Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Filled Negro Version Of "The Ballot Or The Bullet"

It is clear that yesterday's choice between "The Ballot Or The Bullet" is today's choice between "Bailey's Cream Flavored SELF-CHUM About Our Slave History" versus the "Castor Oil Flavored Bitter Pill About Our FUTURE".

Some people fail to see that the year 2010 will one day be someone's HISTORY that "We should never forget lest we REPEAT THE MISTAKES".

Field Negro:

On this one we are in rare agreement.

I had printed the article out after my best friend in the world RiPPa had posted it last week and read it last night during a banquet last night in downtown Atlanta in a room full of wealthy Negros.

Filled Negro I contrasted the focus upon the power of the White Man's whip from slavery against what I was looking at - the "100 Black Women Of Atlanta's" annual scholarship ball. I have to tell you Filled Negro - they discounted your home land. While one "descendant of slavery" won an auction for an $8000 trip to Paris, bidding $4,800 in this "Bush Recession" and Cayman Islands went for $3,100 it was strange that Jamaica was only $2,200.

Think about it Filled Negro. FRANCE the nation that gave us HAITI is in 2010 a tourist destination for Negroes who are wealthy. Whereas the majority of the Blacks in Cuba will never make it to Philly because their GOVERNMENT will not allow them to go........there is a band of elite Blacks who reside in 'the Belly Of The Beast' - their former Slave Colony who travel and stay at the finest accommodations.

In effect, Filled Negro, they EXIT the "belly of the beast" on a jet plane and then willingly enter the airport of a DIFFERENT historical oppressor.

Still - the best way to get Black folks passionately debating is NOT to talk about how the PUBLIC SCHOOLS OF TODAY house the Negro leaders, doctors, managers, and those who are skilled with sociology to craft the Black Community circa 2050.

I would be remiss if I failed to mention horticulturalists. You see Filled Negro in listening to NPR's "Tell Me More" I learned that there are "FOOD DESERTS" in Urban America and thus there is a growing FOOD JUSTICE movement. Broccoli and Green Beans over Big Mac Value Meals....."YES you can upside it for me Sir. Throw some catchup and salt in with that as well."

Just thing about the vision Filled Negro. The CIVIL RIGHTS FIGHTER of yesterday which got the Klan to stop molesting us will be the URBAN CROP GROWER of tomorrow who harvests foods in the fight against the KILLERS: Obesity, Diabetes and Renal Failure. Instead of "Sit Ins" he will need to master crop rotation". Instead of "Violating White's Only" sitting rooms he will need to figure out how to use organic concoctions to keep pests away. I have no shame in saying Filled Negro - I have dealt with a roach or two while growing up in Philly. If they are ravenous inside of the house I can just image what they'll do to a garden outside of the house if there are not sufficient human brain power pitted against it to refrain it from eating the tomatoes.

Sadly, Filled Negro, though THIS IS THE PRIORITY while will develop our FUTURE - the way one get's "Street Cred" among some Blacks is to prove that he has NOT GOTTEN OVER THE PAST which he can't change.

When HISTORY is used as a "self-chumming" element to draw Negro anger we must evaluate the OPPORTUNITY COSTS as compared with that which we SHOULD BE FOCUSING UPON but are not.

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