Friday, June 18, 2010

Ed Schultz - We Need Obama To Act Like A Dictator / Put The Boot On BP's Neck

I have a lot of tolerance regarding the "faux outrage" that is bantered about on both sides of the ideological spectrum. Its part of the political game. My goal is to call out those who have sold out their community or racial interests in order to obtain a starting slot in the "American Political Domain".

There are some things that are too much to take. We can look at the actual words or the symbolism there in and then ask "Where is the outrage?"; "Where is the consistency?"

  • "Take Back Our Country" - is a threat to "Turn Back The Clock" toward the days where Black people were oppressed and it was the law
  • "The Good Ole Days" / "Turn Back The Clock" - same as above
Yet it is astounding to learn that, at least with some people, the outrage against "Government Oppression" (or government allowing private individuals to oppress others" is limited to the question of the oppression of individuals.  The use of these same words against a corporation can get a rise out of them.

I Want Obama To Act Like A Dictator

We all know that these words are not going to be played on "Democracy Now" or used by "Media Matters" to show that MSNBC commentator Ed Schultz has no respect for the US Constitution.  They "know what he was talking about" and likely agree that Obama should "beat the corporate dogs".

They would never have allowed President Bush to say the same thing.   Naomi Klein would now be issuing a 2010 update to her previous book about "American Fascism" with a new appendix about this phrase.

Boot On The Neck

Where have we heard the phraseology "Boots upon our necks"?
I just recorded a new running of "Eyes On The Prize" the other night.  I will see if it is expressly included in there.

At what point is such a phase so offensive, regardless of who is the target that there is pushback from those that have been the recipient of the "Boot on their Necks"?

I wonder if some of you put 2 and 2 together and see that maybe - just maybe - your hostility against corporations has some linkage to the - what did Judge Mathis say about Newark and Oakland?......."Corporate Abandonment"? 

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