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Weblog Awards - Is It Possible For Black Progressive-Fundamentalists To Take A Critical Look At Themselves

Here is how I got on this line of thinking.

My good friend Filled Negro has a quote from the LA Times article that was written about him.   Wayne Bennett by day, my friend Filled Negro puts on his chest-high boots at night to throw his daily "self-chum" to the hungry masses.  I noticed that the "Field Negro" blog was awarded a "Weblog" award.  It was in the category of "Best Political/News Blog".   Past winners included "Jack and Jill Politics" and "Dr Marc Lamonte Hill".

Let me be clear - I LIKE MY FRIEND FILLED NEGRO!!!   He has been far more hospitable to me than many of his Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser blogger friends.  They are not used to actually debating with a real "Black Conservative" beyond the caricature that litter their posts.  I have been banned from "" and "Average Brother - The Liberal Kappa's" blog.  Not for violating the board policies with cursing, lies or name calling.  Instead because I posted too much.  The collection of bigots sought a safe place for them to wage their attacks as they saw fit.  They didn't appreciate having a real person confounding their "lynch mob".    In all seriousness - I do like my friend Filled Negro.

I think that Filled Negro is a bit more of a reasonable man than he leads us to believe.  NPR Audio.

As I inspect the blogs in question:

and a few of the others that were promoted by the judges but outvoted by popular appeal - they all are Leftist/Progressive/Democratic Party Loyalist blog sites.

Clearly there is a distinction between a "popularity contest" and a site that has the audacity to fight for the "Black Community Permanent Interests".   Even when these "Perpetual Struggle" sites slip up and assist in promoting the people they favor into power - they fail to change their struggle milieu.  Then instead work to provide cover for their "permanent friends", often putting their "permanent interests" to the side.

To be clear - I would not accept any "Weblog Award" if I even got one vote in consideration.   I could care less how popular my views are.   I instead lust for people who can show me where I am wrong in my assessments of my observations about the present hijacking of the "Black Community's Permanent Interests" by partisan and ideological operatives.  

This leads me to my basic question about the value of the "Weblog Awards".   In as much as the Black community appears to favor the revolutionary and rebel - there appears to be a bit of intolerance when it comes to the observation that the Black Establishment 2010 IS the a prime player in "The System" and thus this Permanent Revolutionary should be applying critical inspection.

Too often the inside player fears that by applying criticism to the Black Establishment (beyond attacking it for not going HARD LEFT) that they risk sounding like "Conservatives" or "Republicans".  In my view this caricaturization is akin to the problem that I have with the "Weblog Awards".   Absent a framework by which to evaluate the political/policy oriented sites - they merely become a POPULARITY contest.

What of the blog that is 100% in line with the views of the Black Establishment (ie: The Black Congressional Democratic Caucus) and yet the blogger is in a voting district that has failing public schools, a high crime rate and an economic depression for Black people?   Should we accept that alignment equals the advancement of Black permanent interests?  Of course not.

In the void of management within the Black Community Consciousness Nucleus independent operatives will order a domain name from Network Solutions OR file a "501c3" application with the IRS to form a "Black Activist Organization".    I will defend their right to add their voices to the conversation.  In turn the so-called "Black Conservative" needs to get off of his duff and file the same paper work and pay the same money to make a run of it.

At the same time there needs to be some TRANSPARENT entity within the Black community that atleast attempts to remain above the fray and "judge the judge".  Making sure that those who attempt to appraise an entity (ie: the "Congressional Black Caucus Watch" or "Color Of Change") are themselves above board entities.  

American Soldier Grieves Over The Murder Of An Iraqi Family Who Assisted Them

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This video shows the traumatic grief that an American solider has from his time in Iraq.

Whereas he and others are held to a high standard by the world press - the Iraqi gunmen who murdered the family, cutting off the father's beard after he was dead will suffer no coordinating pounding by this press.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Where's The Outrage Blog - Thank You Filled-Negro

My friend Filled-Negro has come through for me again.  (He doesn't realize how much I actually appreciate him.  There is no hatred here).

I was thinking about an acerbic, Anti-Bush Black blogger that I had a few exchanges with several years ago.  I could not recall his URL.

I was interested in understanding how his blog contents has changed, now that the Democrats run everything.

It just so happened that I got my answer from Filled-Negro's 'Blogs That I Am Feeling' in his "Right side frame of shame".  The blog "Where's The Outrage" is what I had been looking for.    Dr. Errington C  Thompson is the Black guy I was thinking of.

True to form my suspicions were correct.  I was fooled once as I though that the blog site "Crooks and Liars" which attacked the conservatives while they were in control would switch over to attacking the Democrats as they took over.  WRONG.  This is an ideological driven blog site.  Just as today the AFL-CIO, NAACP and other ideologue groups have gone from attacking the president to defending his position and attacking their corporate enemies - so to is the case with "Where's The Outrage".

Now "Where's The Outrage" queues up present conservative complaints about deficit spending under Obama and merely shows how they were silent under Bush.   Dr Thompson fails to see that he is not running a principled position (ie: that he indeed has a problem with deficit spending).  Instead he shows that he is merely fighting the conservatives.

I actually had thought for a minute that "Where's The Outrage" blog was my friend BET Uncut.

I will officially move "Where's The Outrage" to my "Blogs I Am Keeping An Eye On" list to the right.

Some Black Progressive-Fundamentalists Now See That Bill Maher Is Indeed A Prick

Leftist comedian Bill Maher has been "Skip Gates-ed". This long time darling of the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist as 95% of his attacks are against their enemies now finds himself in hot water.

It appears that he forgot to remember that negative racial stereotypes against Barack Obama are still off limits. Yes you can get maximum mileage out of attacking critics as racist. You had better not inject any of your own - unless it is against an "unprotected Black" (Clarence Thomas, Michael Steele)

From Mediaite:
If you thought Glenn Beck putting on an evil witch voice to imitate Malia Obama was offensive, this one is going to blow your socks off. Last night, Bill Maher lamented President Barack Obama’s “professorial” personality, noting with a hint of betrayal in his voice that he was expecting a “real black president”– you know, the kind that “lifts up his shirt so they can see the gun in his pants.”

No, that really is the entire joke, which you can watch below. After making a quip about former president George W. Bush making an unfortunate reappropriation of his famous Hurricane Katrina “heck of a job, Brownie” comment, Maher laments that Obama doesn’t bring a gun to BP meetings and “shoots somebody in the foot,” because that is what a “real black president” would do. He does not attribute this image of black people to racist Obama opponents, or do anything to clarify that this is not the way he believes black people should behave.

It seems almost unnecessary to make a list of every instance where Maher threw the “racist” tag on someone or a group of people that disgust him, but for the record he has attacked the Tea Partiers– actually, anyone that questions raising taxes– “anti-immigrant hoopies,” “older white people“… and it goes on. This is someone whose political identity is supposedly deeply rooted in a hatred of racism, someone who makes his paycheck self-righteously brandishing his tolerance, who just admitted on television that you can’t be a “real” black person without behaving like Tupac Shakur.

And that really is the sticking point here that makes this go from funny/offensive to just plain offensive. Some people have made a career of being “racist” comedians– and there’s no doubt that many black comedians use stereotypes for humor– but Maher seems to consider himself a serious political commentator, too. He appears on CNN to talk tell Wolf Blitzer how to fix the world. You can’t blur the line between satirist and commentator to that extent and expect people to let you off the hook for using minstrel show humor (which is really the only way to characterize a “haha, black people like to shoot people” joke).

Here is an inside view of Bill Maher from one of his former Black girlfriends:

DON'T mess with Karrine "Superhead" Steffans. The former girlfriend of television pundit Bill Maher spits fire at her ex in next month's Vibe. She says, "Bill wants someone he can put down in an argument, tell you how ghetto you are, how big your butt is, and that you're an idiot. That's why you never see him with a white girl or an intellectual. I might as well have been a Muslim woman with my head wrapped, walking 10 paces behind my man. [But] I couldn't be 'Bill Maher's girlfriend' any more - not when I'm Karrine Steffans . . . best-selling author."

Read more

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Young Philly Politics Blog

Young Philly Politics Blog

Question: What do you do when you are a young progressive, living in a city that is already dominated by people who are politically favorable to you YET you still have massive grievances about your situation?

Answer: You write a blog that depicts your fight against external conservatives who threaten to step back into power.

This go round actually represents a rediscovery of this blog for me. I was debating these young whippersnappers in 2008 during the election season.

With Barack Obama in power and the state of PA being run by favorable forces they have now turned their attention toward fighting against conservative Democrats and Republican threats.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rand Paul Clears The Deck Of Many Other Discussions

Institute On Southern Studies

[quote]the Californian consciously launched his campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi -- just miles from where three civil rights activists were killed in the 1960s.[/quote]

The ole "Ronald Reagan, with a wink wing to racists, kicked off his presidential campaign in Philadelphia MS, the place where, 16 years prior - 3 Civil Rights activists were murdered"

Dear sir -
Why is it that when the Democratic Presidential contenders held their debate in Philadelphia Pennsylvania in 2008 - you and other progressives never mentioned that not one of these Democrats on stage asked the audience to remember the more than 200 Black Americans who were murdered in Philadelphia, Pa in 2007 - ONE YEAR PRIOR?

Do you see, sir, that it takes a media operative with a particular agenda to synthesize a story when they don't have anything else to talk about.

(For background but not that it is important - I am a Black male living in the South)

Rand Paul's theories that are mouthed among fellow travelers clearly were never tested enough on this subject. I applaud Rachel Maddow for keying in on a flaw and tripping him us as such.
Paul should have used the example of a private "Supper Club" who chooses to allow their members to smoke at the dinner table regardless of what the local laws forbid otherwise.

Mr Paul's key mistake is that he failed to note the importance of Public Accommodations and how race should not be a means by which a person is denied access.

At the same time - when I look over the problems in our community I am far more concerned with people who have FLAWED THEORIES but have the benefit of having them in place right now - to our community's detriment.

Whereas Rand Paul has 99 other senators to potentially rebuke his views - in the average Black majority community there is an array of Black Establishment and Progressive Establishment forces that amplify rather than blunt the impact when the flaws surface in real life.

I am more concerned with the ability of the statements by one White man to clear the deck in our focus about all of the ACTUAL problems rather than revisiting settled law.

It seems to me that the best advantage that some people who don't want to be held accountable for their present control over the institutions in our community have is to feign outrage over comments about "back in the day" and get the Black Establishment Press to spend the next two weeks pumping out articles on the subject. They successfully retain our UNITY as a people because after all - the return of Jim Crow is indeed a bigger threat than reforming a failing Black school or addressing the crime problems that are terrorizing many of our communities

Constructive Feedback

A Tale Of Two Cop Killers. Subtext - How One's Motivations Prompts The Promotion Of The News

In the past few days news of two shootings of police have received media attention:

(Full Disclosure - As many of you all know - I, Constructive Feedback, am the publisher of the "Within The Black Community" blog.  I wrote the story about the shooting in Upper Darby PA)

Street Pirates vs White Supremacists 

Two Black themed blogs linked above.  In both cases the authors of the blog make use of a relevant news item to make a broader statement about issues that they are concerned about as it relates to society and Black people in particular.

From my friend RiPPa I abstract the following themes from his blog post about the White supremacist cop killers:

  • A THREAT - The Right Wing Militia Movement is a growing threat to law abiding citizens
  • AN  IDEOLOGY - Anti-Government forces believe that their liberties are being trampled and are reacting violently
  • A REACTIONARY FORCE - The election of Barack Obama - a Black president has triggered some of these militia actions as they respond to a perceived ideological threat
I am thankful to my friend RiPPa for developing this framework, even if he only intended to have it used as a means of measuring HIS ideological adversaries.  

From RiPPa's analysis we can conclude that with each violent action of a particular group they add yet another brick of proof to their foundation which is under construction.  Over time their PROFILE becomes ever more clear to those who are looking in at them.  People with anti-social tendencies are a danger to us all, especially those who are asked to enforce the laws which make us a civil society.

Had these West Memphis police officers had some reference features by which these Sovereign Citizen members could be distinguished they would have been able to take a more defensive posture against these two and alive to talk about this engagement.   A bumper sticker, a tattoo, a t-shirt - something that would have given their association away.   Indeed a "profile" is a useful tool for policing.  

Anyone following the "video audit trail" that is kept on the black "Within The Black Community" will see that "Police vs Street Pirate" shootouts are not rare.  

Lets apply the framework from above as applied to the Street Pirates:
  • A THREAT - Indeed the Street Pirate is a threat to any community that has the misfortune of being in close proximity to them and which has the private property that they want
  • AN IDEOLOGY - the actions of the Street Pirate show them to have anarchical view foundations to their cause
  • A REACTIONARY FORCE - a definition is needed
The term "reactionary" refers to viewpoints that seek to return to a previous state (the status quo ante) in a society. The term is meant to stand in opposition to and as one end of a political spectrum whose opposite pole is "radical
 If we accept this Wiktionary definition of "reactionary" then we have to conclude that the present day Street Pirate is not a reactionary force as is their White Supremacist /Sovereign Citizen counterparts.

Relatively it is the members of the Black rank and file who suffer from the assaults made by the Street Pirates who are longing for a return to the status quo - that of safety and civility within our communities - OR at least not having OUR OWN PEOPLE being the key source of the threat to this natural state within our communities.


If asked to define our ultimate agenda both RiPPa and me would say: "My goal is to advance the permanent interests of the Black community by advancing the awareness of the threats that we suffer from".

RiPPa's ideology lends to the thought that the White racists who hate Barack Obama and who are "right-wing" pose the greatest threat to the Black Community.  "If they had their way Jim Crow oppression would return.  They must be stopped.  We must remain united as Black people to insure that they are not allowed to grow in an unchecked manner".

For me as a self proclaimed "Black Conservator" I choose to use empirical data to quantify the forms of assault upon our community's interests and the quantities and frequency at which they happen to lead me to my focus.  Most assuredly proximity of a threat plays a significant part.  A threat that lives amongst you is likely more harmful than one which has to travel some distance before it can strike.

From this line of reasoning I choose to prioritize my focus upon those who are most frequently identified as the assailant against the interests of our community.

The police have the duty to fight against both of these forces as they both have anarchical tendencies. 

Friday, May 21, 2010

These Type Of Street Pirate Attacks Don't Occur In Bowie MD Where UptownSteve Lives

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I am forced to acknowledge that there are times when Montgomery County Md is the source of Street Pirate attacks and not just Prince Georges County.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Willie Jolley - The One "XM The Power" Host That Consistently Makes Sense

I have the same ability to render praise upon a media operatives as I do raining criticism. All of it is based on the credibility and character of the person in question.

I have listened to host Willie Jolley a few times and I am impressed with his message.
He is positive, forward thinking and constructive.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Does Dr Ronald Walters' Article On Hispanic Immigration Make Any Sense To You?

Dr Ronald Walters - Take Racism Out Of Immigration Reform

So let me understand this. 
We Black folks should stand in lock step with the quest by ILLEGAL immigrants from Mexico to gain full citizenship.  This will strengthen "OUR" coalition.   I won't bother to show Dr Walters the notes that say otherwise:
  • The fastest growing "Hate Crime" category is between Black & Brown - not White and other
  • In Prison - "Your Race Defines Your Gang".
It seems to me that the interests of Black America are going to be once again pissed away by well INTENDED Black strategists who see a "Big Democratic Coalition" being formed as Black and Brown unite.

Why is it that Dr Walters first notates the restrictive immigration opportunities afforded to people from Africa and then notate that illegal Mexicans walked across the borders - immigration laws be damned?  Isn't the unenforced border then a threat to Dr Walters' interests in seeing more "Black" people allowed to immigrate?

Second Dr Walters' dismisses the disparity between Cuban immigration policies versus Haitian as being RACIST by first swatting away the Cuba vs USA long running war of words as being "meaningless" - Cuba was never a threat to the USA.   I can only accept that Dr Walters' argument on this point was self-satisfactory.  I got nothing from it.

Call the Pro-Immigration Movement what it is:  A Leftist movement seeking to also garner support for a Democratic hegemony over the nation.

Anyone who believes that what is good for the Democrats is automatically good for Black people's interests simply need to look around.

From my view this is shaping up to be "Yet another fine mess you've gotten us in to".

My Endless Sparing Match With "WhiteBowieSteve"

When you debate with a person long enough you begin to understand their antics.

For a person who is more interested in debate than in substance - you can see the tactics that he uses in the ritual of debate.

This is the point that I have reached with "UptownSteve" / "WhiteBowieSteve".  I have debated him for almost 4 years on various blogs.

It is clear that his milieu is that "He has the authoritative voice of Black America".  If one disagrees with him or other popular positions within Black America then they are a:

  • Tom
  • Republican
  • Buck dancer
  • White Conservative Lover
(Sorry folks - it doesn't often get deeper than this).

Steve's ultimate goal in a debate is to keep his debate opponents on trial - all the while being inspected by the terms that he has established.   If you sufficiently answer his challenges today, rest assure - he'll ask you the same question in about 2 months, claiming that you "ran away" from the question the last time.

Steve asked me today: 

You launch into the "non-partisan" softshoe everytime I challenge you to explain WHY blacks should support the Republicans given that 

a. Over the last 40 years the GOP has written off the black vote

b. The engine that has powered conservatism for the last 40 years is anti-black animus.

You black conservatives will never own up to these FACTS because then your "honorary white" ID card and decoder ring will be snatched away and you'll become just another black in the eyes of your beloved massa.
CF, if you answer these two questions honestly I swear on my kids I'll never be rude to you again.

Why won't the GOP attempt to appeal at least to the black middle and professional class?

Isn't it obvious that these folks believe in hard work, sacrfice, self-sufficiency and all the other rightwing canards?

This is obvious that Steve is more upset that the Republicans don't kiss his behind in seeking the "Black vote" and thus they are racist.  This is a more powerful INDICTMENT in his mind than the fact that "The Democratic Party now dominates all elements of the Black community" yet there is still a massive amount of grievances.

Here is my rebuttal to Steve:



Does everyone else notice that as I put forth this challenge to WhiteBowieSteve and Filled Negro they attempt to "OUT ME AS A REPUBLICAN"?

They are the main salesmen of the BLUE PILL, promising our people that if we ingest it OUR PROBLEMS WILL BE CURED.

I have the AUDACITY to test the EFFICACY OF THIS PHARMACEUTICAL CONCOCTION that you have been pushing on our people, winning the "Sales Man of the Year" from Merk in the process.

The long running comment about how "When the revolution comes - the Negroes most attached to the system will OPPOSE IT" should be applied to WhiteBowieSteve. His power and contentment comes from the status quo. As long as his party and ideology is standing strong (and things are great in Bowie MD) he could care LESS about the situation with so many others. Don't be fooled - he is going to FIGHT against any change in focus by Black America as we seek more comprehensive and enduring progression.

Think about it people. In the context of the SOLUTION FOR OUR COMMUNITY - the opposite of "Black people are VOTING FOR DEMOCRATS IN EXPECTATION THAT OUR CHALLENGES WILL BE SOLVED - per the advocacy of Black Leaders" IS NOT/ IS NOT/ IS NOT/ IS NOT Vote for REPUBLICANS instead.

In my view the opposite of outsourcing our community problems to the AMERICAN POLITICAL DOMAIN is - working to fortify the parallel domain that has suffered from BENIGN NEGLECT!!!!

The "Community Cultural Consciousness and Competency Development Domain".

* What if the schools in our community had improved consistent QUALITY as triggered by a COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT initiative which saw the importance of PREPARING our young people to be the PROFESSIONAL SERVICE AGENTS that we need to retain the STANDARD OF LIVING for the community?

Is this a POLITICAL LOSS for Black folks?

* WHAT IF our streets were made SAFER because a CULTURAL CONSCIOUSNESS movement aligned the MESSAGES that flow in our community via entertainment/ political speech / education and general discussion between male and female were placed in alignment with HIGHER VALUES AND RESPECT?

Is this a POLITICAL LOSS in that we did not do this through the AMERICAN POLITICAL PROCESS?

If you notice WhiteBowieSteve is forced to return to the same tired themes (CS is a Republican - don't fall for the trick) because he IS A POLITICAL SELLOUT OPERATIVE.

I challenge YOU to be honest with yourself and tell me WHAT MORE can Black people RATIONALLY expect to receive from the POLITICAL PROCESS in regards to addressing our problems?

Instead what we see in the news story below is with THE DEKALB COUNTY BOARD IN FAVORABLE HANDS......a Black woman STILL was UNJUSTLY LOCKED UP due to an error in record keeping among FAVORABLE PEOPLE.

(Sorry MoFo)

The sad part about Steve is that HE is actually SOLD OUT to a given political party over his race. His saving grace is that it is popularly accepted for a Black person to be SOLD OUT to the Democratic Party. Most of the name callers are standing right beside him.

With all that said - I bet that Steve and I would be good friends if we lived local. We'd probably go out for a beer and talk junk all day.

A Zinger From Zing: Racial Displacement Syndrome

The following bit of definitions were tendered by a poster on the Filled Negro blog.
I am not sure if this is a compliment or a stink bomb.

I like the majority of this framing but will have to keep an eye on Zing to understand where he/she is going.

Racial Displacement Syndrome is a counter to "Racism Chasing" in which irrelevant points are prioritized for the sake of "unity".


racial displacement -- Definition: The act of selecting the least meaningful racial issue, situation, event, for consideration, over more meaningful ones.


@cf--"In truth Black folks should be ashamed that an "Obama Spook" picture sent out by a Republican is able to get talked about more than the 16.5% unemployment rate that our people suffer to-damned-day."

Racial Displacer (n.): One who is guilty of "racial displacement."

Racial Displacement Identifier [R.D.I.] (n.): One who's preoccupied with identifying those who're guilty of racial displacement, and calling them out.

Chief proponent of this methodology, racial displacement identification: Constructive Feedback.

Racial displacement syndrome: an emotional disease that stems from a preoccupation with identifying racial displacement, and racial displacers.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Civil Rights Pharisees See Immigration As Their Chance To Stand Against "The Fugitive Slave Law"

The best way to dispel the moral authority upon which some people stand upon is to show the very same black and white video footage that they so frequently point to for their own authority as the main indictment of their present diversionary agenda.

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

This video is a clip from the excellent series on "The History Channel" entitled "American The Story Of Us".

Just as "Jena 6" was their reenactment of "The Scottsboro Boys", regardless of the gross differences they too see today's stance against the "racist" legislation in Arizona as them being on the "right side of history" in the modern day "Fugitive Slave Law". In the past a Black man was snatched up and sent back into Slavery - his free status left up to the whim of the "Slave Catcher". Today asking someone for identification and proof of citizenship is akin to this past injustice. In truth it merely shows that despite the change in factual terms - their rituals remain the same.

Despite their claims that "Arizona is the new Selma Alabama" or "Jim Crow is now in Arizona" the historical facts are not as important as the imagery. Their goal is to render a certain revolutionary spirit within the Black community. They hope to give new life to the "permanent struggle" from which their stage presence is most accentuated.

Sadly the following video will not be shown as they exploit the notion that it is in the "Black best interests" to stand against "racial profiling" that the Hispanics MIGHT suffer:

In the prison system your RACE becomes your gang.

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

Tom Joyner Does A "Hard Hitting" Interview With Disgraced Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick

April Fools to you to.

Tom Joyner Interviews Kwame Kilpatrick

In truth - with Tom Joyner and the Black Establishment having previously embraced Kilpatrick as "The Hip Hop Mayor" and the future of Black Progressive Politics - Joyner was not about to trouble his "Permanent Friend" by taking a video camera upon the streets of Detroit and asking Kilpatrick and others to JUSTIFY the results, the tattered "Mission Accomplished" signs tattered in the wind.

Shamefully the same Black Press that was originally crafted as a means of getting the voices from the Black Community that had been shut out by the mainstream media as our people were slandered - has now become an equal voice of propaganda in the marketplace.  What they focus upon only occasionally focus upon the abject "permanent interests" of the Black community.  Instead they advance their own ideology.

What happened to accountability and "speak the truth shame the devil"?

He has hired a high-powered public relations guy to do his talking, and as Kwame Kilpatrick faces possible jail time, he has not said much. However, Friday he spoke with a well-known radio personality.

"I didn't just forsake my wife. I forsake God and spirituality and the type of spiritual energy that got me to that position," Kilpatrick said during the interview.

He was very frank and apologetic Friday morning on 105.9 Kiss-FM with Tom Joyner.

"I thought only about Detroit, if I can get another event, if I can build another building. I stopped going to my kids' plays. I stopped going to the functions. It was all about the job, and so there was no balance created, and I lost it," Kilpatrick said.

He will be back in Detroit on May 25 in court to be sentenced on a probation violation. If Kilpatrick can not come up with the money he owes the city, he could be thrown back into jail.

"I owe the city about 850,000 (dollars) now," Kilpatrick told Joyner, who asked whether he had to come up with that amount on May 25. Kilpatrick answered, "There's no way I can come up with 850. They asked me for 300,000 in 90 days. I couldn't pay it, and that's why I'm going back. I paid 145,000 in one year."

Joyner then asked, "So, you're going back to jail." Kilpatrick replied, "I don't think that jail is even in the conservation... but the judge only know what's going to happen on the 25th. I hope he allows me to be with my family and continue to work."

If Kilpatrick manages to avoid jail like he says he thinks he will, he has plans to mentor others so they do not falter where he did.

"Marriages are being destroyed because of what I've been through, and I would love to share my experience. I would love also to talk to young men about... empowering their minds, empowering their spirits and understanding that their self determination, their pride and their skills are more than what they can do with a woman or how many women they can have. So, one of the things I'm doing is getting back out into the community mentoring," he said.

Kilpatrick has not given a formal one-on-one interview in nearly two years. Now, as he prepares to head back to Detroit to face the music, the former mayor is speaking out about the past, the present and his future.

Kilpatrick also stressed he has repaired his relationship with his wife, Carlita. He says he would like to give back to Detroit because he knows he hurt so many people there and took so much.

Rikyrah - Do You Support This Lawsuit?

My challenge to my friend Rikyrah as a means of notating to her a situation where her "throw them under the jail" resoluteness sometimes has consequences that are unfavorable to her own interests:

Wondering how can I set up a scenario by which her "throw them under the jail" mode of thinking against her adversaries can be made to have consequences to YOU, thus moderating your views into more strategic thinking.

Being that you are from Chicago the most rationale example for me to use is something to do with Street Gangs.

Imagine if the group "Cease Fire Chicago" makes a lot of headway into defining the model by which gang violence can be culled from the streets. They begin to construct several strategically placed community centers around the Southside where the young people are given something constructive to do. These centers are PRIVATELY OWNED.

Using the typical "non-judgmental" disposition active gang bangers are invited in to this safe zone. No questions asked about their gang affiliation or criminal tendencies.

A Southside Crip named JuneBug is allowed to come into the facility. Though he has 3 killings under his belt and has not been caught he begins to get fully involved with the program.

When JuneBug is fingered in a crime by an eyewitness one of the hired staff from the club gives him an alibi, stating that he indeed was at the center when the shooting went down. This despite no video tape evidence confirming this. The staff member believes that the PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX is RACIST and the fact that Cook County Jail is full of Black men proves this.

A few days later Blackstone Rangers come to retaliate against June Bug. They enter into the community center and shoot up the place killing June Bug and 2 other innocent people.

A month later "Ceasefire Chicago" is hit with a $20 Million lawsuit!!!! They FAILED to provide due protection for the facility, housing known criminal gangsters. They failed to do a thorough body search of the soon to be KILLERS. The video showed that the medal detector buzzed - but just like my recent visit to Atlanta city hall - the security guard lackadaisically allowed them in.

Rikyrah: with this $20 million "Wrongful Death" lawsuit due to the NEGLIGENCE of the entirety of the security system of "CeaseFire Chicago" ALL OF THEIR CENTERS will be shut down and sold. The entity will have to file BANKRUPTCY.


Friday, May 14, 2010


Based on previous interactions where my posts on the Pro6 blog were deleted or altered so they are unreadable I decided to give the brother one my opportunity to allow my views to be posted on his blog. The alternative is to use this blog for its original purpose - to post my own views and retain control over them without risk of having them deleted by a debate adversary.

I will withhold further potentially provocative comments until I see the results.

So let me understand your viewpoint. Your blog. You control the delete button. I got that one.

Your willingness to transact with me is contingent on you not being "insulted" by my dialog with you?

What if what I have to say includes INDICTMENTS against the powers that you old dear? These powers just happen to preside over the "killing fields" that are under discussion. Are your feelings of insult over what I have to say the key factor in addressing this deadly problem that hangs like a "tire necklace" over Black America? Just imagine if the authorities who stood against past Civil Rights Leaders demanded that they be respectfully addressed prior to dispensing JUSTICE to Black people? Is this evidence of justice or their own egotism?

Do you see, brother - I read your blog and see your willful indictment against YOUR adversaries throughout. All the while you accept as sacrosanct the words of Bob Herbert and his "solution". This is the arraignment despite the fact that both of you have done your part in erecting the "Mission Accomplished" signs that now hang over Black America as evidence that your past SOLUTIONS are now in full effect.

How is it that the same machine that brought us to this present state of affairs is able to set themselves up to "call the shots" for the next interval?

I don't even need to read the history of your blog posts to figure out what you have likely reported about Wall Street Insiders in regards to what happened on their watch in the last 2 years and their guilt. Suppose these same insiders sought to set the rules for the next interval of regulation of the financial services market? YOU would be outraged and rightly so. It is THEY who need to be regulated for different and transparent results to be had.

Why then do you pretend that I have a single horn on my head when you see me - A BLACK MAN - who is watching the dynamics within our community as I display the audacity to suggest that quite possibly the Progressive-Fundamentalist operatives who are now seeking "Solutions to the Black Community" might also have a bit of COMPLICITY in the present results that we suffer from?

Is it possible Pro6 that what we are seeing is that in fact the establishment machine has been successful regarding what they were REALLY focusing upon (building up the power of the Democratic Party and Progressive entrenchment) yet has failed at what it SOLD ITSELF to the masses regarding what it was doing - Advancing Our Community's Fundamental Interests?

Here are the "Permanent Interests" that I have found to be universal for our people, regardless of ideology:

* Safe Streets

* Quality Education

* Thriving Local Economies

* Healthy Lifestyle Outcomes

then I added the following constraints:

* Comprehensive and Enduring Solutions to implement the above 4 points

* Organic solutions that leverage our own human resources to obtained these interests

These are open sourced - I hope others take them and integrate them into their own consciousness.

If I were to get you to make note of where we as a people are more ORGANICALLY stronger in any of these points after decades of following Tom Joyner's type of "SOLUTIONS" it seems that you'd be hard pressed to provide definitive evidence of attainment.

My view is that the SOLUTION is to adopt more TRANSPARENT HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PRACTICES as the foundation of our efforts. The various ideological or partisan motivated METHODOLOGIES that are implemented to purse these permanent interests are then EVALUATED per their effectiveness. I can be as "conservative" as I want to but if the methods that I implement have not proven to be EFFECTIVE then they are retired from consideration due to the lack of EFFICACY not POPULARITY considerations.

The very same people who argue that if "civil rights" for Black people were put up to POPULAR vote 50 years ago they would have lost this vote. I challenge you to show me the parallel means within the Black community by which POLICIES that are now defined by POPULARITY can be retired if they don't prove EFFECTIVE?

Absent this infrastructure we merely keep TRYING HARDER.

How long as I supposed to ride along as evidence of my "Black Loyalty"?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What About Bailing Out Homeowners That Got Into A Loan They Couldn't Afford?

Rob Redding Tells The People - "Read The Contract"

Which Of These Stories Out Of Philadelphia Did My Friend Field Negro Lead With?

You are WRONG if you said that the second story appeared on the "Filled Negro" blog.   Even though the second story is more within the character of the blog this was not the case.  The egregious actions by the Street Pirate in the first story got to Filled Negro enough for him to go off on the lad.

I have to credit Filled Negro for going against the grain on occasion.  Even a Street Pirate can do things that force one's hand.

Here is another story for him to take up though:
At a time of budget scarcity - Superintendent of Philadelphia Schools Sends $698K On Surveillance Cameras For South Philly High After Racial Strife Between Asians and Black Students

Friday, May 7, 2010

When Black Progressive-Fundamentalist Commentators Want To Avoid Indicting Their Own - They Focus Upon Issues They Know Will Distract People

Earl Ofari Hutchenson: Facebook Believes That Praying For Obama's Assassination Is Okay

Please read the article able.

OK.  Now lets make a priority list of the challenges facing Black people in America today:

  1. Obtaining Quality Education Out Of The Schools In Our Community
  2. Stopping The Senseless Murder and Violence On The Streets
  3. Obtaining Employment For Those Who Are Unemployed

Is there a match with your PERMANENT INTERESTS?

Imagine If The Tea Parties Were Greek?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

GOP Audacity To Enforce Immigration Law Pisses Off "Republicans That Are Republicans"

Another gem from the mind of Michael Luckovich.

It proves once again that in the mind of many all minority groups are "Special Interest Groups".

Monday, May 3, 2010

Michael Jackson's "Gay Lover" Receives Death Threats - Too Bad Its Not Coming From Tea Baggers Or You'd Have Heard About The Threats

Michael Jackson’s Alleged Gay Lover is Fighting off Death Threats

(Not surprising but) It appears that "death threats" only rise to the level of societal threats when the "threaten-er" and the threatened are in the proper alignment. 

Typically the subtle plot is to expose the savagery and incivility of your opponent by pointing out that within the context of their intolerance they are not able to respect the free speech rights of the subject at hand.

Their solution when the lynch mob is of their own is to stay as quite as possible and hope that no one else picks up on their double standards.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Prof Lewis - Blacks Should Unite To Fight Immigration Racial Profiling

Brown And Black Unite

The new angle of attack in the attempt to turn a blind eye on the issue of Illegal Immigration: Claim that CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS are coming.

Professor Lewis – you make a logical leap in some of your arguments. Without the intent to impugn – the uncontrolled expansion of the work force in America is akin to the “scab” workers in the labor movement. As the owners tried to supplant the striking workers with those who would accept the conditions and the lower wages – the striking workers prevented the “scabs” from undercutting them. YOU now propose that we form an alliance with them. I reject this.
I am not willing to allow you and others to cherry pick. You “own” the FEAR of “Racial Profiling” yet with the Progressive Establishment controlling more of the areas where our people live today you have thus far failed to cull the present 16.5% Black Unemployment rate which is having a deleterious impact upon our community’s economics.
No more pretending Prof. Lewis. While I reject making the illegal the scape goat I also refuse to remain in denial.
In an expanded indictment I am critical of the machines that now run our public schools. After the “Mission Accomplished” banner was hoisted as they took control over the various school systems that are people predominate they have failed to lift our community – at least one standard deviation upward – so that we are no longer disproportionately competing for UNSKILLED labor jobs.
Since this machine also runs the key cities where we live – it is time to start reinspecting the strategy that we bought into for creating jobs. The jobs that did not show up long after the election victory.
I will allow you to protest against the POTENTIAL civil rights violations at hand. I will focus upon the “civil rights violations” that are going to occur during what is shaping up to be the “Bloody Summer of 2010″ on the streets of our cities. With the civil rights groups focused on AZ I am going to need some help tracking down these other violations which don’t quite match their forte’.