Take their claims of accomplishment of "Black Power" - where "Black folks are now the power brokers" - just as was mentioned on the program.   Take this notion and go one bit deeper, back to the original intent of Black Activism.  Their stated goal was to use this power for the benefit of:

  • The Quality Of Education Our Schools
  • The Safety On Our Streets
  • The Economic Prosperity Within Our Communities
  • The State Of Relationships Among Our People
Which of these elements have been ACCOMPLISHED by the machine as it gains power?

What is the entity that is accounting for the success and/or failure?   Instead there appears to be a "Fox Guarding The Hen House" situation with regard to the appraisal.  

The Black Press was originally founded because the mainstream press refused to properly characterize the interests and conditions of our people.  Sadly the Black Press has strayed away from its original interest in advancing what are fundamentally "Black Permanent Interests" and instead have themselves become entrenched interests without bondage to our permanent interests, regardless of who they need to hit for failing our community.

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