Saturday, May 1, 2010

Prof Lewis - Blacks Should Unite To Fight Immigration Racial Profiling

Brown And Black Unite

The new angle of attack in the attempt to turn a blind eye on the issue of Illegal Immigration: Claim that CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS are coming.

Professor Lewis – you make a logical leap in some of your arguments. Without the intent to impugn – the uncontrolled expansion of the work force in America is akin to the “scab” workers in the labor movement. As the owners tried to supplant the striking workers with those who would accept the conditions and the lower wages – the striking workers prevented the “scabs” from undercutting them. YOU now propose that we form an alliance with them. I reject this.
I am not willing to allow you and others to cherry pick. You “own” the FEAR of “Racial Profiling” yet with the Progressive Establishment controlling more of the areas where our people live today you have thus far failed to cull the present 16.5% Black Unemployment rate which is having a deleterious impact upon our community’s economics.
No more pretending Prof. Lewis. While I reject making the illegal the scape goat I also refuse to remain in denial.
In an expanded indictment I am critical of the machines that now run our public schools. After the “Mission Accomplished” banner was hoisted as they took control over the various school systems that are people predominate they have failed to lift our community – at least one standard deviation upward – so that we are no longer disproportionately competing for UNSKILLED labor jobs.
Since this machine also runs the key cities where we live – it is time to start reinspecting the strategy that we bought into for creating jobs. The jobs that did not show up long after the election victory.
I will allow you to protest against the POTENTIAL civil rights violations at hand. I will focus upon the “civil rights violations” that are going to occur during what is shaping up to be the “Bloody Summer of 2010″ on the streets of our cities. With the civil rights groups focused on AZ I am going to need some help tracking down these other violations which don’t quite match their forte’.

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