Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Zinger From Zing: Racial Displacement Syndrome

The following bit of definitions were tendered by a poster on the Filled Negro blog.
I am not sure if this is a compliment or a stink bomb.

I like the majority of this framing but will have to keep an eye on Zing to understand where he/she is going.

Racial Displacement Syndrome is a counter to "Racism Chasing" in which irrelevant points are prioritized for the sake of "unity".


racial displacement -- Definition: The act of selecting the least meaningful racial issue, situation, event, for consideration, over more meaningful ones.


@cf--"In truth Black folks should be ashamed that an "Obama Spook" picture sent out by a Republican is able to get talked about more than the 16.5% unemployment rate that our people suffer to-damned-day."

Racial Displacer (n.): One who is guilty of "racial displacement."

Racial Displacement Identifier [R.D.I.] (n.): One who's preoccupied with identifying those who're guilty of racial displacement, and calling them out.

Chief proponent of this methodology, racial displacement identification: Constructive Feedback.

Racial displacement syndrome: an emotional disease that stems from a preoccupation with identifying racial displacement, and racial displacers.

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