Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Black Political Establishment Operative Bob Herbert - Telling Obama That He Has "A" Problem, Never That His Policies Are "The" Problem

Bob Herbert On Obama: ‘A Very Deep Hole’

I know the president has a lot on his mind, but the No. 1 problem facing the U.S. continues to fester, and that problem is unemployment.

Thus far I have mishandled my analysis of the Black Establishment Machine in regards to Obama and his cross index to the "Black Permanent Interests". You see - I have spoken previously about how Obama, facing mounting criticism often takes the air out from under his critic's wings by essentially repeating their criticism of the state of the economy, claiming their frustration as his own. I should clarify that this tactic appears to work for those who are not predisposed to attack him in the first place on. When he mentions their enemies (corporations, Bush, Republicans) his loyal crowd often forgets why they were even thinking about being angry at Obama in the first place. This despite the ominous facts shown by the economic numbers that are not subject to spin.

What I failed to notate sufficiently is the disposition of Black Press Operatives (which are a tentacle of the Black Establishment).

In the case of the article from Bob Herbert he almost unwillingly taps the President on the shoulder and says "Sir, I know that you are busy with all sorts of things but, if I could trouble you a minute and tell you..........Black people are suffering despite our overwhelming joy of your presidency". Couple this with the fact that President Obama still retains a 91% approval rating among Black Americans and I am given to wonder if I might be wrong about the Black Press Operatives. They might be giving their readers what they want to hear.

Unemployment is crushing families and stifling the prospects of young people. Given that reality, President Obama’s take on the May numbers seemed oddly out of touch. “This report,” he said, “is a sign that our economy is getting stronger by the day.”
More than 15 million Americans are out of work, and nearly half have been jobless for six months or longer. New college graduates are having a terrible time finding work, and many are taking jobs that require only a high school education. Teachers are facing the worst employment market since the Depression.
Some inner-city neighborhoods, where joblessness is off the charts, are becoming islands of despair. Rural communities and rust belt cities and towns are experiencing their own economic nightmares.

There is no plan that I can see to get us out of this fix. Drastic cuts in government spending would only compound the crisis. State and local governments, for example, are shedding workers as we speak.

It would surprise no one for me to suggest that if an "Enemy President" and "Adversarial Congress" were in power that Mr Herbert would turn his kindly taps upon the President's shoulder into a queue up for a "sucker punch". What people often miss is that these local places that Mr Herbert and other provide "on the ground coverage" to are places where the political battles have been won. Mr. Obama's party already rules the roost there. For me as an observer I am waiting for operatives like Herbert, Tucker, Crouch, D.G.Jackson, Hutchenson and E.Robinson to make note that these places had an anemic economic productivity infrastructure in place long before the present economic malaise came to be.

Now of course such an expose' would require a bit of "self-indictment" against all of these Black, Progressive-Fundamentalist opinion writers.

While I won't be so bold as to expect these Black Media Operatives to use the painful facts on the ground to turn against Obama and the rest of the Progressive Establishment Machine - I do think that since all of America is in need of a reset - where we reevaluate our core beliefs - it is high time for this crew to develop a more clear reference of our community's "Permanent Interests" and use the power of their critical pen to offer course corrections to all who claim to represent these interests.

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