Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rand Paul Clears The Deck Of Many Other Discussions

Institute On Southern Studies

[quote]the Californian consciously launched his campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi -- just miles from where three civil rights activists were killed in the 1960s.[/quote]

The ole "Ronald Reagan, with a wink wing to racists, kicked off his presidential campaign in Philadelphia MS, the place where, 16 years prior - 3 Civil Rights activists were murdered"

Dear sir -
Why is it that when the Democratic Presidential contenders held their debate in Philadelphia Pennsylvania in 2008 - you and other progressives never mentioned that not one of these Democrats on stage asked the audience to remember the more than 200 Black Americans who were murdered in Philadelphia, Pa in 2007 - ONE YEAR PRIOR?

Do you see, sir, that it takes a media operative with a particular agenda to synthesize a story when they don't have anything else to talk about.

(For background but not that it is important - I am a Black male living in the South)

Rand Paul's theories that are mouthed among fellow travelers clearly were never tested enough on this subject. I applaud Rachel Maddow for keying in on a flaw and tripping him us as such.
Paul should have used the example of a private "Supper Club" who chooses to allow their members to smoke at the dinner table regardless of what the local laws forbid otherwise.

Mr Paul's key mistake is that he failed to note the importance of Public Accommodations and how race should not be a means by which a person is denied access.

At the same time - when I look over the problems in our community I am far more concerned with people who have FLAWED THEORIES but have the benefit of having them in place right now - to our community's detriment.

Whereas Rand Paul has 99 other senators to potentially rebuke his views - in the average Black majority community there is an array of Black Establishment and Progressive Establishment forces that amplify rather than blunt the impact when the flaws surface in real life.

I am more concerned with the ability of the statements by one White man to clear the deck in our focus about all of the ACTUAL problems rather than revisiting settled law.

It seems to me that the best advantage that some people who don't want to be held accountable for their present control over the institutions in our community have is to feign outrage over comments about "back in the day" and get the Black Establishment Press to spend the next two weeks pumping out articles on the subject. They successfully retain our UNITY as a people because after all - the return of Jim Crow is indeed a bigger threat than reforming a failing Black school or addressing the crime problems that are terrorizing many of our communities

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