Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tom Joyner Does A "Hard Hitting" Interview With Disgraced Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick

April Fools to you to.

Tom Joyner Interviews Kwame Kilpatrick

In truth - with Tom Joyner and the Black Establishment having previously embraced Kilpatrick as "The Hip Hop Mayor" and the future of Black Progressive Politics - Joyner was not about to trouble his "Permanent Friend" by taking a video camera upon the streets of Detroit and asking Kilpatrick and others to JUSTIFY the results, the tattered "Mission Accomplished" signs tattered in the wind.

Shamefully the same Black Press that was originally crafted as a means of getting the voices from the Black Community that had been shut out by the mainstream media as our people were slandered - has now become an equal voice of propaganda in the marketplace.  What they focus upon only occasionally focus upon the abject "permanent interests" of the Black community.  Instead they advance their own ideology.

What happened to accountability and "speak the truth shame the devil"?

He has hired a high-powered public relations guy to do his talking, and as Kwame Kilpatrick faces possible jail time, he has not said much. However, Friday he spoke with a well-known radio personality.

"I didn't just forsake my wife. I forsake God and spirituality and the type of spiritual energy that got me to that position," Kilpatrick said during the interview.

He was very frank and apologetic Friday morning on 105.9 Kiss-FM with Tom Joyner.

"I thought only about Detroit, if I can get another event, if I can build another building. I stopped going to my kids' plays. I stopped going to the functions. It was all about the job, and so there was no balance created, and I lost it," Kilpatrick said.

He will be back in Detroit on May 25 in court to be sentenced on a probation violation. If Kilpatrick can not come up with the money he owes the city, he could be thrown back into jail.

"I owe the city about 850,000 (dollars) now," Kilpatrick told Joyner, who asked whether he had to come up with that amount on May 25. Kilpatrick answered, "There's no way I can come up with 850. They asked me for 300,000 in 90 days. I couldn't pay it, and that's why I'm going back. I paid 145,000 in one year."

Joyner then asked, "So, you're going back to jail." Kilpatrick replied, "I don't think that jail is even in the conservation... but the judge only know what's going to happen on the 25th. I hope he allows me to be with my family and continue to work."

If Kilpatrick manages to avoid jail like he says he thinks he will, he has plans to mentor others so they do not falter where he did.

"Marriages are being destroyed because of what I've been through, and I would love to share my experience. I would love also to talk to young men about... empowering their minds, empowering their spirits and understanding that their self determination, their pride and their skills are more than what they can do with a woman or how many women they can have. So, one of the things I'm doing is getting back out into the community mentoring," he said.

Kilpatrick has not given a formal one-on-one interview in nearly two years. Now, as he prepares to head back to Detroit to face the music, the former mayor is speaking out about the past, the present and his future.

Kilpatrick also stressed he has repaired his relationship with his wife, Carlita. He says he would like to give back to Detroit because he knows he hurt so many people there and took so much.

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