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BrotherPeaceMaker - "Constructive Feedback" Archive

From the BrotherPeaceMaker blog.  My own section!

In BPM's view I am a destructive element for the Black community.
You see - he would have you to believe that he operates with the Black best interests in mind in all that he does.  It just so happens that every element of his agenda is far left.

When I call him upon his obvious sold out orientation for the benefit of Progressive and Democratic Party interests then I am said to be a negative threat against the Black community's interests BECAUSE I am a negative threat against HIS agenda.

Destructive feedback refers to commentary that disapproves without any intention of being helpful and almost always causes a negative or defensive reaction to the recipient. Destructive Feedback is a person who happens to be black and severely disapproves of the black community and the people who make the welfare of the black community a priority in their lives. This gentleman, and I use the term very generously, likes to go by the name Constructive Feedback. However, there is nothing constructive about this personality. True constructive feedback isn’t nagging, nit-picking, and filled with negative connotations. Constructive criticism requires a little homework and a little common ground. It requires someone to determine what the person giving the criticism and the person receiving the criticism have in common that will assist in assuring a well meaning dialog with positive results. It is never helpful when the person giving the criticism is judgmental of the recipient or their ideas. When working together, issues regarding criticism and how others might react to feedback are very important. And maybe with the possible exception of a working environment, constructive feedback is never imposed on another. Lastly, constructive criticism should be well thought out before being offered. It is very useful for the giver of criticism to reflect on their own conceptions and notions before deciding that the other person needs to hear the criticism.

A lot of people have a lot of ideas on how to improve the black community. Some are obviously helpful, like the ideas of assuring black people have opportunities for education and employment, and access to free or low-cost medical care and medicines. But on the other hand some ideas are obviously hurtful, like the idea of coming down hard and heavy on the black community and arresting any and every black person in the black community the moment they step out of line without ever trying to determine why so many black people are choosing to turn to crime as a means or determining if conditions exist that drive black people to desperation. The heavy handed approach may sound good to people who wish to follow a hardcore white mindset rooted in the beat down of slaves to keep them in line. But people turn to crime for a variety of reasons. For example, it would be truly callous and cruel to arrest someone guilty of not paying a parking ticket in the same manner as someone guilty of murder. Granted this is an extreme example but it is true description of police mentality (see Excessive Police Abuse Again by the Black Sentinel). White people are more likely to receive sympathy and compassion from their peers, or black people who wish to be their peers, who control the legal system, while black people are more likely to endure the full weight of the law thrown at our heads.

People like Destructive Feedback will deride this opinion and others like them as nonsense entrenched in a non-white white supremacist mindset. Maybe so but there is plenty of evidence that says otherwise. If a non-white white supremacist mindset means one who reads newspapers and magazines, watches the news, and learns for his or her self what exactly is happening in the world between the white community and the black community then I guess I’m guilty. But the idea that a black person claiming racism is alive and well in the American society is too much of a threat to Destructive Feedback’s world to go unchallenged. Despite all of its faults the American system, it has been good to Destructive Feedback and his family. Therefore, the treatment of the black community in general can be measured by his success. And any black person who is unable to participate in America’s bounty must be a troublemaker that should be watched very carefully.

I think what we have here is a brother who truly hates the fact that he is black and wants to prove to white people that he is more than the typical modern day field Negro. This is a man that wants to prove his loyalty to the system but also wants to set himself as an example to black people everywhere. All black people have to do is close their eyes and racism will be dead. This person, who is black only in skin color, believes that because of the Civil Rights Laws of 1964 racism is dead. Thanks to affirmative action no employer would ever discriminate against black people. Thanks to Abraham Lincoln everybody is equal. But as much as anyone would like to live in such a naïve little world where no one is judged by the color of their skin the reality is that black people are being subjugated left and right. Racism isn’t dead. It is very much alive and thriving better than any e-coli bacteria in a Petri dish filled with cow meat could ever hope for.

Please use the links below to see the writings of a troubled mind and an ugly glimpse at one of the biggest problems facing the black community the tom (and I ain’t talking about Jerry’s feline homie). We have too many brothers and sisters who are just way too willing to be part of the system unwilling or incapable of seeing the entire picture of what is happening to the black community. That in itself is bad enough. But black people who spend their time attacking other black people and defending the injustices of the white community are a truly unique phenomenon that is too dangerous to let run amok. It pains me, but Mr. Feedback has enjoyed his last uninhibited post on this blog. Any person who insists on towing the line that the black community must conform to white people’s standards in order to survive in America is part of the problem. For a black man to insist that black people must conform is nothing less than a blatant cancer to the black community (see Ghetto Dudes Need Jobs Too).

Long ago back on the continent, if our African ancestors found someone in their community who worked tirelessly and continuously to undermine the community, I believe they would take the necessary steps to protect the community at large from this threat, fairness be damned. They would see this individual with the same contempt one gives cancer. Cancer must be contained and controlled. Cancer should never be allowed to run rampant and spread its infection. Therefore, in the future Destructive Feedback’s unwelcome comments will be limited to being an addendum to this single article. Feel free to return here to see the ravings of this truly unique phenomenon.

A community is a chain of people who come together for their strength in whatever they collectively choose. But a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. And for the black community, I believe this is the very weakest link indeed.

After reading about "ME", or at least Brother Peace Maker's molestation of my image I have to step back and actually give the brother credit.

Whereas some of his fellow progressive-fundamentalist bigots have simply banned me from their blogs due to their unwillingness to debate against someone who runs counter to their own world view BPM at least documented WHY he was pruning my posts from his main posting area and shuttering them off to a special area. He didn't even delete my posts.

Ironically in not deleting my own views he gives clear minded people access to my "hatred of Black people". This is interesting. You see if an objective person were to strip away my sarcastic jousts against a debate adversary who clearly has no interest in having a serious debate, lest he be prepared to depart from his bigoted position, then they would see the independent worth of my viewpoint.

Furthermore BPM says:

It requires someone to determine what the person giving the criticism and the person receiving the criticism have in common that will assist in assuring a well meaning dialog with positive results.

In reading this I was stunned. Isn't this what my clearly articulated list of "Permanent Interests" does? ESTABLISH A COMMON REFERENCE?

  • Quality Schools So That Our Children Can Become The Professional Service Agents That Our Communities Need To Retain Our Desired Standard Of Living
  • Safe Communities That Allow Our People To Construct A Strong Community Fabric While Living In Peace
  • Thriving Local Economies Where Individuals Can Trade Their Talents In Exchange For Compensation From Others Who Are In Need Of Such Goods and Services
  • Healthy Lifestyle Outcomes Where Healthy Bodies and Healthy Relationships Are Constructed
Ask yourself:  Beyond certain abstract and theoretical notions that they abide by (all of which seem to be perfectly encapsulated within Progressive/ Democratic struggle) do you often see Progressive-Fundamentalists like BrotherPeaceMaker clearly lay out what they believe?  Do you see them set up a system of appraisal by which their theories are "put on trial" where, upon failure to deliver upon the promises THEIR IDEOLOGY might be dispensed with because they have not worked?

The reason for my cantankerous disposition with people like BrotherPeaceMaker is because I realize that there is no working with them UNLESS I am willing to yield my views into their order and beliefs.  

They have the advantage of both claiming the monopoly upon the "Black Interests" (per the number of supporters ) and the inability to actually deliver what they intend because of external adversaries - all of whom are "conservatives".

This is why there is a need for a transparent overlay authority within our community.  I want to have my views "regulated" within a larger scheme.   The people with power - know that many of their views and outcomes could not stand up to scrutiny therefore they refuse to yield to a higher order.  They know they don't have to.

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