Sunday, April 4, 2010

Which "Assassination" Of A Black Mayor Are We More Likely To See On The Field-Negro/AfroSpear Blog Synidcate?

Black Mayor In South Jersey Township Of South Harrison:  Racism Drove Me Out Of Office

(Note - This news was actually run on the Field-Negro blog as it broke last year.)


Black Mayor Of Washington Park,IL (Outside of East St Louis IL) Murdered As He Inspected His City

Video Report From The Local News

I am saddened for the family of Mayor John Thornton.  I mean no harm to his memory.

The sad fact is, however, that certain people with certain agenda are going to promote their own agenda and hence will bring to light those news stories that are favorable to their agenda as they bury stories that contrast their own.

Indeed some might argue that I am as guilty.  I challenge such a claim - asking anyone who thinks so to weigh the gravity of a mayor who says "racism ran him out of office" versus a mayor who's term was ended by a bullet.

Mayor John Thornton seemed like an unlikely candidate to wind up dead on his own town's streets.

Thornton was known to cruise Washington Park in the early morning hours to make sure police were out doing their jobs, officers said. And he knew just about everyone in town and would help just about anyone in need, they said.

Thornton's murder early Thursday remains a mystery, as police investigate why and how someone got inside the mayor's white sedan about 5:45 a.m. and fatally shot him.

Thornton, 52, was behind the wheel of his car when he was shot twice in the chest. Washington Park police said he was headed home from his job as an overnight-shift foreman at the Metro East Sanitary District.

After being fatally wounded, Thornton crashed into a tree at 48th and Caseyville streets. Witnesses told police that the killer jumped out of the car and into a red Chevrolet Impala with someone already inside and fled.

When police arrived at the scene, Thornton was unresponsive in the front seat. He was later pronounced dead at Kenneth Hall Hospital in East St. Louis.

Washington Park police said Thornton appeared to be the victim of a random robbery. But the Illinois State Police, which was handed the investigation, refused to discuss any details concerning motive or circumstance.

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