Monday, June 28, 2010

LampBlack Yellow Journalism - Bev Smith Show: Talk About Gen McChrystal Rather Than Afghan War Deaths

I had a gut feeling about the pattern that I was hearing over the past week on the "Lampblack Yellow Journalism" outlets that I monitor.  However my drive home from work and my choice to listen to the Bev Smith Show sealed the deal as I was made fully aware of the new scheme.

You see - despite the fact that there has been a significant increase in deaths in Afghanistan since Obama has ramped up the battle there - those who have previously committed to "defending Obama" are not about to talk about this subject.  Instead they are more inclined to focus upon the "personality battle" between the Commander in Chief and the insubordinate 4 star general - General McChrystal.

You see when they make the conflict with Obama:
  • About him personally
  • About his race
Then they are able to talk about what they want to talk about rather than remain consistent in their anti-war rebel-rousing.  They don't want to attack Obama for the military and civilian deaths that have occurred per his orders to General McChrystal so instead they make the case that McChrystal did the Rolling Stone Interview because:

  • He is not about to take orders from a Black man (note - I heard all of these points on the Bev Smith Show tonight)
  • McChrystal is likely to appear on a conservative talk show circuit and get paid
  • Sarah Pailin for President / Stanley McChrystal for VP in 2012 is in the works
  • He committed career suicide in order to make money on the book and talk show circuit 

Again the label "Sold Out To Obama" is very appropriate here because this is what they are.

Ms Smith always puts on her skeptical "uh huh" voice as she puts Obama's CRITICS on trial to see how she can up end them with their motives.  All the while she seems to forget her strong opposition to the war and the killings and money spent upon it.  Supporting her "permanent friend" Obama appears to be more important than remaining consistent about her permanent interests.

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