Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Wuz Banned From The BET Uncut Propaganda Blog

(Thank goodness that a smaller number than ever can relate to this but.....)
Imagine you are standing trial as a Black man before an "All White Jury" in Mississippi 1942.  You are on trial for the claim that you raped a White woman whom you hadn't even seen before.  The jury verdict comes back:  GUILTY!!!!

With respect to your knowledge of the context within which all of this is taking place - should it come as any surprise to you that the jury ruled as it did? 

You know that THEY are guilty not you.

Take this model and apply it to what I have experienced with the BET Uncut blog.
I read his words the other day on the "Filled Negro" blog that BET Uncut had implemented a new "content filtering" system on his blog which keeps the postings on topic with the subject at hand.

Today I made my first post on the BET Uncut blog with this "new system" in place.  Clearly BET Uncut has an IP filter.  Upon posting I saw a message that said "denied".  Little does BET Uncut realize but I have access to a large quantity of source IP addresses that I can make use of.  I changed my source IP address and then was able to post my response to his propaganda against Col West, a Black man who's main offense in the jaundiced eyes of BET Uncut is that he is a Republican.  The fact that he fired his weapon near an Iraqi policeman as a means of intimidating him in to telling Col West about a plot to harm American soliders is IMMATERIAL in the world of BET Uncut - despite the fact that he called it "torture".

BET Uncut and his blog is indeed modeled upon an "All White Jury".  If asked which law I have violated prompting my dismissal from the blog - he, like the "All White Jury" would not be able to point to a law that is in writing.  The law is in their mind so that it can be molded to fit the "offense" of the person who is in eyesight.

Please be clear - I lose no sleep over the actions of BET Uncut.

Ironically BET Uncut goes around to other blogs (Booker Rising - for moderates and conservatives) and spreads his intellectual excrement around.  In effect he can't live up to his own blog guidelines on other blogs. 

With all 'offending thoughts' purged from his blog he is left to have his unmolested "All White Jury" debates with BrotherBrownShirt, Papa Nana, Drum Addict and others - many of whom are spurned posters from Booker Rising.  Instead of the conservative leaning Booker Rising having banned them - THEY left, tiring of having to defend their views to Black Conservatives who are not inclined to accept their views even if they are popular views within Black America.

One only need consider the line up of posts on the BET Uncut blog in order to judge the character of the man behind them for yourself.  As a Black man living in metro DC his public enemy #1 are the Republicans who have little power in the local area.  The problem plagued communities in commuting distance from BET Uncut's home in McLean VA haven't seen an evil Republican walking in their community (who doesn't have a police or fire uniform) for decades. 

For someone who is so bigoted and arbitrary in his postings it comes as no surprise that his blog "membership" policy is also arbitrary. 

So the following Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser blogs I have been banned from include:

  1. African America blog -
  2. AverageBro - The Liberal Kappa blog
  3. BET Uncut's Pole Dancing For White Snarling Fox Bigots blog
I actually have to give a special shoutout to my friend Filled Negro.   My views are no less like a sore thumb upon the Filled Negro blog.  I appreciate Filled Negro for not banning me or anyone else, instead relying on the community of "Field-Negroes"  to manage themselves and deal with rouge posters.  While Filled Negro is no less biased in his line up of daily postings - I call them "Self-Chum" it seems that despite being a "Defense Attorney" Filled Negro manages to have less slimy scales on his back than does BET Uncut.  He seems to be able to dish it out but not take it.

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