Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Lampblack Yellow Journalism - Rolling Out's Call To Arms On August 28th Against The Threat To Black Folks

Glenn Beck: Honoring the Anniversary of Dr. King's March or Project Redneck: ‘Ready for a New Civil War’

Please read the link to the piece.
This is what passes for rational thought and "community organizing" in defense of the Black Community today.  To me it shows how far we have fallen and how compromised many of the people who claim to speak in the interests of the Black community really are.

Do you notice that REGARDLESS of how many assaults that our community sustains in regards to our permanent interests the "actionable adversaries" to the Black community that prompt a protest march are:
  • White Conservative
  • Republican
  • Fox News
  • Corporate Affilated
As for me - if I am silent to the fraud that is taking place around me in the name of my RACE then you can call me complicit.

Instead I am more than likely to be called a "Defender of Glenn Beck" with my actions.  This would be a grossly inaccurate assessment.

As far as I am concerned - Glenn Beck took a form into the US Parks Service and reserved the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on the last Saturday in August.  This year August 28th fell on a Saturday.  The author of the propaganda article lied to his readers as he made the case that Beck reserved this spot in remembrance of Dr King.   Instead, from what I read - Beck is going to reveal his "Plan" on that day - whatever that is.

Instead my ire is against those on the left who are driving home their leftist agenda as they attempt to claim it as a "Black Agenda" for no other reason that it is a "LEFTIST AGENDA WITH THE INTENT OF HELPING BLACK FOLKS".   We can test out the authenticity of priorities by considering the organic success of their efforts and then observer their willingness to ADOPT A NEW METHODOLOGY on their way to success.   In as much as the success has been fleeting yet the Progressive establishment that they assist is stronger than ever I must conclude that their real agenda is to INTEND to "help the Black community using only PROGRESSIVE methodologies".  If these methods fail at the previous scope of focus they merely EXPAND their scope, attempting to adopt the progressive dogma over a broader swath of land via attrition and then hope that this rising tide will lift up the Black community.

The reason why I keep focusing on the Street Pirate attacks that our people suffer from is because it more than any other force displays the abject FRAUD that we are witnessing.   They are unable to call this heat wave of attack that we suffer from a "civil rights violation" because it would have the same effect of calling a conflict anywhere around the world "Genocide".   This label triggers certain actions by the United Nations per their previous agreement.   In the case of labeling the present terror rained upon the Black community a "civil rights assault" operatives like Dr Stephens would have to check the history books and note how Dr King dealt with such a threat.  (Dr King being our unchallenged reference - Right?)

I keep telling everyone - If you think that these operatives who seek to hijack the proper focus of the Black community are going to CHANGE - you are going to have a long wait ahead of you.

At the present time there is no CONSEQUENCE to their character or credibility to continue with their diversion. 

From my own mind as a MANAGER - I see the need to hold these "Klan Reenactments" of today against someone.  Who's "ass do we kick" for this terminal failure?   If instead those who control the institutions within which this wanton murder is happening are allowed to skate free they are free agents - able to deploy these type of "Activist Of Leisure" diversions, enjoying a nice end of summer trip to Washington DC, without a hint of pressure on his own backside.

In summary - while the "Progressives who are Black" might enjoy the unity in spitting on Glenn Beck - the blood that continues to run unchecked in our street is a dashboard signal of the emptiness and fraud of your "insider trading".   You may agree to be SILENT amongst each other.  I assure you that people who are watching the news SEES WHO IS KILLING EACH OTHER, WHO IS SILENT and WHAT THEY DIVERT THEIR ATTENTION TO as part of their RITUALS to keep us pacified and always struggling outward!!!

For Rolling Out - a magazine that features a wide array of "Hip Hop Voice of the Street Pirates" - seeking the in depth interview just as they get out of jail - I am not surprised about their vested interests in keeping the heat off of the genre of music that propagates more death threats against Black people than all others. 

Monday, June 28, 2010

LampBlack Yellow Journalism - Bev Smith Show: Talk About Gen McChrystal Rather Than Afghan War Deaths

I had a gut feeling about the pattern that I was hearing over the past week on the "Lampblack Yellow Journalism" outlets that I monitor.  However my drive home from work and my choice to listen to the Bev Smith Show sealed the deal as I was made fully aware of the new scheme.

You see - despite the fact that there has been a significant increase in deaths in Afghanistan since Obama has ramped up the battle there - those who have previously committed to "defending Obama" are not about to talk about this subject.  Instead they are more inclined to focus upon the "personality battle" between the Commander in Chief and the insubordinate 4 star general - General McChrystal.

You see when they make the conflict with Obama:
  • About him personally
  • About his race
Then they are able to talk about what they want to talk about rather than remain consistent in their anti-war rebel-rousing.  They don't want to attack Obama for the military and civilian deaths that have occurred per his orders to General McChrystal so instead they make the case that McChrystal did the Rolling Stone Interview because:

  • He is not about to take orders from a Black man (note - I heard all of these points on the Bev Smith Show tonight)
  • McChrystal is likely to appear on a conservative talk show circuit and get paid
  • Sarah Pailin for President / Stanley McChrystal for VP in 2012 is in the works
  • He committed career suicide in order to make money on the book and talk show circuit 

Again the label "Sold Out To Obama" is very appropriate here because this is what they are.

Ms Smith always puts on her skeptical "uh huh" voice as she puts Obama's CRITICS on trial to see how she can up end them with their motives.  All the while she seems to forget her strong opposition to the war and the killings and money spent upon it.  Supporting her "permanent friend" Obama appears to be more important than remaining consistent about her permanent interests.

Dick Cheney's Hospitalization and Senator Byrd's Death Serve As A Proxy For The Meanspirited Battle Between Right and Left

Read the reader comments under both of these links
 Both groups take the opportunity to take shots at the character in question.   "I didn't know Cheney had a heart" on one side.  "Robert Byrd the Klansman who redirected too much federal money to his own state" on the other side.

Earlier in the weekend, prior to Byrd's death I noted the number of people who had wished that pacemakers didn't work so good so that Cheney could die.   I see that the right has its fair share of hate filled people in that some individuals eluded to some other people they'd like to pass on.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I Thought Brazil Was Totally Ethanol? Brazil's Petrobras boosts investments in deep-water push

Brazil's state oil company Petrobras announced on Monday a 29 percent investment hike over five years as it stepped up its campaign to tap some of the world's largest deposits of deep sea oil.

Do you ever feel that you are being lied to merely for the purpose of getting certain legislation passed at the given point in time?

The $224 billion investment program for 2010-2014, currently the largest for the oil industry globally, increases refining outlays while still dedicating the bulk of spending to deep-water oil exploration.

It also sets the stage for Tuesday's shareholders' meeting to approve a capital injection in which Petrobras (PETR4.SA)(PBR.N) could raise $25 billion in cash from the sale of shares to minority shareholders and issue about $60 billion worth of stock in exchange for oil

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rep Moran (D-VA) Blames Increased Attacks Upon Census Workers On Right Wing Talk Radio

Some people throw out certain objects that they hope will stick to the wall. When reality appears a bit different than the picture that they had conspired to paint - few people who used the faux claim as their raison d'etre will circle back around and question the credibility of the source.

Note: I have a ban on syndicating HuffPo content unless it is relevant to the story.  I refuse to propagate the voice which is a threat to the consciousness of the Black Community.   This article itemized the count of attacks.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Who" Is The Final Call?

I am a frequent reader of "The Final Call", the news organ of the "Nation Of Islam".  Their leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan projects his messages within this oracle. I try to drive down the street where the brother in the bow tie is standing and purchase a copy of the paper so that I can keep up with their viewpoint.

I am not an FBI agent.  I have no intention on slamming or hurting the NoI.  Yet I have no particular commitment in defending them against the scrutiny that I would apply to other Black Establishment operatives, many of whom are more committed to spewing progressive dogma than in fixing our community's problems.  Beyond this not just "intending" to fix these problems but delivering solutions that scale to meet the dimensions of the problems.

My observations contained within this post is a combination of what has been contained within the paper as well as the collection of CD recordings that I have listened to from Minister Louis Farrakhan.

The Company You Keep Provides Information Upon Where You Stand

The "Final Call" reads like the "New York Amsterdam News","Louisiana Weekly" and other papers from the National Newspaper Publishers Association syndicate.   They all have a strong left of center viewpoint. 

I have to conclude since the "Final Call" is comfortable publishing many of the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist voices that are interchanged with "The Huffington Post" that it is fair to use this as an index of where the bias of "The Final Call" resides:  "Hard Left Of Center". Ron Daniels, Earl Ofari Hutchenson and several other progressive-fundamentalist voices appear to be within the editorial guidelines of "The Final Call".

I am not trying to indict "Progressivism", per se.  I am merely attempting to note that despite its pervasiveness in its control over our community these voices apepar to avoid making an linkages.   From where I stand as this force grows in power it should also grow in its culpability for the outcomes that take place within its boundaries.

Of course a dogged press which reminds the establishment powers of its culpability is required for this to ever happen.

Instead the "Black Establishment Press" lives to defend the Black Establishment.   Only to the extent that one believes that the "Black Establishment" in its present form represents the "Black Permanent Interests" does one view the present disposition of the Black Press as being on point. 

My view - if they had the RESULTS in our communities that they have under control over backing them - I too would be on this bandwagon.   When the results are not there in support of them......they KEEP STRUGGLING.

The Final Call And Louis Farrakhan Are Perpetual "Non-White White Supremacists"

I call Louis Farrakhan a "conservator".   He is able to voice the key processes and best practices by which the Black community could develop our human resources up to a level upon which favorable outcomes are produced with our young men and young ladies.  I am now staring at a stack of Farrakhan CDs and DVDs as I type this.  I believe that I am pretty well versed upon what Minster Farrakhan's viewpoint it on the matter.

My primary criticism of Minster Farrakhan is that when it comes documenting the forces that are arrayed against the interests of Black America - he is expert in calling them out - name, rank and serial number.  When it comes to calling out BLACK LEADERS who violate the points that he has specifically itemized - Minster Farrakhan is silent.

As I listened to Minster Farrakhan on TVOne describing how the events in Chicago that lead up to the murder of Darrion Albert I was stunned that he was satisfied with this intraracial conflict between factions of Blacks that he would never agree to in analyzing how a Black was murdered by a White.  Farrakhan explained that one group of teens from a different area were forced to go to school with a different set of teens.  This forced "integration" precipitated the violence that lead to Mr Albert's untimely death.  It would be no large stretch of the imagination to figure that Farrakhan would be projecting indictments and condemnation in regards to race based integration where the White receiving an influx of Blacks had murdered one of them.

In my view Farrakhan and many of those voices that appear in "The Final Call" custom tailor their views based upon the racial scenario at hand.   Unfortunately this does not benefit our long run interests.  It only applies cover for the incident at hand.    The more "race loyal" position is to be CONSISTENT so that justice might be had the next time when the scenario changes but the end result is the same - a dead person.

Instead when the speech that Minster Farrakhan comes close to forcing him to calling out the institutions controlled by Black people he quickly shifts back to indictments against the historical forces that stand against our interests. Too often Farrakhan is more interested in spewing propaganda that he knows that Black people will agree with than in driving home the importance of fully leveraging the "Black faces in high places" for better governance of the areas where they preside.  The right-wing/conservative/Republicans are the epitome of White Supremacists powers that have held us down.

When it comes to Barack Obama sitting in the chair of power for the key force of oppression that Farrakhan frequently attacks - Farrakhan is careful to remove President Obama from the role as "the head of the dragon", soiled in its blood but instead makes the case that Black people should protect him as he works to put a muzzle on the dragon.  Despite the fact that the Commander In Chief still has troops in the Muslim nations of Iraq and Afghanistan and is beating its sword against Iran - Farrakhan is inclined to rationalize that the people arrayed around Obama are responsible for this situation in which Muslim blood is shed - not Barack Obama who holds the titular head of the power.  Almost as if Obama's placement is largely ceremonial.

The array of Black Progressive-Fundamentalist journalists that are invited to impart their views within "The Final Call" do their part to run the same narrative that Farrakhan stands behind.   They seek to enlist all Black Americans into the battle in the "American Political Domain", with the assumption that a victory in this domain will lead to a brighter future on the streets of Black America.  They are not at all clandestine in their antics.

Rarely is there an article which initiates from the position inside of the Black community and focuses upon the powers that control the institutions within, critically inspecting if better
outcomes might be had if the community and its leadership were to alter their course in support of these outcomes. 

I have stated previously that ultimately PROGRESSIVISM ITSELF MUST BE PUT ON TRIAL before we can move head smartly through the next interval of time and the news variables that come with it.   The popular Black Establishment disposition remains as a defensive one, fighting "White Racism".  It fails to note the new array of faces that were promoted by the people.   With the ideology of PROGRESSIVISM put on trial there will be two outcomes:
  • Progressivism will be found to be the correct tool for these times and it will benefit from having the fully documented evidence from this trial
  • Progressivism will be seen as a tool that needs to be altered with respect to the new set of conditions.  In as much as it is the prevailing powers - those who are seriously interested in advancing our community will recalibrate its governance.  The need to separate the clarity of mission from the methodology which intents to obtain it will be seen.
 The challenge for "The Final Call" is the challenge that most other Black Establishment Press operatives face - reaffirming their commitment toward the advancement of our community interests and not just their ideological goals of power.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Keeping An Eye On Those Who Are Keeping An Eye On Glenn Becks August 28 Washington DC Rally

Mark this one on your calendars folks - August 28, 2010.

Fox News commentator Glenn Beck plans to hold a "March On Washington" on the hallowed date which was set forth by Dr King and hundreds of thousands of others years ago in 1963.   The "March On Washington For Jobs And Freedom" was the official title.

Glenn Beck is walking an thin line on this one.  He has the audacity to appropriate the words and imagery of Rev Dr Martin Luther King for a use that is not blessed by today's Civil Rights Progressives.  Just as last year's sharing of the Washington Mall between "Tea Party Protesters" and the "Black Family Reunion" was supposed to be a source of massive conflict where the "racists" were to have beaten up the Black people who had rightful use of this public space - I expect certain operatives to build up this August 28th date just the same.  Except this time they will supply the protesters who sent to DC to confront the "racist" Glenn Beck before he gets even more powerful.

Put this down as my intention to watch the media propaganda on both sides of this issue. 

My challenge to both sides is for them to explain if there is any loss of credibility when an event does not pan out as they predicted?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Ed Schultz - We Need Obama To Act Like A Dictator / Put The Boot On BP's Neck

I have a lot of tolerance regarding the "faux outrage" that is bantered about on both sides of the ideological spectrum. Its part of the political game. My goal is to call out those who have sold out their community or racial interests in order to obtain a starting slot in the "American Political Domain".

There are some things that are too much to take. We can look at the actual words or the symbolism there in and then ask "Where is the outrage?"; "Where is the consistency?"

  • "Take Back Our Country" - is a threat to "Turn Back The Clock" toward the days where Black people were oppressed and it was the law
  • "The Good Ole Days" / "Turn Back The Clock" - same as above
Yet it is astounding to learn that, at least with some people, the outrage against "Government Oppression" (or government allowing private individuals to oppress others" is limited to the question of the oppression of individuals.  The use of these same words against a corporation can get a rise out of them.

I Want Obama To Act Like A Dictator

We all know that these words are not going to be played on "Democracy Now" or used by "Media Matters" to show that MSNBC commentator Ed Schultz has no respect for the US Constitution.  They "know what he was talking about" and likely agree that Obama should "beat the corporate dogs".

They would never have allowed President Bush to say the same thing.   Naomi Klein would now be issuing a 2010 update to her previous book about "American Fascism" with a new appendix about this phrase.

Boot On The Neck

Where have we heard the phraseology "Boots upon our necks"?
I just recorded a new running of "Eyes On The Prize" the other night.  I will see if it is expressly included in there.

At what point is such a phase so offensive, regardless of who is the target that there is pushback from those that have been the recipient of the "Boot on their Necks"?

I wonder if some of you put 2 and 2 together and see that maybe - just maybe - your hostility against corporations has some linkage to the - what did Judge Mathis say about Newark and Oakland?......."Corporate Abandonment"? 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

AfroSpear Agent Electronic Village Counts 81 Taser Deaths In The Last Year

81 Taser Deaths In The United States

The "Activists Of Leisure" are at it again.
They are riled up over the 81 deaths of "Blacks and Browns" at the hands of police tasers in the past year.  To be clear my issue with these "Activist Of Leisures" is not about their projection of resolve against the death of Black people.

Instead I have a problem with their SELECTIVENESS in outrage.

While I can agree that a "police authority" has more responsibilities and expectations placed upon him.  It is when the RATIO between the high expectations put upon the cop and the zero expectations placed upon "Murderous Street Pirates" becomes so large that all credibility is lost.

What we see is not the "superiorization" of the police and other authorities who kill.  Instead we see an INFERIORIZATION of the individuals to whom ideologues such as these "Actorvists Of Leisure" subscribe to.

I have wondered out loud what the formula of equivalence is been one Police Killing and {fill in the blank} number of Street Pirate Murders.

Even worse I have noted that in the majority Black and Democratic controlled Dekalb County GA there have been 2 recent taser related deaths.  One would think that when FAVORED FORCES who the "Actorvists Of Leisure" have voted for violate their trust then this would be a wound greater than those received from their enemies.  Yet there have been no protest marches in Dekalb County for these deaths or the long list of "wrongful imprisonment" that I have detailed.

My only goal is to show those claim to be operating upon a mission of "social justice" that their cause is undercut as they are selective in their indictments.

What Are The Chances That Robert Kennedy Jr Will Admit Lying About Halliburton?

BP engineer called doomed rig a 'nightmare well'

Please recall several weeks ago in which environmental leftist Robert Kennedy Jr climbed out of his hole and began to blame the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico on Halliburton and thus the Bush Administration and thus former VP Dick Cheney who once lead Halliburton.    Kennedy laid out a scenario in which greed and corporate recklessness lead to the failure.  It was Halliburton that laid the cement on the fateful under-sea encasement. 

Please read the story at the link and tell me if Kennedy has any credibility.  It turns out that Halliburton was fighting against the engineers at BP regarding the need to install a more robust underwater infrastructure.

To be clear, beyond exposing the lies of Kennedy - no one knows what triggered the blow out in which methane gas was ignited, ultimately destroying the platform.

Today the news media is taking the quote from the engineer ("Nightmare well") and making it out to be a prediction of the events that soon followed.  This is not the case.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hazel Trice-Edney Attacks "Racial Annimous" In The Nation - Says Nothing About The Annimous Within The SCLC

America's Racial Temperature Rising, Experts Say Agitators Must Speak Peace

Please read the article above.
Understand the motivation of the columnist.

Now note that the article reference Rev Joseph Lowery - long time operative within the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC).  There is great irony that the SCLC is now in court in a fight for its life that could prove terminal.

What Ms Edney fails to connect is that the present infighting within Rev Lowery's organization is emblematic of the fact that they have so little to do in the present state of peace inside of this nation.   They have now whittled down to battling over who will get the corner office in their Auburn Avenue national headquarters in Atlanta Georgia.

It is telling that Ms Edney makes use of the "Southern Poverty Law Center" as a character reference for her charge that the "Klan is riding yet again" now that a Black man is president.

I happen to subscribe to the e-mail blast of the "SPLC" (and other left-wing groups).  It seems that the SPLC has a bad case of "Mall Cop Syndrome".  They are so interested in keeping track of every threat from the "right wing" that they cant' seem to cast an eye toward the people who are:

  • Killing more Black people 
  • Assaulting more Black people
  • Intimidating more Black people
  • Destroying Economic Prosperity in the Black community
than the total array of bad guys that are tracked by their organization.

The purpose of this entire article was to deposit yet another artifact in support of their argument that we as a people should look past the "inferiors" from within who are executing all of the assaults on the list above and keep an eye out for the external enemies which we can all unite together in our fight without the hassle of stepping on someone's toes that going after the internal threats proves to be.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Tom Joyner Advertises On MSNBC

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

Is there any surprise that Fox News is considered the "racist network" that stands against the interests of Black people while MSNBC is "working for our interests"?

As a person who monitors both of these channels it is clear that the above conclusion was concocted by an array of "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers". While it is true that both channels have their unique ideological bias - MSNBC often lacks substance. I find myself feeling "sorry" for the network because they are so desperate so often. There is no "The Ed Show" episode in which Fox News or the Republicans are not central themes.

Now we see that Black Establishment operative Tom Joyner is seeking to do some deals with the other progressives that frequent MSNBC. In effect these two entities have common goals - Advance the "progressive" position.

I don't have a problem with what Tom Joyner does. I only request that he not claim that he is doing it for the 'best interests of Black people'.

In truth they are seeking to execute progressive solutions, directed at the Black community, with the INTENTION of helping us. It seems that even when the results don't add up, they are unwilling to adopt methods that are "UN-progressive"

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nancy Pelosi Heckled By Left-Wing Protesters Who Start Throwing Things - They Will NOT Be Called "Racists"

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Be on the look out for how this will be played in the media.

Nancy Pelosi did a speech today in which she planned to tell the wonders of "Obamacare". Instead she got all that she could handle from a Left-wing heckler who gave Nancy a piece of her mind for not going far enough with the "Public Option" etc.

In another clip Pelosi's aid is seen attempting to get her to leave the stage because "they are throwing things".

I am going to make a recording of the MSNBC line up to determine if they will feature these people as a threat to civility akin to the "Tea Parties".

Black Political Establishment Operative Bob Herbert - Telling Obama That He Has "A" Problem, Never That His Policies Are "The" Problem

Bob Herbert On Obama: ‘A Very Deep Hole’

I know the president has a lot on his mind, but the No. 1 problem facing the U.S. continues to fester, and that problem is unemployment.

Thus far I have mishandled my analysis of the Black Establishment Machine in regards to Obama and his cross index to the "Black Permanent Interests". You see - I have spoken previously about how Obama, facing mounting criticism often takes the air out from under his critic's wings by essentially repeating their criticism of the state of the economy, claiming their frustration as his own. I should clarify that this tactic appears to work for those who are not predisposed to attack him in the first place on. When he mentions their enemies (corporations, Bush, Republicans) his loyal crowd often forgets why they were even thinking about being angry at Obama in the first place. This despite the ominous facts shown by the economic numbers that are not subject to spin.

What I failed to notate sufficiently is the disposition of Black Press Operatives (which are a tentacle of the Black Establishment).

In the case of the article from Bob Herbert he almost unwillingly taps the President on the shoulder and says "Sir, I know that you are busy with all sorts of things but, if I could trouble you a minute and tell you..........Black people are suffering despite our overwhelming joy of your presidency". Couple this with the fact that President Obama still retains a 91% approval rating among Black Americans and I am given to wonder if I might be wrong about the Black Press Operatives. They might be giving their readers what they want to hear.

Unemployment is crushing families and stifling the prospects of young people. Given that reality, President Obama’s take on the May numbers seemed oddly out of touch. “This report,” he said, “is a sign that our economy is getting stronger by the day.”
More than 15 million Americans are out of work, and nearly half have been jobless for six months or longer. New college graduates are having a terrible time finding work, and many are taking jobs that require only a high school education. Teachers are facing the worst employment market since the Depression.
Some inner-city neighborhoods, where joblessness is off the charts, are becoming islands of despair. Rural communities and rust belt cities and towns are experiencing their own economic nightmares.

There is no plan that I can see to get us out of this fix. Drastic cuts in government spending would only compound the crisis. State and local governments, for example, are shedding workers as we speak.

It would surprise no one for me to suggest that if an "Enemy President" and "Adversarial Congress" were in power that Mr Herbert would turn his kindly taps upon the President's shoulder into a queue up for a "sucker punch". What people often miss is that these local places that Mr Herbert and other provide "on the ground coverage" to are places where the political battles have been won. Mr. Obama's party already rules the roost there. For me as an observer I am waiting for operatives like Herbert, Tucker, Crouch, D.G.Jackson, Hutchenson and E.Robinson to make note that these places had an anemic economic productivity infrastructure in place long before the present economic malaise came to be.

Now of course such an expose' would require a bit of "self-indictment" against all of these Black, Progressive-Fundamentalist opinion writers.

While I won't be so bold as to expect these Black Media Operatives to use the painful facts on the ground to turn against Obama and the rest of the Progressive Establishment Machine - I do think that since all of America is in need of a reset - where we reevaluate our core beliefs - it is high time for this crew to develop a more clear reference of our community's "Permanent Interests" and use the power of their critical pen to offer course corrections to all who claim to represent these interests.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Helen Thomas - Jews Should Leave Israel And Go Back To Poland, Germany and America

Ari Fleischer:
"If she had asked all blacks to go back to Africa, what would White House Correspondents Association position be as to whether she deserved White House press room credentials -- much less a privileged honorary seat?" Davis asked, adding that those who say Thomas is protected by her right to free speech would likely be less tolerant if she were talking about other minority groups.

"She is advocating religious cleansing. How can Hearst stand by her? If a journalist, or a columnist, said the same thing about blacks or Hispanics, they would already have lost their jobs," Fleischer told the Huffington Post.

CNN:Helen Thomas under fire for saying Jews in Israel should go back to Germany, Poland

"Hate-filled statements" that are racially and/or over-generalized typically receive massive coverage on certain venues.
  • Rachel Maddow
  • Keith Olbermann
  • The Ed Show
  • Democracy Now
  • Media Matters
  • Crooks & Liars
  • HuffPo
  • DailyKOS

I am going to watch you over the next few days for your comments.

Washington (CNN) – Lanny Davis joined Ari Fleischer Sunday in calling for Hearst Corporation to take quick action against legendary White House correspondent Helen Thomas for recently saying that Israel should “get the hell out of Palestine,” and that the Jewish people should go home to “Poland, Germany … and America and everywhere else.”

Thomas was also dropped by her agent Nine Speakers, Inc. Sunday, CNN has learned, and Craig Crawford, who coauthored “Listen Up, Mr. President” with Thomas, said in a blog post that he “will no longer be working with Helen on our book projects.”

Thomas has apologized for her comments that she made to about Israel.

Specifically, she was asked, “Any comments on Israel?”

“Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine,” she responded.

The interviewer then asked “Any better comments on Israel?” To which Thomas said, “Remember, these people are occupied and it’s their land. It’s not German’s. It’s not Poland’s.”

Thomas was then asked where the Jews in Israel should go and what they should do? Thomas responded, “They should go home” which the White House reporter identified as “Poland, Germany . . . and America and everywhere else.”

Thomas is considered the “dean” of the White House press corps after decades covering the presidency. The syndicated columnist for Hearst Corporation’s newspapers holds a privileged seat in the front row of the White House press briefing room where she regularly fires sharp questions on the major issues of the day at White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.

Elton John Performs At Rush Limbaugh's Fourth Marriage?

Rush Limbaugh and Bride Head Down the Aisle Over Weekend

I am always amazed how public combatants occasionally sit down and break bread with each other.

While their followers beat each other to death with their ideological jousts - their "leaders" are dipping their garlic bread in the same olive oil dish.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sarah Silverman - Unpaid Spokeslady For "Media Matters" And "AfroSpear"

Hat tip to "Black Political Thought" for awareness of the video, even though the blogger agreed with the message from Silverman.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Washington Watch w/ Roland Martin" - A Case Study On The Fusion Of The Black Establishment Media And Democratic Party To Our Detriment As A Community

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"Washington Watch With Roland Martin" on the TVOne channel.
It is the best and most unvarnished voice of the "Black Establishment" projected into the public space.

This one Sunday morning talk show is given free license to talk about anything that they choose to. Their selection of topics and angle of attack provide all of the information that one who is studying the influences upon the Black community need to know.

I have taken it upon myself to understand my people by understanding those forces that bear upon the 'Black Rank & File'. To be clear these forces are not always crafting positions and selling them to the community. There are many organic views that are crafted within the rank & file which these operatives in the media and the political space represent.

My ultimate goal is only to document these positions and apply them to the END RESULTS THAT ARE CAST AS A RESULT.

My working observation is that these Black Establishment forces (of which the media and politicians and activists are a part of) have a mission to advance their ideological and partisan interests as their job #1. In as much as they have convinced themselves that the progressive and Democratic party ARE the best methodology and vehicle respectively to obtain these interests - these oracles function as extensions of the Progressive Movement within the Democratic Party. There is no "Black Agenda" in that regard. The "Black Agenda" is merely a "Leftist/Progressive/Democratic" agenda, lacking any particular uniqueness beyond the fact that a "Black face" is the intended recipient of the benefits. They rarely seek to layout transparent truth about the results that are had. Instead they set up a struggle as their meme.

Talking About Politics and Republicans Instead Of What's Happening "With The Black Community"

Politics are central to all that the tentacles of the Black Establishment do.  This is so much so that they end up talking about political machinations and strategy more than they talk about the object of their actions.   Rarely do you hear the various operatives that are on the set of "Washington Watch" stay sufficiently within the Black community to index the exact benefit of their policies.

Ironically the most in depth study of the Black community came from a 2am recording that was titled "Washington Watch" on my Tivo.  Instead of an edition of the show it was actually a show with Judge Mathis that visited Newark NJ and Oakland CA.  The show was called "Mean Streets - Cities Under Fire".  The further irony is that when the show visited Oakland CA and showed the dilapidated areas that are experiencing rebirth of commerce and residential areas - these areas were the places that were taken over by Asians.

This brings home my argument.   Roland Martin and others are so interested in inserting Black political operatives and a Progressive/Democratic hegemony into power that they ultimately fail to note the actual impact of their machine upon the solution.

Mathis coined the term "corporate abandonment".   He said that they "sucked the money out of the city".   (WTH?).   How does one logically make the case that the industry that built up these cities are responsible for taking from them?   (More on this later.  This is not the main focus of this particular post).

Video #1  
Roland Martin - CNN operative.  TVOne operative.  Democratic Party operative.  Black Establishment operative.  Takes a hit upon Fox News.
Is there any surprise that Black people are popularly expected to hate Fox News but have praise for the line up of MSNBC?
Is it any surprise that Fox News leans to the right while MSNBC leans hard left?
Is it any surprise that Fox News is the "network for racists"?
Fox News is generally critical of President Obama.   MSNBC carries his water.

Roland Martin hitting Fox on his "Call'em Out" segment under the guise of being offended for the disrespect of a Black civil rights leader is merely an inside operative hitting against a multifaceted adversary using his chameleon properties to put on the hate of a "Black defender" at that time.
Bill O'Reilly attacks Keith Olbermann and Anderson Cooper.  What a surprise a CNN operative is attacking Fox News with a sprinkle of Blackness as his charge.

Video #2
The Kellogg Foundation has given $75 million in an effort to address "structural racism".  What are one of the elements of "structural racism"?................Black people being all alone in communities - all by ourselves.

These are the same communities that the Black Establishment Machine struggled to gain control over.
Why wasn't there any evaluation as to how this movement might have been off target?
Now that they have "Won" politically - has the Black community "won"?
Does the Black Rank and File even care that they may have been played, as some from within their ranks formulated collaborations that did not necessarily produce what was promised.

The indictment of "racism" appeared to be more important than any introspection as to the benefit received by our community.

Video #3
This video was the most enraging to me.
The point of my frustration is that I hear Roland Martin "mouthing" the very same words that I do yet having much different INTENTIONS.

When Martin talks about "accountability" he is focusing upon holding politicians "accountable to the popular leftist theories that the Black community believes is the key to its salvation.   Anyone who strays off of this plan by either failing to "go left enough" or cavorts outright with the "enemy" are the people who will be held accountable.

Roland Martin is NOT talking about identifying FAILURE and holding the machine that he did his part to put into power accountable.  There is no transparency in Roland Martin's message.

Think about the term "Black Power" as is applied by Martin and his guest.  The presidential run of Barack Obama was NOT a "Black Power Moment".   Blacks did not make up anything close to the majority of voters for Obama.  Instead it was the 96% vote for the Democrat in addition to the other voters that brought Obama over the top.  In fact certain forces within the Black faction were critical of Obama for stripping away any racial talk from his campaign.

It is more accurate to say that the Black Establishment machinations hoisted all of their dreams upon Barack Obama - the Democratic Party machine operative.  In as much as the Democrats have won, these Black Establishment operatives felt that they have won.  They had the same force behind the presidential run of John Kerry and Al Gore years prior.  It was the symbolic presence of Barack Obama that motivated enough Black voters to the polls to tip the balance.

Ironically the mainstream press charged White folks to de-prioritize their race-based voting in consideration of the Black candidate for president.  The Black Establishment Press did their part with "racism chasing", keeping a keen eye upon racialist tactics used by the conservative adversary.  Any tactics that did not show themselves as clear exploitation of race had a bevy of interpreters with the "gift".  They were able to take in the messages spoken in "tongues" by White folks against Obama and translate them into their real intention - true or fabricated.

To listen to Roland Martin and his guest take the election of Barack Obama and apply "Black Power" to its meaning shows that their original goal was to disarm their enemy while keeping a "piece" hidden in their pant leg.

End of indictment.  The last paragraph is of no surprise to me.  This is not even what I am sweating them for.

Take their claims of accomplishment of "Black Power" - where "Black folks are now the power brokers" - just as was mentioned on the program.   Take this notion and go one bit deeper, back to the original intent of Black Activism.  Their stated goal was to use this power for the benefit of:

  • The Quality Of Education Our Schools
  • The Safety On Our Streets
  • The Economic Prosperity Within Our Communities
  • The State Of Relationships Among Our People
Which of these elements have been ACCOMPLISHED by the machine as it gains power?

What is the entity that is accounting for the success and/or failure?   Instead there appears to be a "Fox Guarding The Hen House" situation with regard to the appraisal.  

The Black Press was originally founded because the mainstream press refused to properly characterize the interests and conditions of our people.  Sadly the Black Press has strayed away from its original interest in advancing what are fundamentally "Black Permanent Interests" and instead have themselves become entrenched interests without bondage to our permanent interests, regardless of who they need to hit for failing our community.

BrotherPeaceMaker - "Constructive Feedback" Archive

From the BrotherPeaceMaker blog.  My own section!

In BPM's view I am a destructive element for the Black community.
You see - he would have you to believe that he operates with the Black best interests in mind in all that he does.  It just so happens that every element of his agenda is far left.

When I call him upon his obvious sold out orientation for the benefit of Progressive and Democratic Party interests then I am said to be a negative threat against the Black community's interests BECAUSE I am a negative threat against HIS agenda.

Destructive feedback refers to commentary that disapproves without any intention of being helpful and almost always causes a negative or defensive reaction to the recipient. Destructive Feedback is a person who happens to be black and severely disapproves of the black community and the people who make the welfare of the black community a priority in their lives. This gentleman, and I use the term very generously, likes to go by the name Constructive Feedback. However, there is nothing constructive about this personality. True constructive feedback isn’t nagging, nit-picking, and filled with negative connotations. Constructive criticism requires a little homework and a little common ground. It requires someone to determine what the person giving the criticism and the person receiving the criticism have in common that will assist in assuring a well meaning dialog with positive results. It is never helpful when the person giving the criticism is judgmental of the recipient or their ideas. When working together, issues regarding criticism and how others might react to feedback are very important. And maybe with the possible exception of a working environment, constructive feedback is never imposed on another. Lastly, constructive criticism should be well thought out before being offered. It is very useful for the giver of criticism to reflect on their own conceptions and notions before deciding that the other person needs to hear the criticism.

A lot of people have a lot of ideas on how to improve the black community. Some are obviously helpful, like the ideas of assuring black people have opportunities for education and employment, and access to free or low-cost medical care and medicines. But on the other hand some ideas are obviously hurtful, like the idea of coming down hard and heavy on the black community and arresting any and every black person in the black community the moment they step out of line without ever trying to determine why so many black people are choosing to turn to crime as a means or determining if conditions exist that drive black people to desperation. The heavy handed approach may sound good to people who wish to follow a hardcore white mindset rooted in the beat down of slaves to keep them in line. But people turn to crime for a variety of reasons. For example, it would be truly callous and cruel to arrest someone guilty of not paying a parking ticket in the same manner as someone guilty of murder. Granted this is an extreme example but it is true description of police mentality (see Excessive Police Abuse Again by the Black Sentinel). White people are more likely to receive sympathy and compassion from their peers, or black people who wish to be their peers, who control the legal system, while black people are more likely to endure the full weight of the law thrown at our heads.

People like Destructive Feedback will deride this opinion and others like them as nonsense entrenched in a non-white white supremacist mindset. Maybe so but there is plenty of evidence that says otherwise. If a non-white white supremacist mindset means one who reads newspapers and magazines, watches the news, and learns for his or her self what exactly is happening in the world between the white community and the black community then I guess I’m guilty. But the idea that a black person claiming racism is alive and well in the American society is too much of a threat to Destructive Feedback’s world to go unchallenged. Despite all of its faults the American system, it has been good to Destructive Feedback and his family. Therefore, the treatment of the black community in general can be measured by his success. And any black person who is unable to participate in America’s bounty must be a troublemaker that should be watched very carefully.

I think what we have here is a brother who truly hates the fact that he is black and wants to prove to white people that he is more than the typical modern day field Negro. This is a man that wants to prove his loyalty to the system but also wants to set himself as an example to black people everywhere. All black people have to do is close their eyes and racism will be dead. This person, who is black only in skin color, believes that because of the Civil Rights Laws of 1964 racism is dead. Thanks to affirmative action no employer would ever discriminate against black people. Thanks to Abraham Lincoln everybody is equal. But as much as anyone would like to live in such a na├»ve little world where no one is judged by the color of their skin the reality is that black people are being subjugated left and right. Racism isn’t dead. It is very much alive and thriving better than any e-coli bacteria in a Petri dish filled with cow meat could ever hope for.

Please use the links below to see the writings of a troubled mind and an ugly glimpse at one of the biggest problems facing the black community the tom (and I ain’t talking about Jerry’s feline homie). We have too many brothers and sisters who are just way too willing to be part of the system unwilling or incapable of seeing the entire picture of what is happening to the black community. That in itself is bad enough. But black people who spend their time attacking other black people and defending the injustices of the white community are a truly unique phenomenon that is too dangerous to let run amok. It pains me, but Mr. Feedback has enjoyed his last uninhibited post on this blog. Any person who insists on towing the line that the black community must conform to white people’s standards in order to survive in America is part of the problem. For a black man to insist that black people must conform is nothing less than a blatant cancer to the black community (see Ghetto Dudes Need Jobs Too).

Long ago back on the continent, if our African ancestors found someone in their community who worked tirelessly and continuously to undermine the community, I believe they would take the necessary steps to protect the community at large from this threat, fairness be damned. They would see this individual with the same contempt one gives cancer. Cancer must be contained and controlled. Cancer should never be allowed to run rampant and spread its infection. Therefore, in the future Destructive Feedback’s unwelcome comments will be limited to being an addendum to this single article. Feel free to return here to see the ravings of this truly unique phenomenon.

A community is a chain of people who come together for their strength in whatever they collectively choose. But a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. And for the black community, I believe this is the very weakest link indeed.

After reading about "ME", or at least Brother Peace Maker's molestation of my image I have to step back and actually give the brother credit.

Whereas some of his fellow progressive-fundamentalist bigots have simply banned me from their blogs due to their unwillingness to debate against someone who runs counter to their own world view BPM at least documented WHY he was pruning my posts from his main posting area and shuttering them off to a special area. He didn't even delete my posts.

Ironically in not deleting my own views he gives clear minded people access to my "hatred of Black people". This is interesting. You see if an objective person were to strip away my sarcastic jousts against a debate adversary who clearly has no interest in having a serious debate, lest he be prepared to depart from his bigoted position, then they would see the independent worth of my viewpoint.

Furthermore BPM says:

It requires someone to determine what the person giving the criticism and the person receiving the criticism have in common that will assist in assuring a well meaning dialog with positive results.

In reading this I was stunned. Isn't this what my clearly articulated list of "Permanent Interests" does? ESTABLISH A COMMON REFERENCE?

  • Quality Schools So That Our Children Can Become The Professional Service Agents That Our Communities Need To Retain Our Desired Standard Of Living
  • Safe Communities That Allow Our People To Construct A Strong Community Fabric While Living In Peace
  • Thriving Local Economies Where Individuals Can Trade Their Talents In Exchange For Compensation From Others Who Are In Need Of Such Goods and Services
  • Healthy Lifestyle Outcomes Where Healthy Bodies and Healthy Relationships Are Constructed
Ask yourself:  Beyond certain abstract and theoretical notions that they abide by (all of which seem to be perfectly encapsulated within Progressive/ Democratic struggle) do you often see Progressive-Fundamentalists like BrotherPeaceMaker clearly lay out what they believe?  Do you see them set up a system of appraisal by which their theories are "put on trial" where, upon failure to deliver upon the promises THEIR IDEOLOGY might be dispensed with because they have not worked?

The reason for my cantankerous disposition with people like BrotherPeaceMaker is because I realize that there is no working with them UNLESS I am willing to yield my views into their order and beliefs.  

They have the advantage of both claiming the monopoly upon the "Black Interests" (per the number of supporters ) and the inability to actually deliver what they intend because of external adversaries - all of whom are "conservatives".

This is why there is a need for a transparent overlay authority within our community.  I want to have my views "regulated" within a larger scheme.   The people with power - know that many of their views and outcomes could not stand up to scrutiny therefore they refuse to yield to a higher order.  They know they don't have to.