Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Get Out Of Here - Former STL Post Dispatch Columnist Sylvester Brown Has A Blog Where He No Longer Has To Pretend To Be Objective


Do any of you brothers and sisters who swing toward progressivism ever take a step back and consider that there MIGHT BE a world view that is different than your own and is equally as justifiable?

Let me tell you - THERE IS.

Then you look at the large away of Black Progressive-Fundamentalist megaphones that are streaming toward you from every angle.  Do you then wonder WHY you and so many others think the way that you do?

To be clear I am not registering an indictment upon Progressivism.  Instead I am making analysis of the underlying problems that you are struggling to address as you use progressivism as a methodology to obtain this fix.   If you found out that despite the consensus of the medical establishment there indeed was an alternative therapy available that proved to be more effective - what would this trigger regarding your demand for more diversity in the messages streamed upon you and your community?

Ironically the very same demands for "community television" to be added to the cable franchise so that voices beyond the "corporate media" can be heard is needed in regards to what the Black American is treated to.  The establishment forces bearing down upon this community have the same lusts for monopoly and its benefits that any Madison Avenue firm seeks to gain advantage from.

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