Wednesday, June 16, 2010

AfroSpear Agent Electronic Village Counts 81 Taser Deaths In The Last Year

81 Taser Deaths In The United States

The "Activists Of Leisure" are at it again.
They are riled up over the 81 deaths of "Blacks and Browns" at the hands of police tasers in the past year.  To be clear my issue with these "Activist Of Leisures" is not about their projection of resolve against the death of Black people.

Instead I have a problem with their SELECTIVENESS in outrage.

While I can agree that a "police authority" has more responsibilities and expectations placed upon him.  It is when the RATIO between the high expectations put upon the cop and the zero expectations placed upon "Murderous Street Pirates" becomes so large that all credibility is lost.

What we see is not the "superiorization" of the police and other authorities who kill.  Instead we see an INFERIORIZATION of the individuals to whom ideologues such as these "Actorvists Of Leisure" subscribe to.

I have wondered out loud what the formula of equivalence is been one Police Killing and {fill in the blank} number of Street Pirate Murders.

Even worse I have noted that in the majority Black and Democratic controlled Dekalb County GA there have been 2 recent taser related deaths.  One would think that when FAVORED FORCES who the "Actorvists Of Leisure" have voted for violate their trust then this would be a wound greater than those received from their enemies.  Yet there have been no protest marches in Dekalb County for these deaths or the long list of "wrongful imprisonment" that I have detailed.

My only goal is to show those claim to be operating upon a mission of "social justice" that their cause is undercut as they are selective in their indictments.


Villager said...

Can you define the 'street pirate' issue so that I can better understand it ... and understand what action you are seeking from other bloggers?

peace, Villager

Constructive Feedback said...

Definition of a Street Pirate:

Summary - A Selfish person that assaults his own community in pursuit of his own pleasures, material lusts, and stimulation of the tip of his penis


Here are my foundational views

1) Assume that everyone is an EQUAL HUMAN BEING underneath their uniform.

2) While a policeman indeed should have more expectations placed upon them because of the authority they are given WHEN THE GAP BETWEEN the MANAGEMENT FOCUS UPON THE POLICE VS the STREET PIRATE is so large that the community where the Street Pirates roams breaks down - it is time to look at the thought process which allows a person to inferiorize the non-Policeman

I ask all AfroSpear/"Electrocuted While Black" Activists Of Leisure to allow ACCURATE PROPORTIONALITY OF OFFENSES WITHIN THE COMMUNITY to dictate your focus.

It is EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT OUTCOMES that we BOTH should be focusing on. The end results are in support of the Permanent Interest of "Safe Streets - So that the community fabric can be constructed as people gather absent fear and intimidation".