Friday, April 16, 2010

Infighting: Why Confederates, Tea Parties and Racism Chasing Is So Important To Black Establishment Organizations

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The present infighting going on within the SCLC is very telling.
To me it shows two things.

  1. The actual progress that has been made by the Black community in the way of civil rights.
  2. Clear evidence that as these organizations where UNITED in their focus against an EXTERNAL threat - they failed to build up the disciplined management infrastructure by which certain conflicts could be addressed without these type of public struggles for power.

It is LUST FOR POWER that is at the root of many of these organization's present existence.  While today they ritualistically work in "King's name", this world and nation have changed to a point where they operate without relation to the pressing challenges that face Black Americans today.

For so long they have pushed for "unity" amongst Black people.  In having a common enemy by which to focus on many of these core conflicts were kept at bay.  Now they use the access that they have opened up to court systems, Black judges and a news media who now values them as establishment entities to air their dirty laundry for the world to see.

The same type of infighting among like-minded individuals can be found:
  • In the city council of Yeadon PA
  • In the county board of Clayton County GA
  • Between the majority Black school board and Black school Superintendent 
  • In many Black churches 

Instead it is important that the community make note of all of the news stories that took place prior to the SCLC court case and then we will see the problem.  You see the SCLC is so worried about the conflict that is taking place in their Auburn Avenue headquarters building (which they proudly opened up several years ago, inviting former Present Clinton to serve as the ribbon cutter in the ceremony in which they pat each other on the back) that they are rendered unconscious about the peril that awaits the community that exists a mere few blocks away from the edifice.

They, like so many other Black churches with a permanent "Building Fund" have turned to erecting monuments for their own comfort.

To be clear, however, I do not blame them for doing all of this.  Ultimately it is the Black "rank and file" which much be held accountable.  This group continues to look to these establishment entities for leadership.  Even after multiple examples of squandered opportunity - many return to them because they too have failed to develop alternatives which could be more attuned to their present needs and thus more effective at upholding the present interests within the community.

No amount of "racism chasing" diversion upon Confederates or Tea Parties is going to resolve these issues.

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