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A Tale Of Two Cop Killers. Subtext - How One's Motivations Prompts The Promotion Of The News

In the past few days news of two shootings of police have received media attention:

(Full Disclosure - As many of you all know - I, Constructive Feedback, am the publisher of the "Within The Black Community" blog.  I wrote the story about the shooting in Upper Darby PA)

Street Pirates vs White Supremacists 

Two Black themed blogs linked above.  In both cases the authors of the blog make use of a relevant news item to make a broader statement about issues that they are concerned about as it relates to society and Black people in particular.

From my friend RiPPa I abstract the following themes from his blog post about the White supremacist cop killers:

  • A THREAT - The Right Wing Militia Movement is a growing threat to law abiding citizens
  • AN  IDEOLOGY - Anti-Government forces believe that their liberties are being trampled and are reacting violently
  • A REACTIONARY FORCE - The election of Barack Obama - a Black president has triggered some of these militia actions as they respond to a perceived ideological threat
I am thankful to my friend RiPPa for developing this framework, even if he only intended to have it used as a means of measuring HIS ideological adversaries.  

From RiPPa's analysis we can conclude that with each violent action of a particular group they add yet another brick of proof to their foundation which is under construction.  Over time their PROFILE becomes ever more clear to those who are looking in at them.  People with anti-social tendencies are a danger to us all, especially those who are asked to enforce the laws which make us a civil society.

Had these West Memphis police officers had some reference features by which these Sovereign Citizen members could be distinguished they would have been able to take a more defensive posture against these two and alive to talk about this engagement.   A bumper sticker, a tattoo, a t-shirt - something that would have given their association away.   Indeed a "profile" is a useful tool for policing.  

Anyone following the "video audit trail" that is kept on the black "Within The Black Community" will see that "Police vs Street Pirate" shootouts are not rare.  

Lets apply the framework from above as applied to the Street Pirates:
  • A THREAT - Indeed the Street Pirate is a threat to any community that has the misfortune of being in close proximity to them and which has the private property that they want
  • AN IDEOLOGY - the actions of the Street Pirate show them to have anarchical view foundations to their cause
  • A REACTIONARY FORCE - a definition is needed
The term "reactionary" refers to viewpoints that seek to return to a previous state (the status quo ante) in a society. The term is meant to stand in opposition to and as one end of a political spectrum whose opposite pole is "radical
 If we accept this Wiktionary definition of "reactionary" then we have to conclude that the present day Street Pirate is not a reactionary force as is their White Supremacist /Sovereign Citizen counterparts.

Relatively it is the members of the Black rank and file who suffer from the assaults made by the Street Pirates who are longing for a return to the status quo - that of safety and civility within our communities - OR at least not having OUR OWN PEOPLE being the key source of the threat to this natural state within our communities.


If asked to define our ultimate agenda both RiPPa and me would say: "My goal is to advance the permanent interests of the Black community by advancing the awareness of the threats that we suffer from".

RiPPa's ideology lends to the thought that the White racists who hate Barack Obama and who are "right-wing" pose the greatest threat to the Black Community.  "If they had their way Jim Crow oppression would return.  They must be stopped.  We must remain united as Black people to insure that they are not allowed to grow in an unchecked manner".

For me as a self proclaimed "Black Conservator" I choose to use empirical data to quantify the forms of assault upon our community's interests and the quantities and frequency at which they happen to lead me to my focus.  Most assuredly proximity of a threat plays a significant part.  A threat that lives amongst you is likely more harmful than one which has to travel some distance before it can strike.

From this line of reasoning I choose to prioritize my focus upon those who are most frequently identified as the assailant against the interests of our community.

The police have the duty to fight against both of these forces as they both have anarchical tendencies. 

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