Friday, May 14, 2010


Based on previous interactions where my posts on the Pro6 blog were deleted or altered so they are unreadable I decided to give the brother one my opportunity to allow my views to be posted on his blog. The alternative is to use this blog for its original purpose - to post my own views and retain control over them without risk of having them deleted by a debate adversary.

I will withhold further potentially provocative comments until I see the results.

So let me understand your viewpoint. Your blog. You control the delete button. I got that one.

Your willingness to transact with me is contingent on you not being "insulted" by my dialog with you?

What if what I have to say includes INDICTMENTS against the powers that you old dear? These powers just happen to preside over the "killing fields" that are under discussion. Are your feelings of insult over what I have to say the key factor in addressing this deadly problem that hangs like a "tire necklace" over Black America? Just imagine if the authorities who stood against past Civil Rights Leaders demanded that they be respectfully addressed prior to dispensing JUSTICE to Black people? Is this evidence of justice or their own egotism?

Do you see, brother - I read your blog and see your willful indictment against YOUR adversaries throughout. All the while you accept as sacrosanct the words of Bob Herbert and his "solution". This is the arraignment despite the fact that both of you have done your part in erecting the "Mission Accomplished" signs that now hang over Black America as evidence that your past SOLUTIONS are now in full effect.

How is it that the same machine that brought us to this present state of affairs is able to set themselves up to "call the shots" for the next interval?

I don't even need to read the history of your blog posts to figure out what you have likely reported about Wall Street Insiders in regards to what happened on their watch in the last 2 years and their guilt. Suppose these same insiders sought to set the rules for the next interval of regulation of the financial services market? YOU would be outraged and rightly so. It is THEY who need to be regulated for different and transparent results to be had.

Why then do you pretend that I have a single horn on my head when you see me - A BLACK MAN - who is watching the dynamics within our community as I display the audacity to suggest that quite possibly the Progressive-Fundamentalist operatives who are now seeking "Solutions to the Black Community" might also have a bit of COMPLICITY in the present results that we suffer from?

Is it possible Pro6 that what we are seeing is that in fact the establishment machine has been successful regarding what they were REALLY focusing upon (building up the power of the Democratic Party and Progressive entrenchment) yet has failed at what it SOLD ITSELF to the masses regarding what it was doing - Advancing Our Community's Fundamental Interests?

Here are the "Permanent Interests" that I have found to be universal for our people, regardless of ideology:

* Safe Streets

* Quality Education

* Thriving Local Economies

* Healthy Lifestyle Outcomes

then I added the following constraints:

* Comprehensive and Enduring Solutions to implement the above 4 points

* Organic solutions that leverage our own human resources to obtained these interests

These are open sourced - I hope others take them and integrate them into their own consciousness.

If I were to get you to make note of where we as a people are more ORGANICALLY stronger in any of these points after decades of following Tom Joyner's type of "SOLUTIONS" it seems that you'd be hard pressed to provide definitive evidence of attainment.

My view is that the SOLUTION is to adopt more TRANSPARENT HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PRACTICES as the foundation of our efforts. The various ideological or partisan motivated METHODOLOGIES that are implemented to purse these permanent interests are then EVALUATED per their effectiveness. I can be as "conservative" as I want to but if the methods that I implement have not proven to be EFFECTIVE then they are retired from consideration due to the lack of EFFICACY not POPULARITY considerations.

The very same people who argue that if "civil rights" for Black people were put up to POPULAR vote 50 years ago they would have lost this vote. I challenge you to show me the parallel means within the Black community by which POLICIES that are now defined by POPULARITY can be retired if they don't prove EFFECTIVE?

Absent this infrastructure we merely keep TRYING HARDER.

How long as I supposed to ride along as evidence of my "Black Loyalty"?

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