Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Lampblack Yellow Journalism - Rolling Out's Call To Arms On August 28th Against The Threat To Black Folks

Glenn Beck: Honoring the Anniversary of Dr. King's March or Project Redneck: ‘Ready for a New Civil War’

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This is what passes for rational thought and "community organizing" in defense of the Black Community today.  To me it shows how far we have fallen and how compromised many of the people who claim to speak in the interests of the Black community really are.

Do you notice that REGARDLESS of how many assaults that our community sustains in regards to our permanent interests the "actionable adversaries" to the Black community that prompt a protest march are:
  • White Conservative
  • Republican
  • Fox News
  • Corporate Affilated
As for me - if I am silent to the fraud that is taking place around me in the name of my RACE then you can call me complicit.

Instead I am more than likely to be called a "Defender of Glenn Beck" with my actions.  This would be a grossly inaccurate assessment.

As far as I am concerned - Glenn Beck took a form into the US Parks Service and reserved the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on the last Saturday in August.  This year August 28th fell on a Saturday.  The author of the propaganda article lied to his readers as he made the case that Beck reserved this spot in remembrance of Dr King.   Instead, from what I read - Beck is going to reveal his "Plan" on that day - whatever that is.

Instead my ire is against those on the left who are driving home their leftist agenda as they attempt to claim it as a "Black Agenda" for no other reason that it is a "LEFTIST AGENDA WITH THE INTENT OF HELPING BLACK FOLKS".   We can test out the authenticity of priorities by considering the organic success of their efforts and then observer their willingness to ADOPT A NEW METHODOLOGY on their way to success.   In as much as the success has been fleeting yet the Progressive establishment that they assist is stronger than ever I must conclude that their real agenda is to INTEND to "help the Black community using only PROGRESSIVE methodologies".  If these methods fail at the previous scope of focus they merely EXPAND their scope, attempting to adopt the progressive dogma over a broader swath of land via attrition and then hope that this rising tide will lift up the Black community.

The reason why I keep focusing on the Street Pirate attacks that our people suffer from is because it more than any other force displays the abject FRAUD that we are witnessing.   They are unable to call this heat wave of attack that we suffer from a "civil rights violation" because it would have the same effect of calling a conflict anywhere around the world "Genocide".   This label triggers certain actions by the United Nations per their previous agreement.   In the case of labeling the present terror rained upon the Black community a "civil rights assault" operatives like Dr Stephens would have to check the history books and note how Dr King dealt with such a threat.  (Dr King being our unchallenged reference - Right?)

I keep telling everyone - If you think that these operatives who seek to hijack the proper focus of the Black community are going to CHANGE - you are going to have a long wait ahead of you.

At the present time there is no CONSEQUENCE to their character or credibility to continue with their diversion. 

From my own mind as a MANAGER - I see the need to hold these "Klan Reenactments" of today against someone.  Who's "ass do we kick" for this terminal failure?   If instead those who control the institutions within which this wanton murder is happening are allowed to skate free they are free agents - able to deploy these type of "Activist Of Leisure" diversions, enjoying a nice end of summer trip to Washington DC, without a hint of pressure on his own backside.

In summary - while the "Progressives who are Black" might enjoy the unity in spitting on Glenn Beck - the blood that continues to run unchecked in our street is a dashboard signal of the emptiness and fraud of your "insider trading".   You may agree to be SILENT amongst each other.  I assure you that people who are watching the news SEES WHO IS KILLING EACH OTHER, WHO IS SILENT and WHAT THEY DIVERT THEIR ATTENTION TO as part of their RITUALS to keep us pacified and always struggling outward!!!

For Rolling Out - a magazine that features a wide array of "Hip Hop Voice of the Street Pirates" - seeking the in depth interview just as they get out of jail - I am not surprised about their vested interests in keeping the heat off of the genre of music that propagates more death threats against Black people than all others. 

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