Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hazel Trice-Edney Attacks "Racial Annimous" In The Nation - Says Nothing About The Annimous Within The SCLC

America's Racial Temperature Rising, Experts Say Agitators Must Speak Peace

Please read the article above.
Understand the motivation of the columnist.

Now note that the article reference Rev Joseph Lowery - long time operative within the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC).  There is great irony that the SCLC is now in court in a fight for its life that could prove terminal.

What Ms Edney fails to connect is that the present infighting within Rev Lowery's organization is emblematic of the fact that they have so little to do in the present state of peace inside of this nation.   They have now whittled down to battling over who will get the corner office in their Auburn Avenue national headquarters in Atlanta Georgia.

It is telling that Ms Edney makes use of the "Southern Poverty Law Center" as a character reference for her charge that the "Klan is riding yet again" now that a Black man is president.

I happen to subscribe to the e-mail blast of the "SPLC" (and other left-wing groups).  It seems that the SPLC has a bad case of "Mall Cop Syndrome".  They are so interested in keeping track of every threat from the "right wing" that they cant' seem to cast an eye toward the people who are:

  • Killing more Black people 
  • Assaulting more Black people
  • Intimidating more Black people
  • Destroying Economic Prosperity in the Black community
than the total array of bad guys that are tracked by their organization.

The purpose of this entire article was to deposit yet another artifact in support of their argument that we as a people should look past the "inferiors" from within who are executing all of the assaults on the list above and keep an eye out for the external enemies which we can all unite together in our fight without the hassle of stepping on someone's toes that going after the internal threats proves to be.

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