Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weblog Awards - Is It Possible For Black Progressive-Fundamentalists To Take A Critical Look At Themselves

Here is how I got on this line of thinking.

My good friend Filled Negro has a quote from the LA Times article that was written about him.   Wayne Bennett by day, my friend Filled Negro puts on his chest-high boots at night to throw his daily "self-chum" to the hungry masses.  I noticed that the "Field Negro" blog was awarded a "Weblog" award.  It was in the category of "Best Political/News Blog".   Past winners included "Jack and Jill Politics" and "Dr Marc Lamonte Hill".

Let me be clear - I LIKE MY FRIEND FILLED NEGRO!!!   He has been far more hospitable to me than many of his Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser blogger friends.  They are not used to actually debating with a real "Black Conservative" beyond the caricature that litter their posts.  I have been banned from "" and "Average Brother - The Liberal Kappa's" blog.  Not for violating the board policies with cursing, lies or name calling.  Instead because I posted too much.  The collection of bigots sought a safe place for them to wage their attacks as they saw fit.  They didn't appreciate having a real person confounding their "lynch mob".    In all seriousness - I do like my friend Filled Negro.

I think that Filled Negro is a bit more of a reasonable man than he leads us to believe.  NPR Audio.

As I inspect the blogs in question:

and a few of the others that were promoted by the judges but outvoted by popular appeal - they all are Leftist/Progressive/Democratic Party Loyalist blog sites.

Clearly there is a distinction between a "popularity contest" and a site that has the audacity to fight for the "Black Community Permanent Interests".   Even when these "Perpetual Struggle" sites slip up and assist in promoting the people they favor into power - they fail to change their struggle milieu.  Then instead work to provide cover for their "permanent friends", often putting their "permanent interests" to the side.

To be clear - I would not accept any "Weblog Award" if I even got one vote in consideration.   I could care less how popular my views are.   I instead lust for people who can show me where I am wrong in my assessments of my observations about the present hijacking of the "Black Community's Permanent Interests" by partisan and ideological operatives.  

This leads me to my basic question about the value of the "Weblog Awards".   In as much as the Black community appears to favor the revolutionary and rebel - there appears to be a bit of intolerance when it comes to the observation that the Black Establishment 2010 IS the a prime player in "The System" and thus this Permanent Revolutionary should be applying critical inspection.

Too often the inside player fears that by applying criticism to the Black Establishment (beyond attacking it for not going HARD LEFT) that they risk sounding like "Conservatives" or "Republicans".  In my view this caricaturization is akin to the problem that I have with the "Weblog Awards".   Absent a framework by which to evaluate the political/policy oriented sites - they merely become a POPULARITY contest.

What of the blog that is 100% in line with the views of the Black Establishment (ie: The Black Congressional Democratic Caucus) and yet the blogger is in a voting district that has failing public schools, a high crime rate and an economic depression for Black people?   Should we accept that alignment equals the advancement of Black permanent interests?  Of course not.

In the void of management within the Black Community Consciousness Nucleus independent operatives will order a domain name from Network Solutions OR file a "501c3" application with the IRS to form a "Black Activist Organization".    I will defend their right to add their voices to the conversation.  In turn the so-called "Black Conservative" needs to get off of his duff and file the same paper work and pay the same money to make a run of it.

At the same time there needs to be some TRANSPARENT entity within the Black community that atleast attempts to remain above the fray and "judge the judge".  Making sure that those who attempt to appraise an entity (ie: the "Congressional Black Caucus Watch" or "Color Of Change") are themselves above board entities.  

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