Friday, April 23, 2010

An Effective Counterpunch Against WhiteBowieSteve

From the Filled Negro Blog

[quote]CF as God is my witness, you are the most relentless, determined Tom I have ever witnessed.
Do you ever visit any white blogs?[/quote]

Let me TRANSLATE that for you because I understand what your perverted view of "White" is.

I go to:
* Economic Policy Institute (left)
* Fox Business
* Bloomberg
* Concord Coalition
* American Enterprise Institute

To you many of them are "the Klan"
because they are warning of the disaster of centralized dependency upon the federal government.

If you were a serious man you'd go to and realize the gross flaws that you strategy will inflict in due time.

It seems to me that white folks should know that they have such a devoted servant such as you.[/quote]


I opened up a shoe shine store and put a "Whites Only" sign on the front. As "The White man" walks in the front door my mouth opens and all of my teeth are showing. I give him a warm greeting letting him know how much I appreciate his business.

All the while I am watching him.

What started out as a $8 shoe shine as I listen to him run down Black Street Pirates turns into a very profitable affair.

* I note that his heels are run down uneven and I send him to the Black chiropractor in Suite 101.

* I note that his pants have a tear in it and I send him to the Hispanic tailor in Suite 102.

* I see that he could use a hair cut and I send him to Suite 103 for the White lady to give him a cut and a shave

* I note that his car was sounding loud and in need of a tune up so as he is doing all of his other personal care a brother with a garage around the corner picks up his car and does the tune up, car wash and detailing

You see WhiteBowieSteve I SERVICE THE WHITE MAN indeed. It is very profitable for me and for OTHERS in the office park that I own.

YOU and that White man saw a "Shoe Shine Boy" when you both walked in. YOU spat on me and called me a "Tom" as you thought about throwing a brick through my window and form a protest that I was a RACIST, not letting you in.

That WHITE MAN who originally saw a shoe shine boy left seeing TWO THINGS

1) That tall Black man who he came to for ONE point of service is actually a pretty shrewed business man. He ADDED VALUE in one convenient space.

2) He saw his BANK STATEMENT at the end of the month and noted that the eco-system of services that I offered to him INDEED COSTS MONEY but I gave him a fair price.

HE THEN CALLED a bunch of his WHITE FRIENDS and told him about the Black Man in the office suite right up the street.

He said of me to his friends "That Nigger is pretty sharp and I am pleased with his work".

You know what Steve - Since I learned that I CAN'T CONTROL what a person might SAY of me in a private conversation I instead choose to focus on CONTROLLING WHAT I CAN CONTROL. With this disposition others around me profit greatly because I didn't MISLEAD them down the RACISM CHASING path - where what this WHITE MAN SAID triggers my focus and consumes my time.

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