Saturday, May 29, 2010

Where's The Outrage Blog - Thank You Filled-Negro

My friend Filled-Negro has come through for me again.  (He doesn't realize how much I actually appreciate him.  There is no hatred here).

I was thinking about an acerbic, Anti-Bush Black blogger that I had a few exchanges with several years ago.  I could not recall his URL.

I was interested in understanding how his blog contents has changed, now that the Democrats run everything.

It just so happened that I got my answer from Filled-Negro's 'Blogs That I Am Feeling' in his "Right side frame of shame".  The blog "Where's The Outrage" is what I had been looking for.    Dr. Errington C  Thompson is the Black guy I was thinking of.

True to form my suspicions were correct.  I was fooled once as I though that the blog site "Crooks and Liars" which attacked the conservatives while they were in control would switch over to attacking the Democrats as they took over.  WRONG.  This is an ideological driven blog site.  Just as today the AFL-CIO, NAACP and other ideologue groups have gone from attacking the president to defending his position and attacking their corporate enemies - so to is the case with "Where's The Outrage".

Now "Where's The Outrage" queues up present conservative complaints about deficit spending under Obama and merely shows how they were silent under Bush.   Dr Thompson fails to see that he is not running a principled position (ie: that he indeed has a problem with deficit spending).  Instead he shows that he is merely fighting the conservatives.

I actually had thought for a minute that "Where's The Outrage" blog was my friend BET Uncut.

I will officially move "Where's The Outrage" to my "Blogs I Am Keeping An Eye On" list to the right.

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