Thursday, April 22, 2010

An Open Letter To Jay Bookman Of The AJC and Michael Steele Of The GOP

Jay Bookman - a leftist opinion writer celebrates the words of indictment made by Michael Steele against the Republican Party

In the world of Jay Bookman - he would like to have the GOP shift more to the left as pretext for them to be more acceptable to him and other Black Progressives.   Though he does not provide analysis to the words of Michael Steele he is able to articulate the racial sins of the GOP over the past several decades, Mr Bookman would not be able to articulate the unified mooning that various "Democrats who are Black" have done in the process of insuring that we arrive at the conflagration of power that we see today:  Democrats controlling every Black community yet not being held to account for the shortcomings.

This is why I argue that Black people who are interested in the conditions of our people without regard to their party need to develop a more transparent means of evaluation of our community's condition.  The inside game that is present today will never have the vehicle (the party) and the methodology (progressivism) of the incumbent forces placed for inspection.

I would love for Mr Bookman to chase down various Black leaders and have them to justify their continued advocacy for their party despite so many of the promises made to our people remaining unfulfilled.

The better question to be asked of the Black community is:
Why do you keep trying harder at what you are doing?  Is it possible that your community's prosperity is a function of development in an area other than the "American Political Domain"? 

My responses to the Jay Bookman blog
Mr Bookman :

With all due respect - You know not what the HECK you are talking about.

Michael Steele is an operative for the Republican Party. As a Black man I have a bigger question for my fellow Black Americans: "What does the Democratic Party, which controls every voting district where Black people are 35%+ of the voting base - have to do to LOSE OUR VOTE?"

Mr Bookman - you fail to make note that certain operatives who present themselves as "Black Leaders" are also "Democrats who are Black". What interest do they have in "splitting the Black vote"?

In fact you would do well to research Dr Ronald Walters who WARNS against this very thing.

Think about it Bookman:

* Fannie Lou Hamer broke down the doors of the Democratic National Convention in 1964 demanding a seat despite the "racist Democrats" who did not want her in due to her race
* Blacks demand access to subdivisions next to White Republicans
* Blacks demand access to exclusive golf clubs
* Blacks demand access to exclusive schools
* Blacks demand access to executive suites

Do you find it odd, Mr Bookman that the ONLY venue that certain Blacks are motivated to avoid is the one venue IF ACCESSED is said to diminish the Black voting power.

How many times have you heard the news that only 11% of Whites in Alabama voted for Obama as proof of their RACISM? Yet liberals like you in the media see 96% of Blacks voting for Obama and you say that it is not because of their racism but because the Republican Party is intolerant.
Look at the conditions in these Democratic controlled communities and schools and then you tell me why the entrenchment is so?

To clarify my previous post:

Michael Steele is an operative for the Republican Party. He is going to say what he needs to say to get VOTES. You can trust that Steele has the primary intentions of helping Black people AS LONG AS IT IS THROUGH the Republican Party as Sharpton, Jackson, Lowery and Obama seek to help Black people - as long as it if for their party.

Mr Bookman as we look at the results that have been obtained WHERE THERE ARE NO EVIL REPUBLICANS to thwart Black people - CHICAGO ILLINOIS being the reference model for having NO Republican representative nor Republican majority legislative body - at the city/county/state and now FEDERAL level - we see the truth. While there is great angst felt by many Blacks against the GOP - areas where there is a total Democratic fortress DOES NOT assure Black prosperity.

* Chicago graduates only 52.9% of its students - though 87% of them are Black and Hispanic
* The streets of Chicago run with "Negro Blood". IF the South as a "Killing Field for Black People" needed intervention - what say you of Chicago and other places? (The liberals went after the White Racists who killed us Black people in the past. With Black on Black crimes you now blame socio-economic conditions that MADE THEM do it)

Do you see Mr Bookman? The answer to our people's problems DOES NOT reside in the "American Political Domain".

Too often the solutions that the Democratic left leave our people damaged from the experience. Note the condition of the people after the housing policies of Bowman Homes in the ATL or "Cabrini Green " in Chicago caused them to go into the 'real world" which they were never provided with increased competency over the years.

I believe that the twin brother of "White Supremacy" is "Assumed Black Inferiority". While many accept the notion that the GOP is the party of "White Supremacy" it is also true that the policies of the Democratic Party assume "Black Inferiority". In as much as you don't want to implement a strict and regulated social order per your own liberalism - when it comes to implementing the government initiatives to rectify the situation with "the Least of These" (poor Blacks and Whites) your inability to have them to be the primary force in their own salvation assures that perpetual generations of people who receive the "Progressive Treatment" will have their competency stunted as such.

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