Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rikyrah - Do You Support This Lawsuit?

My challenge to my friend Rikyrah as a means of notating to her a situation where her "throw them under the jail" resoluteness sometimes has consequences that are unfavorable to her own interests:

Wondering how can I set up a scenario by which her "throw them under the jail" mode of thinking against her adversaries can be made to have consequences to YOU, thus moderating your views into more strategic thinking.

Being that you are from Chicago the most rationale example for me to use is something to do with Street Gangs.

Imagine if the group "Cease Fire Chicago" makes a lot of headway into defining the model by which gang violence can be culled from the streets. They begin to construct several strategically placed community centers around the Southside where the young people are given something constructive to do. These centers are PRIVATELY OWNED.

Using the typical "non-judgmental" disposition active gang bangers are invited in to this safe zone. No questions asked about their gang affiliation or criminal tendencies.

A Southside Crip named JuneBug is allowed to come into the facility. Though he has 3 killings under his belt and has not been caught he begins to get fully involved with the program.

When JuneBug is fingered in a crime by an eyewitness one of the hired staff from the club gives him an alibi, stating that he indeed was at the center when the shooting went down. This despite no video tape evidence confirming this. The staff member believes that the PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX is RACIST and the fact that Cook County Jail is full of Black men proves this.

A few days later Blackstone Rangers come to retaliate against June Bug. They enter into the community center and shoot up the place killing June Bug and 2 other innocent people.

A month later "Ceasefire Chicago" is hit with a $20 Million lawsuit!!!! They FAILED to provide due protection for the facility, housing known criminal gangsters. They failed to do a thorough body search of the soon to be KILLERS. The video showed that the medal detector buzzed - but just like my recent visit to Atlanta city hall - the security guard lackadaisically allowed them in.

Rikyrah: with this $20 million "Wrongful Death" lawsuit due to the NEGLIGENCE of the entirety of the security system of "CeaseFire Chicago" ALL OF THEIR CENTERS will be shut down and sold. The entity will have to file BANKRUPTCY.


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