Monday, June 28, 2010

Dick Cheney's Hospitalization and Senator Byrd's Death Serve As A Proxy For The Meanspirited Battle Between Right and Left

Read the reader comments under both of these links
 Both groups take the opportunity to take shots at the character in question.   "I didn't know Cheney had a heart" on one side.  "Robert Byrd the Klansman who redirected too much federal money to his own state" on the other side.

Earlier in the weekend, prior to Byrd's death I noted the number of people who had wished that pacemakers didn't work so good so that Cheney could die.   I see that the right has its fair share of hate filled people in that some individuals eluded to some other people they'd like to pass on.

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Just a conservative girl said...

You are sadly correct about the hate being on both sides.

I really had hoped that we (conservatives) would be better behaved than the left while Bush was in office.

Has not quite worked out that way huh?