Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Does Dr Ronald Walters' Article On Hispanic Immigration Make Any Sense To You?

Dr Ronald Walters - Take Racism Out Of Immigration Reform

So let me understand this. 
We Black folks should stand in lock step with the quest by ILLEGAL immigrants from Mexico to gain full citizenship.  This will strengthen "OUR" coalition.   I won't bother to show Dr Walters the notes that say otherwise:
  • The fastest growing "Hate Crime" category is between Black & Brown - not White and other
  • In Prison - "Your Race Defines Your Gang".
It seems to me that the interests of Black America are going to be once again pissed away by well INTENDED Black strategists who see a "Big Democratic Coalition" being formed as Black and Brown unite.

Why is it that Dr Walters first notates the restrictive immigration opportunities afforded to people from Africa and then notate that illegal Mexicans walked across the borders - immigration laws be damned?  Isn't the unenforced border then a threat to Dr Walters' interests in seeing more "Black" people allowed to immigrate?

Second Dr Walters' dismisses the disparity between Cuban immigration policies versus Haitian as being RACIST by first swatting away the Cuba vs USA long running war of words as being "meaningless" - Cuba was never a threat to the USA.   I can only accept that Dr Walters' argument on this point was self-satisfactory.  I got nothing from it.

Call the Pro-Immigration Movement what it is:  A Leftist movement seeking to also garner support for a Democratic hegemony over the nation.

Anyone who believes that what is good for the Democrats is automatically good for Black people's interests simply need to look around.

From my view this is shaping up to be "Yet another fine mess you've gotten us in to".

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