Saturday, June 19, 2010

Keeping An Eye On Those Who Are Keeping An Eye On Glenn Becks August 28 Washington DC Rally

Mark this one on your calendars folks - August 28, 2010.

Fox News commentator Glenn Beck plans to hold a "March On Washington" on the hallowed date which was set forth by Dr King and hundreds of thousands of others years ago in 1963.   The "March On Washington For Jobs And Freedom" was the official title.

Glenn Beck is walking an thin line on this one.  He has the audacity to appropriate the words and imagery of Rev Dr Martin Luther King for a use that is not blessed by today's Civil Rights Progressives.  Just as last year's sharing of the Washington Mall between "Tea Party Protesters" and the "Black Family Reunion" was supposed to be a source of massive conflict where the "racists" were to have beaten up the Black people who had rightful use of this public space - I expect certain operatives to build up this August 28th date just the same.  Except this time they will supply the protesters who sent to DC to confront the "racist" Glenn Beck before he gets even more powerful.

Put this down as my intention to watch the media propaganda on both sides of this issue. 

My challenge to both sides is for them to explain if there is any loss of credibility when an event does not pan out as they predicted?

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