Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Final Call: Are America's Floods A Sign Of God's Judgment?

I am resuming my evaluation of "The Nation Of Islam" and its oracle 'The Final Call' as a means of understanding what makes it tick.

I have noticed that despite the organization having "conservatory themes" they appear to enjoy the company of Black Progressive Statists as political and ideological alies.

A Black Conservator is a person who can define the best practices by which our community can achieve our desired standard of living with a strong measure of organic independence.  (A Black Conservative and a Black Conservator don't necessarily have anything in common and are not synonymous. )

A Black Progressive Statist seeks to make use of the prevailing government order within which they live as the primary means of obtaining this desired living standard.

In the Final Call article pictured above the author dares make an association about the flooding in New England that, if done with respect to Hurricane Katrina would have rendered an attack.  I know this because such claims were made and attacks followed.

I believe that the difference has to do with the granularity of the indictment.
You see when right wing Christian evangelists said that the City of New Orleans (and by extension Black people) had received judgment from God because of their sinful ways - they were dutifully attacked for such a statement.   The NOI extends their statements upon the entire nation (and implicitly upon the White power structure that controls it) thus they escape the in kind attack that was seen with the Katrina flooding.

I would love for someone to detail the qualitative differences in both statements?

 Next we have the protests regarding the money donated to the Red Cross for Haitian relief.

The Final Call performs its duty as a "muckraking" journal - going after those who it does not trust and demanding accountability.

Initially "racist America" proved itself as charitable as the Haitian Earthquake triggered a record amount of donations from around the world, with America leading the way.  Of course this must not stand!!

In the left wing press (see this month's International Socialist Review) the cover article claims that America's aim in Haiti is military occupation.  With this line of questioning about the Red Cross funding - the Final Call is doing a bit of payback in return fire against the questions raised against Wyclef Jean's "Yele' Foundation". 

Can we all agree that the key difference between Black political operatives and White political operatives is that despite using the very same tactics - one gets to charge the other as being "racists", leveraging hatred as their motivating force?

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G said...

Why does anyone pay any attention to the Nation of Islam? I'm amazed at the amount of press they receive when <1% of African Americans are part of it. (Check the Pew research to verify that if you want.)